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Welcome to Erin's Journal! A journal is something that grows with time, not something that you write a few thoughts in and forget about. I hope to keep this growing the same way. I also consider this website to be my "Book of Mirrors" which is a personal journal kept by any Gesith in addition to their Book of Shadows.

Those of you who have been coming here for a long time have probably noticed that there's been a major name change and a lot of changes around here. If you haven't visited in some time it's like the world was destroyed, but actually this has been happening over time for a while now. To find the full story, check out these links:

Let me explain this page for a bit. Most of the pages in this Journal are static, meaning that once I put something up, it tends to stay up. This page, however, is fluid. It changes almost daily. This is the feed for my blog. I have a WordPress blog on this site, mostly to facilitate expressing my thoughts to everyone. This is the dynamic section where you can read my current thoughts on matters, my health, my complaints and just quick opinions. It's not meant to be the same page as it always is.

If you are new to Erin's Journal then I suggest you start with this post New to the Journal and then go and read the topic called "Erin's Journal" over on the left. That should give you a lot to get started with, and many more things to think about. My personal favorites are My Biography, The Site Dedication and The Site Purpose.

A friend of mine likened this page to the introduction of a magazine, and in some ways she's right. This is a page that tells you what this Journal is about. So read on. In brief, this is one Druid's thoughts on life, spirituality, Wicca, Druidism, religion and all those things that affect humanity. Even some snarkiness. I teach through here and use this as a medium to preserve my beliefs for my daughter and her children.

Make sure you understand my Copyright Statement and that you follow it. As it says in the footer, you may copy and put articles from this site in your personal Book of Shadows and use it for yourself and your family, but you have to have it credited to me. Please make sure you follow this, it is the one unbreakable rule here.


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The Battle For Your Mind

Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today

Dick Sutphen

Summary Of Contents

  • The Birth of Conversion/Brainwashing in Christian Revivalism in 1735.
  • The Pavlovian explanation of the three brain phases.
  • Born-again preachers: Step-by-Step, how they conduct a revival and the expected physiological results.
  • The “voice roll” technique used by preachers, lawyers and hypnotists.
  • The 6 steps to conversion.
  • The decognition process.
  • Thought-stopping techniques.
  • The “sell it by zealot” technique.
  • True believers and mass movements.
  • Persuasion techniques: “Yes set,” “Imbedded Commands,” “Shock and Confusion,” and the “Interspersal Technique.”
  • Subliminals.
  • Vibrato and ELF waves.
  • Inducing trance with vibrational sound.
  • Even professional observers will be “possessed” at charismatic gatherings.
  • The “only hope” technique to attend and not be converted.
  • Non-detectable Neurophone programming through the skin.
  • The medium for mass take-over.

I’m Dick Sutphen and this tape is a studio-recorded, expanded version of a talk I delivered at the World Congress of Professional Hypnotists Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the tape carries a copyright to protect it from unlawful duplication for sale by other companies, in this case, I invite individuals to make copies and give them to friends or anyone in a position to communicate this information.

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Joyce & River Higginbotham
Llewellyn, 2002 $14.95 US
ISBN 0-7387-0222-6

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★½ 

When I saw this title in the catalog I got somewhat concerned. The blurb said that it was 250 pages long, and promised to explain paganism to those not familiar with the concept. My concern stemmed from the belief that 250 pages is just too small a space to explain a subject as complex as paganism.

Believe it or not, the authors actually manage to do it.

This book is clear and concise in the descriptions of what Paganism is and is not, without ever once making blanket statements like “Pagans all believe….” or “Belief in ______ is shared by all pagans…” and so on. They also never make the mistake of stating that Wicca is the only thing in paganism. They distinguish clearly between Wicca, Asatru, Shamanism, Voodoo and so on, which in my experience is a novel change.

In fact in the ethics section, the authors not only contrast but also compare Wiccan, Asatru, etcetera.

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I am a Priest (poetry)

I am a Priest
It is up to me to present the Gods
to those who may not know Them.
I speak for the Gods
to others and share Their words
to those who cannot hear.

I am a Priest.
It is up to me to represent
my Gods in the best manner I can.
I speak with Their authority
I move through my life
and I am Them on this Earth.

I am a Priest.
I have no excuses
when my Gods ask me where I went wrong.
I cannot say “I did not know,
“I did not hear, and I cut a corner.”
I should know better than that.

I am a Priest.
I have a connection to the Gods
that others may not have.
I can hear Them and They comfort me
when I despair and when I hurt
I am embraced in Their arms.

I am a Priest.
More than anyone else,
I have to have a Personal relationship
with my Gods. They are part of my
waking, my sleeping, my breathing
and I can never forget They are with me.

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E-O-D-O Ha hay yay,
E-O-D-O Ha hay yay. (Repeat throughout)

Air Breathe, Air Blow,
Make this wheel of magic go.
Work this wish for which we pray,
E-O-D-O Ha hay yay.

Water bubble, water boil,
Make this wheel of magic toil,
Work this wish for which we pray
E-O-D-O Ha hay yay.

Earth without, earth within,
Make this wheel of magic spin,
Work this wish for which we pray,
E-O-D-O Ha hay yay

Fire blaze, fire burn,
Make this wheel of magic turn,
Work this wish for which we pray,
E-O-D-O Ha hay yay.

