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Welcome to Erin's Journal! A journal is something that grows with time, not something that you write a few thoughts in and forget about. I hope to keep this growing the same way. I also consider this website to be my "Book of Mirrors" which is a personal journal kept by any Gesith in addition to their Book of Shadows.

Those of you who have been coming here for a long time have probably noticed that there's been a major name change and a lot of changes around here. If you haven't visited in some time it's like the world was destroyed, but actually this has been happening over time for a while now. To find the full story, check out these links:

Let me explain this page for a bit. Most of the pages in this Journal are static, meaning that once I put something up, it tends to stay up. This page, however, is fluid. It changes almost daily. This is the feed for my blog. I have a WordPress blog on this site, mostly to facilitate expressing my thoughts to everyone. This is the dynamic section where you can read my current thoughts on matters, my health, my complaints and just quick opinions. It's not meant to be the same page as it always is.

If you are new to Erin's Journal then I suggest you start with this post New to the Journal and then go and read the topic called "Erin's Journal" over on the left. That should give you a lot to get started with, and many more things to think about. My personal favorites are My Biography, The Site Dedication and The Site Purpose.

A friend of mine likened this page to the introduction of a magazine, and in some ways she's right. This is a page that tells you what this Journal is about. So read on. In brief, this is one Druid's thoughts on life, spirituality, Wicca, Druidism, religion and all those things that affect humanity. Even some snarkiness. I teach through here and use this as a medium to preserve my beliefs for my daughter and her children.

Make sure you understand my Copyright Statement and that you follow it. As it says in the footer, you may copy and put articles from this site in your personal Book of Shadows and use it for yourself and your family, but you have to have it credited to me. Please make sure you follow this, it is the one unbreakable rule here.


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Fluffy Behavior 101

Other Author

[Copyright Freeman and Sky Dancer, 2003. All rights reserved.
Permission to repost or otherwise distribute is granted provided
the essay is kept intact and this notice included.]

The question keeps coming up, what makes someone fluffy, or a fluff-bunny?  The concept of a fluff-bunny is similar to “twinkie” as used in many American Indian communities: someone who either plays at the spiritual practices or is serious about it but goes for stereotypes and glitz rather than factual information.

Practicing any significant number of these characteristic behaviors will be good and sufficient cause to label you accordingly. These are from actual experience, but they don’t all apply to any one person — we hope. Several of them seem contradictory; this doesn’t appear to matter to the people in question. Note: if you find this list offensive (especially if it bothers you that it has 13 items), then you are probably a classic fluffy. If you think we’re being unnecessarily confrontational with this, you may be right (but see item 5). If you think we’re picking on Wiccans, maybe so; but we do know plenty of non-Wiccan fluffies (check out http://www.whywiccanssuck.com/ and http://wicca.timerift.net/ for other detailed views on the Decadence of Wicca).

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The Real Origins of Halloween 1 of 2


(Note from Daven:  I would like to thank Isaac Bonewits for his wonderful essay that encompasses this most important of our holidays.  Long time readers of my website will know that I had another version of this on my site, and I want to tell you that this is the updated version.  Hope it is as informative to you as it was to me.)

The Real Origins of Halloween

Page #1 of 2

Version 3.7, copyright  1997, 2000 c.e.
by Isaac Bonewits


Halloween OnlineI’ve received a number of emails from various liberal, moderate, and conservative Christians, including two dozen clergypeople, concerning their reactions to earlier versions of this essay. More often than not, they are horrified at the liberties their Fundamentalist brethren have taken with both historical truth and Christian theology, and have asked me to please not think that all Christians, “are like those lunatics.” So in the interests of not alienating those open-minded Christians who may not yet be aware of the duplicity and malice of many of their supposed co-religionists, I’ve edited this to make clearer the distinctions between mainstream Christians (with whom I still have many polytheological differences) and their (dare I say it?) demonically obsessed brothers and sisters. If there are some readers who consider themselves to be Christian Fundamentalists, but who do not approve of the behavior or words of those described herein, I suggest that they admonish their brethren, rather than myself, and that they meditate upon what it is about Fundamentalism that makes it so easy to slide into anger, hatred and deceit in the name of Jesus (or Yahweh or Allah or Science, for that matter).

