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Welcome to Erin's Journal! A journal is something that grows with time, not something that you write a few thoughts in and forget about. I hope to keep this growing the same way. I also consider this website to be my "Book of Mirrors" which is a personal journal kept by any Gesith in addition to their Book of Shadows.

Those of you who have been coming here for a long time have probably noticed that there's been a major name change and a lot of changes around here. If you haven't visited in some time it's like the world was destroyed, but actually this has been happening over time for a while now. To find the full story, check out these links:

Let me explain this page for a bit. Most of the pages in this Journal are static, meaning that once I put something up, it tends to stay up. This page, however, is fluid. It changes almost daily. This is the feed for my blog. I have a WordPress blog on this site, mostly to facilitate expressing my thoughts to everyone. This is the dynamic section where you can read my current thoughts on matters, my health, my complaints and just quick opinions. It's not meant to be the same page as it always is.

If you are new to Erin's Journal then I suggest you start with this post New to the Journal and then go and read the topic called "Erin's Journal" over on the left. That should give you a lot to get started with, and many more things to think about. My personal favorites are My Biography, The Site Dedication and The Site Purpose.

A friend of mine likened this page to the introduction of a magazine, and in some ways she's right. This is a page that tells you what this Journal is about. So read on. In brief, this is one Druid's thoughts on life, spirituality, Wicca, Druidism, religion and all those things that affect humanity. Even some snarkiness. I teach through here and use this as a medium to preserve my beliefs for my daughter and her children.

Make sure you understand my Copyright Statement and that you follow it. As it says in the footer, you may copy and put articles from this site in your personal Book of Shadows and use it for yourself and your family, but you have to have it credited to me. Please make sure you follow this, it is the one unbreakable rule here.


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Ok, I haven’t been advertising this here, but I have a podcast that you should probably listen to.


Brian of Cosmic-Rebirth.tumblr.com is my co-host and we have lots of fun there.  Go take a listen. I have a 16 episode series of Tarot Talk as well.

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Common Courtesy

Other Author

(Note from Daven:  This is really good advise on how a student should act with a teacher or a HP/HPS.  I would like you to read it and think about the corollaries of how a teacher should act with a student.  I think this goes with the Seeker’s Bill of Rights.  We have lives too. I have known too many who think that all a Priest/ess does is stand around waiting for the coveners to get their act together.  Not so.)

25 January 1994
by Scatha
1157 1/2 West 30th Street
Box B3
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Looking Within:

During the 1960s a gentleman once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.” I believe that the same applies to Wicca and ones search for a group, mentor, or High Priest/Priestess. Although their is much which you can (and should) ask of your High Priest/ess remember that there are certain obligations which are expect of you as a student. Remember that learning is a two way process. The Student/Covener learns or is given information from the High Priest/ess; however, since no one knows it all the teacher also learns from the student. In order for the relationship to work, both parts most do their share for the greater good of the whole.

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Specific Ritual Comments


Birth Rite: This is equivalent to a non-pagan baptism. The only difference is that this is only asking the Lord and Lady to guard the child until they can choose their own path. At that point, the Wiccaning (as it is sometimes called) is neutralized, although the child will always be welcome in the Circle and at rituals.

Beltane: In ancient times, this Sabbat was done to renew the fertility of the Earth. Sex was a big part of this ritual. The rite itself could take several forms, but the main theme was the Father-Stag takes the Mother-Doe. This could be done by either having the chosen Father-representative making love to the Mother-representative in front of the village, or by having all the young men in the village seek out the Mother-representative and making love to her where she hides. Regardless of which was used, the Father-representative would be the chosen Priest for the entire year until the next Beltane. Choosing the Priest at this time allows the Priest to ease into his duties. Also for the fertility of the domestic heard animals.

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Buckland’s Book of Saxon Witchcraft


REISSUANCE of “The Tree”

by Raymond Buckland
Red Wheel/Weiser, 1974/2005 $14.95 US
ISBN 1-57863-328-1
Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

I have to admit; I asked for this book to review primarily to replace a lost copy of “The Tree” that I had. But I am extremely glad that I did ask for this.