E-O-D-O Ha hay yay,
E-O-D-O Ha hay yay,

(Send the energy off)

Stars light your path.

Originally posted 2014-12-23 18:22:14. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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The Duille – Elements of the Druids

(Note from Daven:  When I first found this document, I wanted to reprint it, but despite multiple communications to the author, none of them were ever responded to, despite the fact that he was receiving them.  I know this because he responded to me once.  Be that as it may, I put this here.  One year of waiting is enough, and this article needs to be seen by more than just me.

This system of elements, while not what the Wiccans practice, is an interesting one.  I started using it, and also the three elements, Sky, Land, and Sea, and found the energies were extremely different.  The flavors were changed, and in a much more subtitle way, the entire lattice of magick was changed.  It was not bad, or negative, just changed.  Kind of like chewing nothing but Wrigley’s Spearmint gum for all your life, and then being given a piece of Juicy Fruit gum.  It takes a little while to readjust your expectations.)

The Duille ~ Elements of the Druids

By Kenneth R.White

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The Dianic Legend of the Pentagram

(Note from Erin: This was a handout at a basic Wicca class I took in Grand Prairie Texas. It was given out to illustrate the myth of the Pentagram, but I think it is a wonderful journey of discovery and learning. It illustrates the cycle of Life, the four elements along with the Spirit, the Faces of the Goddess [unfortunately missing the Protector/Warrior] and shows how the process of learning is. It is not of my authorship, and I don’t have explicit permission to post this, but if the authors will contact me, I will obey their wishes in regards to publication here.

Rainbow Studies Meditation

The Dianic Legend of the Pentagram

Long, long ago, before time was measured, the luminous Goddess looked down upon the earth at all that had originally sprung from her womb. She contemplated on Her wonders and yet was saddened, for She saw much anguish, fear, and hatred among Her earthlings. She realized that without Love and proper knowledge, all Her earthly gifts were useless, and so prepared to travel to earth’s cornerstone and teach its wonders.

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Mary Speaks about the Mark Ventimiglia debacle

I am speaking about a battle now. It was literally bloodless but painful none the less. I refuse to get involved in the pagan community any more. I am tired of the petty arguments the airheaded ones the bickering, backstabbing, fluffier than thou, the christian fanatics in disguise and the patronizing twits who think they know more than anyone else.

My dear heart is another story. He feels compelled to do reach out to speak as a voice of moderation. He takes his job seriously and is careful to be reasonable and trys to see others point of view.

Recently Raymond Buckland appointed someone to speak for him regarding Seax Wicca. This person as it turns out was less than Ideal for the post. As a flaming member of PETA, Ubervegetarian, and rabid homophobe, he would not be a voice of reason. In fact, he started handing out edicts left right and center.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Seax Wicca, one of it’s founding ideals is that it is local not national. In other words, No one has the right to tell a coven what to do, they decide on their own. Hmmm… doesn’t sound much like the fanatic does it? Well, no it doesn’t.

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Mary Speaks!

[5/23/03 7:05 PM | Mary Landrum]
I have watched Daven’s Growth and maturation with such joy. He is now taking the sept I have waited for, self validation of what I have known for a long time, he is worthy to wear the double helixed snakes on his wrists.

His writing has improved so much that there is little for his “editor” to do anymore and that is a wonderful thing as it leaves me able to read and learn from him.

Originally posted 2003-05-23 19:14:05. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Buckland’s Book of Saxon Witchcraft

REISSUANCE of “The Tree”

by Raymond Buckland
Red Wheel/Weiser, 1974/2005 $14.95 US
ISBN 1-57863-328-1
Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

I have to admit; I asked for this book to review primarily to replace a lost copy of “The Tree” that I had. But I am extremely glad that I did ask for this.

I’m not going to talk about the content much. I can’t say that much since it is the exact same text from the original work by Buckland. I’m not sure that it was wise to use the same text, but I understand what Buckland was doing.

He added a new introduction to it, and he explains why he did not add new text or clarify things. He states that when this book was first published, it was published as the COMPLETE book of Saxon Witchcraft, and as such needed no additional material.

I can agree that it didn’t need any additional material, but some of the material probably did need to be gone over and corrected. For instance, the Spring Sabbat ritual still uses the wand as a huge portion of the ritual, which is then set aside in favor of another tool and the wand is not used again. Just when it looks like it should be used, it’s put aside.

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Pagan Portals – Lugh: Meeting the Many-Skilled God

By Morgan Daimler
Moon Books, 2021, $10.95
ISBN: 9781789044287

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Full disclosure time, Morgan is a friend of mine, and I got a copy of her book ahead of publication so I could do this review. Plus I tend to collect books on Irish Gods and Goddesses. And this book does not disappoint.

Lugh is one of my patron deities. He and I have had many interactions in the past, and when I work in my druidic methods, He is one of the deities I call upon. I have written articles on Him and also studied a lot of mythology on Him. I’ve also read a lot of books about Lugh.

This book I would say is about as close as a definitive work gets, without getting into the minutiae that many authors can get lost in. Morgan really does a fantastic job of sharing the mythology of Lugh, the context of the mythology, the various accounts of Him without getting into the stories other than to tell you what is relevant, and then about how to look at the God and how to incorporate Him into your worship. And I have to say that this book really really organizes the ton of information out there on Lugh into a book that even a novice can understand and start using to connect with Lugh and work with Him.

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