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What has happened

Dear all.

Well, it’s happened. Poor financial decisions on my part has finally caught up to us and Mary, Rhiannon and I are being evicted.

The complex has said that we can stay if we can come up with $5900 to pay them off for everything, all the money we owe and the rents we haven’t been able to pay. So we are busy putting together all our belongings and are working on moving.

Currently the plan is this: We pack, we put everything in storage, we either live in a hotel for a while with the bare minimums to live on while there and look for someplace to live permanently, and then move into that. OR we put everything in storage, move in with a lady who has offered to put us up and then she and us move into a 3 bedroom apartment together and get our stuff back and fill the apartment. See flaws in these? We have seen them now.

Mary, Rhiannon and I have been discussing this most of yesterday and today and come to a decision, right now we pack.

So, that’s where it is. Needless to say we don’t have the money able to be given to them right now. The complex would LOVE for us to stay if we get the money, this is the only area where we come into conflict with them. We would love to stay too, but you know. We have come up with a repayment plan of $100 per paycheck for a year, which will pay it all off and not be too onerous on us. They just won’t take it in a payment system, since we tried that and failed.

So, bottom line is that we are moving again. We will be getting in touch with various people and getting big strong men to help us load a truck to take it all to storage. Have to find a storage space and get it all there.

One thing I want to STRESS HERE: THIS IS NOT US ASKING FOR MONEY!!!!!!!! This is us informing you all what is happening. Yes, we would be thrilled and accept any money you have to spare to help, but we ALL know that none of you have it or can afford it. We have some money, and we can do it, it’s just going to be harder and take more time. So unless you can afford it, or unless you know a bank who will be willing to loan us the money on the same repayment schedule that we have worked out now, then don’t worry about it. Yes, if some miracle happens and we get a loan of some sort to let us remain here, we would pay it back on the same repayment schedule we set up for the complex.

Over the next several days we will be packing and going through stuff. We are also selling books to McKay’s to get rid of them because we aren’t reading them and we have digital copies of nearly everything. We are obviously keeping books that aren’t replicated in that, but right now we have like 5GB of books in various formats. Food giveaway will be coming, probably next weekend.

The cats are the problem. They don’t know what is going on and it has freaked Boots out. Kumiko is having a grand old time with all the new stuff, and Mary’s asthma is being kicked up by all the dust. If moving into the apartment with the lady, then the cats are good, if not, then where they go is problematic. A very nice lady in Kentucky has offered to sit the cats again, like they did before, and that’s good. If it happens wonderful. We will be talking to her about it.

All this on top of car repairs and me adjusting to new diabetes meds, which is not fun. I’ve been out of work and Mary has bee doing it all, so that’s not fair and I feel horrible about it. Rhiannon is being wonderful and working her butt off to get things organized and going. So she’s great.

So this is it. This is what is happening. Pissed that it’s happened, but can’t blame anyone other than myself. If we don’t respond quickly this is why. We are doing it in batches and taking breaks. There’s lots that is done and can just be added to or whatever. Most of the furniture is going to be disassembled and put in storage pretty quickly. That should only take a day or two at most.

We will keep you all updated about this as things progress.

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