I’m not going to talk about the content much. I can’t say that much since it is the exact same text from the original work by Buckland. I’m not sure that it was wise to use the same text, but I understand what Buckland was doing.

He added a new introduction to it, and he explains why he did not add new text or clarify things. He states that when this book was first published, it was published as the COMPLETE book of Saxon Witchcraft, and as such needed no additional material.

I can agree that it didn’t need any additional material, but some of the material probably did need to be gone over and corrected. For instance, the Spring Sabbat ritual still uses the wand as a huge portion of the ritual, which is then set aside in favor of another tool and the wand is not used again. Just when it looks like it should be used, it’s put aside.

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Rune Interpretation Cheat Sheet


While this sheet is of my authorship, I can’t claim responsibility for developing the information on this sheet. I cribbed from “The Practical Guide to the Runes” by Lisa Perchel to assemble this. However, the names have been changed to reflect a consistent language, not the polyglot that was in that book.

Letter Rune Name Interpretation meaning Magickal Meaning
F Fehu (fay-hoo) Fehu
Material gain – Fulfillment – Uncontrolled (primal) fire Increase Money – Protection of Valuables – Sending – Hasten Affairs
U,V Uruz (or-rooz) Uruz
Wild Ox – Vitality – Male – True Will – Changes – Good Health New Situations – New Circumstances – Healing
TH Thurisaz (thoor-ee-saz) Thurisaz
Protection – Luck New Beginnings – Luck – Protection – Push Love – Get rid of opposition
A Ansuz (ahn-sooz) Ansuz
Mouth – Spoken Word – Taking Advice – Gaining of Wisdom – Examinations Gain Wisdom – Confidence – Increase in Magick – “Silver Tongue”
R Raidho (rye-ee-doe) Raidho
Travel – Journey of Discovery Gain Justice – Safe Travel
C,K,Q,X Kenaz (can-aaz) Kenaz
Fire (controlled) – Positive Attitude – Opening up – Creativity Strengthen Runes – Healing – Love – Stability – Fresh Start – Protect Valuables

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Nine Sacred Woods


A conversation that happened years ago, that I thought was funny as hell, and still think is great:

Parts of the conversation sorted by color….


By the way, do you even know what the Nine sacred woods are? No fair peeking.

Oh, wait, I know this one…

  1. Morning wood
  2. Afternoon wood
  3. Evening wood
  4. Midnight wood
  5. “I gotta pee, dammit” wood
  6. Embarassing first-date wood
  7. New Britney Spears video wood
  8. Yeah, I guess Orlando Bloom really is hot wood
  9. Kids are coming up the stairs let’s finish this *quick* wood

I guess the “10. No reason just random wood” wood isn’t in th ere, but what about the “11. Embarrasing called to the blackboard wood” wood? Where does it go?

Not all woods are sacred woods.


Originally posted 2011-12-27 21:16:24. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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My Rebuttal of “Witchcraft, The Facts”


In my time on the Internet and dealing with various email groups, I have found that there is a ton of information being disseminated. Looked at objectively, some of it is good, some is bad, but a lot of it seems to be coming from a paltry 20 total sources. Cunningham, Silver Ravenwolf, Buckland, The Witches’ Voice, and Mike Nichols seem to be the most prominent sources, although some information can be traced all the way back to AOL’s Pagan files and Athos’ Pagan Files, the latter which is now sadly gone from the web.

One of the top sources currently appears to be “Witchcraft, The Facts“. The Rev. Norm Vogel seems to feel that his work should be the primary source for what Witchcraft is and that his interpretation is the only interpretation. This despite the fact that this alleged seminal document is a scant one page that he wrote almost 5 years ago, judging by the copyright. Apparently there are many visitors who go to his site and praise him for his work, giving him ego strokes that he apparently must have. It only feeds his incorrect belief that he is correct and speaks for everyone.