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The Greatest Neo-Pagan Conceit

Irreverend Hugh

One thing that bothers me is the fact that Neo-Pagans, and those who call themselves Wiccan in particular, are virulently anti-Christian. Even the supposedly more moderate Neo-Pagan elders (who should know better) have made statements to the effect that Neo-Paganism is going to replace Christianity. (Not a very diplomatic expression. Not even an expression that shows any of Neo-Paganism’s supposed open-mindedness.) I must confess that such an event, if not coerced, would be fine by me. But frankly, despite the wishful thinking of many people who have probably themselves escaped or left the Christianity of their parents, I find no evidence that Christianity is going to be replaced by anything closely resembling Neo-Paganism. Christianity is not even disappearing, though its influence on several Western European nations has waned considerably in the last hundred years. Within American society, Christianity is stronger now than it has ever been since the founding of the nation.

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The Native American Ten Commandments

Other Author

(Note from Daven:  I found this on another newsgroup, and it sparked a deep interest in me.  I could wish more people lived this way.  It would make for a better world.)

The Native American Ten Commandments

The Indian Ten Commandments (“Indian” meaning the indigenous people of the continent known now as North America. Commandments meaning traditional guidelines for harmonious social interchange.)

  1. Treat the earth and all that dwells thereon with respect.
  2. Remain close to the Great Spirit.
  3. Show great respect for your fellow beings.
  4. Work together for the benefit of all mankind.
  5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
  6. Do what you know to be right.
  7. Look after well being of mind and body.
  8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
  9. Be truthful and honest at all times.
  10. Take full responsibility for all your actions

Originally posted 2014-12-17 17:32:54. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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The Charge of the Hunter


Listen to the words of the Great Hunter, he who was called among people Herne, Cernunos, Gwynn ap Nudd, The Horned One, The Master of the Wild Hunt, Mabon and by many other names.

Whenever you have need of any meat, once in the week, and better it be when the season turns to Winter, then ye shall assemble in the green wilds and continue the cycle of Hunter and Hunted. I am the King of the Herd, the one who sustains the People in the times of rest for the Earth, and I shall show you the Ancient Cycles again. And you shall be free from civilization, and as a sign of this freedom, ye shall carry a weapon to take your meat with, be it a Spear, an Arrow or a Knife. You shall creep and stalk across the Land, becoming closer and closer to the Hunted, and understanding the ways of the Hunted. Mine is the Joy of the Kill, the thrill of the Stalk and the Praise of the Slain. My law is that thou shall take the weak and the injured, the elderly and the sick, thus to improve the Herd and make them strong. You shall use all of what you Kill and you shall praise and thank the Spirit of that which you have killed, for Death is only part of the cycle of Life, and this child of mine will live again. I demand that you take only what you need and that you replace that which you took whenever possible. My teachings are those of survival and the continuation of the next Generation. I am the Tip of the Spear, the Arrowhead and the Knife’s Edge, and you shall remember that the survival of the Herd is paramount, for if the Herd does not survive, there will be no next generation.

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Witches test tolerance

Other Author

Published by
The Tennessean
Sunday, 6/27/99
haynes27.shtml for article


Witches test tolerance

By Charles Haynes / First Amendment Center

Most Americans are all for religious liberty — at least until it protects a religion they don’t like. Then all bets are off.

The latest test of popular support for the First Amendment is the controversy following news reports of Wiccan celebrations at Fort Hood, Texas, our largest Army post. In recent years, Army officials at Fort Hood and other bases have accommodated requests by Wiccans for space to hold their ceremonies.

Some conservative Christian groups are so angry about Wiccan practices on bases that they have called on Christians not to enlist or re-enlist in the Army.

