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Welcome to Erin's Journal! A journal is something that grows with time, not something that you write a few thoughts in and forget about. I hope to keep this growing the same way. I also consider this website to be my "Book of Mirrors" which is a personal journal kept by any Gesith in addition to their Book of Shadows.

Those of you who have been coming here for a long time have probably noticed that there's been a major name change and a lot of changes around here. If you haven't visited in some time it's like the world was destroyed, but actually this has been happening over time for a while now. To find the full story, check out these links:

Let me explain this page for a bit. Most of the pages in this Journal are static, meaning that once I put something up, it tends to stay up. This page, however, is fluid. It changes almost daily. This is the feed for my blog. I have a WordPress blog on this site, mostly to facilitate expressing my thoughts to everyone. This is the dynamic section where you can read my current thoughts on matters, my health, my complaints and just quick opinions. It's not meant to be the same page as it always is.

If you are new to Erin's Journal then I suggest you start with this post New to the Journal and then go and read the topic called "Erin's Journal" over on the left. That should give you a lot to get started with, and many more things to think about. My personal favorites are My Biography, The Site Dedication and The Site Purpose.

A friend of mine likened this page to the introduction of a magazine, and in some ways she's right. This is a page that tells you what this Journal is about. So read on. In brief, this is one Druid's thoughts on life, spirituality, Wicca, Druidism, religion and all those things that affect humanity. Even some snarkiness. I teach through here and use this as a medium to preserve my beliefs for my daughter and her children.

Make sure you understand my Copyright Statement and that you follow it. As it says in the footer, you may copy and put articles from this site in your personal Book of Shadows and use it for yourself and your family, but you have to have it credited to me. Please make sure you follow this, it is the one unbreakable rule here.


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Ok, I haven’t been advertising this here, but I have a podcast that you should probably listen to.


Brian of Cosmic-Rebirth.tumblr.com is my co-host and we have lots of fun there.  Go take a listen. I have a 16 episode series of Tarot Talk as well.

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The Hero Redeemed


(A Note from Daven: The Hero Redeemed is an assignment I received from an auditor of one of my classes. This was turned in for an assignment given in the mythology lesson.)

The Hero Redeemed- An Archetypical Myth

Author: Posting for a lurker – Daven Iceni

(Daven’s Note: I received this via email today. Apparently there is a group of Non-AS residents who follow this class, and email me their assignments. So, we have auditors in the classroom, be on your best behavior. I have their permission to post this, but I was asked to keep their identity to myself.)

In the story I will be examining I have found a modern retelling of the classic myth of personal redemption. In the true Grecian style, a Deus Ex Machina is employed to resolve the conflict.

(Daven’s Comment: For those of you not familiar with the device of Deus Ex Machina [Okay, I had to look it up too.] I will explain it in brief here. It’s the device used where a benevolent Power intervenes in the story to make it “all better”. It’s “and the little boy fell out of bed and woke up, it was all a dream” cheat that drives me out of my mind.)

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Litha (Midsummer or Summer Solstice) Sabbat


June 21

[Erecting the Temple is performed. Priest and Priestess kiss.]

Priestess: Now is the summer sun on high,

Yet living goes ever on.
With hope in our hearts
Let us spread happiness about us.
Cease all sorrows!
Cease all strife!
The day is for living—
For living this life!

Priest: On high the Sun never casts a shadow.

So shines down the love of the Gods-
Of Woden and Freya-
Shining upon us all alike.
No more on one than on another.

Priestess: As the sun moves along its path,

Acknowledging all along its way;
So move we for the Mighty Ones,
To show our love and affection.

[Priest and Priestess move deosil around the Circle, hand in hand, and kiss each Witch on the way. Returning to their original position they kiss each other.]

Priestess: We Wiccans give thanks to the Mighty Ones,

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How to Get Started in Wicca


One question that just about everyone has ever asked in the online forums is this one: “Hi! I’m new to Wicca and I just started. What do I do now?”

The slew of answers that the questioner will get will generally boils down to one word: “Read”.

Believe it or not, gaining knowledge is about 60% of what you have to do in this case, beginning on this path. The rest is actually practicing and getting the practical knowledge under your brain and in your fingers. But reading and gaining knowledge is the primary thing you have to be doing.

Why? Most people who start in Wicca or any esoteric path have a basis in their faith that they grew up with; most likely (at least in the United States) that faith is Christianity. Because of this, there is a lot of dogma and information that one must gain during the first little bit of the Path, and that requires study.

So the first thing is to read. Read whatever you can about Wicca and Paganism. Read about New Age mysticism. Read about Hindu beliefs, read the Buddhist philosophy. Read the Koran. Read the Bible. Read.

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Druidism and Wicca; a comparison


Version 2.05 (Last updated 7-31-03)
By Daven (Member, Ord Draiochta na Uisnech)

(Spanish Translation here)

On first meeting a Druid, many Wiccans feel a bond – a commonality must exist. Normally the Wiccan will start talking about The Goddess, their Circle and so on and be somewhat lost when the Druid starts talking about the Triune Thought, the Triskel and Honor or other relevant terms who’s meaning may not be immediately clear.