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Privilege, Not Persecution

Other Author

Note from Daven:I was directed toward this essay on Livejournal by a friend. I read it and thought it was one of the best of its type on the Internet. I didn’t want the essay to be lost because it was on an obscure blog, so I asked for permission to repost it here. Please read this and comment on the original article if you chose too.

By [personal profile] ebonypearl

On a friend’s FB, she commented about how she was tired of Christians whining about being persecuted in the US. She’s a sweet heart of a woman, charming, funny, warm-hearted, everything you’d want in a friend. She’s always a very devout Christian. I don’t think we’ve ever really discussed religion – there’s not a whole lot of need to talk if one walks the walk; there are so many other things to talk about when we get together. But over the years, we’ve come to learn things about one another and the fact that we have different religious beliefs only deepens our friendship.

Her wall post attracted a Christian who very plainly felt she was personally put upon and persecuted by American society for being Christian. When this woman (I’m calling her CP for “Christian Person”) commented that she viewed verbal comments from people expressing different points of view (mind you, not comments that attacked her religion, just expressed a different viewpoint) to be persecution, I’m sorry, but I rolled my eyes. When someone asked her for examples, CP wrapped herself in her privilege and accused the querant of attacking her and not caring; that :::sob::: nobody cared! so she just would go away and not talk to such mean people!

Shades of the old Fascist Meanie Pooh Pooh Head days!

Originally posted 2015-03-30 03:35:57. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Creating Magickal Entities


By David Michael Cunningham
With Taylor Elwood and Amanda Wagener
Egregore Publishing, 2003, $16.95 US
ISBN 1-932517-44-8

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★★ 

I wish I had this book about 10 years ago; I could have avoided a lot of trial and error learning on my part.

It’s not often that a book can make me wish that. This is one. I found the information in this book to be nearly priceless. I’ve been creating and using magickal entities for some time now, I just didn’t call them that. I called them “splinters” or “friends” or “spirits”, from the information I read they fulfilled all the definitions of an entity that you can name.

What more can I say? This book is packed full of a lot of common sense information about creating an entity and about taking care of it once you have it created. The book goes into depth about why you would want to create an entity, how to do so with a minimum of effort, how to keep feeding it so that it continues to work, what to do with it once you decide you don’t need it anymore and a whole lot more.

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Lughnassdad Sabbat


July 31

[Pronounced Loose-nah-dah. Erecting the Temple is performed. Priest and Priestess kiss.]

Priest: Summer is the season for celebration and for caring.
Flowers come forth; later to give way to fruit.
Now is the time for us to review all things-
That which is to remain, and that which must
Be pruned away, for the goodness of growth.
Growth in all things; in plants and in ourselves.

[Priestess raises her arms.]

Priestess: Almighty Mother of us all,
Bringer of Life and of Love,
We thank thee for all the goodness
We have raised from the soil;
The promises of fruits to come.
Help us in our decisions and in our judgments.
Let us have the wisdom of the Mighty Ones
As we handle our problems
Both great and small.

All: So Be it!

[She lowers her arms.]

Priest: My Lady of the Silver Crescent-
And the Golden Orb, your Consort,
We praise you and love you.
Look down upon us and guide us
In our rites and in our lives.

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Well now you’ve done it. Now I have to rant again….

What is it with people and their “pagan credentials”? Huh? Those that have them don’t want to show them, and those that don’t can’t be prevented from dragging theirs out.

Seen this a couple times now. Person in metaphysical store comes up and starts chatting about how long they have been practicing and are unwilling to give any verifiable evidence of their experience. “I’ve been in this for 40 years, a fifth generation Wiccan, it’s hereditary (which means genetically inherited rather than “heritage” which is a family tradition) and I’m getting my High Priestess Degree.”


A “degree” in High Priestess? From what college? Berkley, Hogwarts, which? I didn’t know they offered a BS or BA in “High Priestess”. Who teaches it? I’d love to take it.

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