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Wow… did I touch a nerve?

Okay… Not sure how to respond to this other than to simply delete it.

Carmen Frost 7:43 pm(9 minutes ago)

i-would-like-to-say-to-daven: WAG is Wiccans Against Gays. We are a large European and American group and we are here to petition covens and publishing companies alike to cease and disist the encouragement of homosexual practices in our religion!

Gay Wiccans are violating the Wiccan Rede because they are harming the propagation of the human species, as are all Wiccans who use contraception and condone abortion.

Wicca is a religion of life and love, not selfish lust!

Blessed be,
Carmen Frost
WAG Chairperson
Third Degree High Priestess

suggestions-problems: Kill yourself! You are destroying our religion!

useemail: Yes

I do know that Googling “Carmen Frost” and gay, WAG, Priestess and Wicca yields NO results on any combination of the terms. A non entity who is trying to scare me. Probably Mark in drag. Interesting that he is pretending to be a girl and dressing in skirts when he’s so homophobic.