I feel that the confusion stems from misunderstandings and misconceptions. This article will attempt to explain some of these concepts that may confuse the Wiccan.

The Rede/The Law of Returns

Of all the differences that a Wiccan has with Druidism this is probably the most prevalent. In Druidism, there is no “rede”. In fact, the only people that the Rede pertains to are those who ascribe to it, it is unique to Wiccans and some kinds of Witchcraft.

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The Elements of Ritual


By Deborah Lipp
Llewellyn, 2003 $16.95 US
ISBN 0-7387-0301-X

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★½ 

I like doing reviews. Most times I get books that have information I can use in them, and times there are books that have almost no information I can use. There are some books I have reviewed that are examples of the worst that comes out of current publications. There are times when I can’t say enough good things about books I read.

I count this book as one of the latter.

Now that the author and publishers can breathe again, I want to tell you all that if you are looking for a book on how to perform a ritual, the theatrics, the actual nitty-gritty, the practical side and the mystic side, then this is your book.

I tend to think of myself as being very knowledgeable in the realms of ritual and mystic mindset. This book showed me those things I did know were accurate and it also showed me where my knowledge lacked in substance. I was able to objectively break down the rituals I perform and to be able to see which parts were necessary and why those portions worked. This went through every aspect of ritual, from the decision to start the ritual, to altar setup to the actual workings themselves and to the closing rituals.

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The Thin Line


I’ve been putting off doing this article for some time. This is due (in part) to life.

Life, when it smacks you, really smacks you. There were many things that I expected to happen, several things that didn’t happen that I thought would, and things that I didn’t see coming and had no clue about.

And guess what? That’s the topic of this article.

Mostly this article is going to talk about a trend that I’m seeing in Mainstream Wicca (as opposed to Traditional Wicca) and that’s the “One Book and I’m a Witch” attitude that is being espoused by many authors these days. They state (either outright or implied) that all you need is to read their books, follow their Way and you too will be a 20th level High Priest Warlock in Squirrel Society and authorized to act as the high priestess of any ritual there.

Not on your life. Not on your best day, not on MY best day and absolutely no chance of this happening.

It means you read a book. That’s all.

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The Magician’s Workbook


by Donald Tyson
Llewellyn, 2001 $17.50 US
ISBN 0-7387-0000-2

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

The Magician’s Workbook is definitely a workbook. This is laid out as a series of lessons, one per chapter. These are not the standard “learn these facts and this information and then answer these questions”. They are practical exercises, concentrating on being able to demonstrate the skill before moving on to the next lesson. Each chapter is meant to illustrate one idea. It is critical to learn the exercise before moving on since the next lesson will be built on the previous lesson you just mastered.

Mr. Tyson does a good job of condensing the practices The Golden Dawn uses in a series of lessons for the average person. They are well laid out. Each lesson and exercise builds on the previous one, exploring concepts in depth throughout the work.

Warning to those who think this book will be easy. Do not expect to learn everything about The Golden Dawn from it. That is not the purpose of the book, nor is all the information made available here. It is necessary for the reader/practitioner to do the work to derive the most this book has to offer. It will require a commitment of nearly a year to complete the exercises and it will mean a lot of practice and meditation as well.

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The Craft of the Wise


I was reading a friend’s blog on Dreamwidth and I got inspired to write this article. See, going out and finding friends IS good for something.

Wicca is sometimes called “The Craft of the Wise” because you are supposed to gain wisdom from your chosen path, ie your religion. You aren’t supposed to just accept everything that gets thrown at you like a sponge, you are supposed to question it, you are Supposed to wonder “yes, but…” and you are SUPPOSED to find things that work for you within that framework of faith.

All these things are what you should be doing from the start. You are supposed to find answers for yourself, not eat the digested answers that another has found.

Religion is SUBJECTIVE, meaning that it is a one person only experience. You see and feel and smell and think these things while you are in an ecstatic trance at your local grove. That being said, even if your bestest buddy in the whole world and your twin are having the exact same process as you have, they will NEVER have the same experience as you. There will be things that are different for each, based on their own mental state, their understanding of the world and the things that they learned, and their perception of what was happening.

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Tools and Magick


Time for the next installment of….


Before I go too far in this, let me ask a question. Why did you come to this site? Was it to read about what a Druid feels? To read some about Wicca? Maybe see what is in the classes on High Magick and Astral Projection? To learn how to cast spells for fun and profit?

Was it to do research on Magick?

Now, let me ask another question: Do you really think that the plastic dropcloth that you bought at the local Martmart actually has a mystical power when combined with a candle and a piece of string? The string is any string you could find anyplace, including the gutter, and the candle is just gasoline leftovers with a wick in it. Do you honestly think that getting these three things together and saying some words over them will give them magickal powers?

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Oh My GOD!


Just looked at a flash movie.

I had no idea.


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