Wicca provokes outrage and controversy because it involves witches and witchcraft, long associated with “evil spells” and “demons” in Christian history. Persecution of witches — or those thought to be witches — was common in medieval Europe. And, as every schoolchild learns, America had its own chapter of persecution in colonial Salem.

Actually, the witches of Wicca (most, but not all, Wiccans are witches) have nothing to do with casting evil spells. Nor are Wiccans “Satanists.” In fact, Wiccans don’t even believe in the existence of Satan.

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The path of the magician


Many people have asked me to teach them spells. My response is always the same. No. Mainly because they are young kids who want to be able to wiggle their nose and have the world change. Mostly they don’t realize just what a double-edged sword they are asking for. Many, if not all, have not learned self-discipline. It is the single most important thing that any magician or warrior or Martial Artist can gift themselves with.

So this is the journey that a prospective magician will tread when starting to learn spells. There are many things and skills they have to have before speaking their first incantation or chant. It is analogous to giving someone a loaded pistol, without them first learning basic safety, how to aim, maintenance of the weapon, or even what to do. Because this is what magick is; a loaded weapon. The skills that I lay out here are just as important as learning which end of the pistol to hold when attempting to fire it.

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Long Distance Healing


(By Mary a.k.a. Theresa)

You will need a fairly large work surface that can remain undisturbed for several days.

If possible, it should be done as moonful begins to wane so that the disease is waning also.

Clean the work surface thoroughly. Preferably wood-but REMEMBER- it is will- the trappings to focus your intentions. This ceremony is fairly elaborate because I needed a lot of aid to concentration. It was first done for my father.

Take a shower. Seriously. While cleaning yourself, let the water symbolically clean you as well. Let the mundane world flow from you so that you approach the ceremony focused and clear as water.

(Digression #2. If this were a thousand years ago, you would be fasting and meditating during the filling of the moon, when you ate, it would be small portions and vegetarian only. Heigh-ho for the modern life.)

Spread a clean, pure white tablecloth, or sheet, or scrap cloth (you get the idea) on your work surface.


Salt, oil, some type of grain, 2 goblets, 6 candleholders, incense, 3 red candles, 3 white candles and 1 orange candle. (*I used a combination of Cedar, Sandalwood, and healing blend)

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Mary Speaks about the Mark Ventimiglia debacle

I am speaking about a battle now. It was literally bloodless but painful none the less. I refuse to get involved in the pagan community any more. I am tired of the petty arguments the airheaded ones the bickering, backstabbing, fluffier than thou, the christian fanatics in disguise and the patronizing twits who think they know more than anyone else.

My dear heart is another story. He feels compelled to do reach out to speak as a voice of moderation. He takes his job seriously and is careful to be reasonable and trys to see others point of view.

Recently Raymond Buckland appointed someone to speak for him regarding Seax Wicca. This person as it turns out was less than Ideal for the post. As a flaming member of PETA, Ubervegetarian, and rabid homophobe, he would not be a voice of reason. In fact, he started handing out edicts left right and center.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Seax Wicca, one of it’s founding ideals is that it is local not national. In other words, No one has the right to tell a coven what to do, they decide on their own. Hmmm… doesn’t sound much like the fanatic does it? Well, no it doesn’t.

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Pagans and the Law


Dana D. Eilers
New Page Books Copyright 2003, $15.99
ISBN 1-56404-671-5

Reviewed by Daven

Rating: ★★★★★ 

If I had to choose one word to sum this entire book up, it would be “excellent”. This is a book that not only makes a good addition to any Pagan’s library of reference material, but it would also not be out of place in a Law Library. It would have been so easy to overdo a work of this type, to pad it with extraneous explanations and go on about nothing. Dana does not do this anywhere in this book.

The first chapter is a background of the law in general. She goes into how the law works, the process to “petition for redress of grievances”, what the Circuit Courts are and how they affect the process and the state processes for the same thing. She tackles how to approach a lawyer, what the process in retaining one is going to be, what YOU need to do in the process and how you can help yourself, and why they charge such outrageous sums of money.

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