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HomePosts, Updates Update to the House Situation

Update to the House Situation

Okay, I’m going to update you all on my paniced post of 9-26.

We are moving. That’s now a definate. The question is: When?

As some of you may have seen, we got a house. We are working on financing
right now with a couple people, and we are being optomistic.

The house is a decent one in the middle of Nashville, right next door
(almost literally) to the Farmer’s Market, in an area called “Germantown”.
They are recovering it and renovating the area, so property values will go
up. So yeah, this is a good thing.

As for the apartment: We got together with the owner and started comparing
notes, and it seems that the landlord was hosing us both. The actual RENT on
this place was in the neighborhood of $250 a month. He was getting three
times that. While power and gas and such are included in there, they are not
THAT expensive.

We only had a handshake lease, so there is no legal paperwork to use in any
kind of lawsuit. To make matters worse, he’s in another state.

The owner and I worked things out. He’s letting us take over payments to a
point. He understands we are looking for another place (and by now he knows
we found one) and that we are moving out. I just paid him October’s rent so
we are good there. We are currently waiting on the repair people to finish

Mary has been watching all the gardening and home shows on H&G Network and
has been dreaming. So I’m having to ride the brake HARD to keep us from
overspending on things like the beautiful bathroom sink for $150 when the
utilitarian one is only $25 and being provided by the seller. Things like
that. We have to get the house first.

To tell you about it; It’s a three or four bedroom house. It was used as
apartments with a shared bathroom and one of the “bedrooms” that they were
counting is only an 8×8 closet upstairs. There are three solid bedrooms, two
upstairs and one downstairs, so that’s enough for Rhiannon to have her own
bedroom, me and Mary to have our own bedroom and Tala to have her bedroom.
There is a family room on the front, a “parlor” which we will be converting
to other uses on the front, a multi-purpose room with staircase going up
just behind the family room, one bathroom and a kitchen with a HUGE
pantry/laundry room. That’s at least 10 by 10 or so.

This is the layout, and it’s not bad. The closets are microsocopic and in
wierd places, so I didn’t add them. The upstairs closet has a closet of it’s
own, just to tell you how strange this is. The shaded area upstairs is to
show where the slope of the roof is. The room continues, but it’s under the
eaves. The closet IS hemmed in by the roof slope, but since it’s only for
storage. Supposedly there is an attic someplace.

There is also one outbuilding. It’s a cinderblock storage shed. The problem
there is that it’s got holes big enough to use as basketball goals, and
there is a section where the window is missing in the back, it’s just empty.
So fixing that up will happen before it’s used for anything.

BUT, there is room now. I can do my leather stuff without having to move
half the furnature in the living room, and Rhiannon can do her homework in
the multipurpose room without being distracted by the TV. Thank god.

The owner is a computer geek himself, so we have three prong grounded
outlets for everything, and he’s wiring it up with Cat 5 network cable for
us. Should be interesting since it only needs to be wired in the MP Room and
the bedrooms, possibly to the parlor room, but not necessarily. There are
windows everywhere, so light is not going to be a problem, and it faces
East. Which is an added bonus. I have a few pictures, but they are confusing
without the floorplan. I’ll post them later.

Yes, the staircase IS that narrow. It’s only about two feet wide. I have no
idea how we are going to get Rhiannon’s bed up there. And we are going to
reverse that stupid outward swinging door or hers too. It’s simply useless
and it gets in the way now.

There are two fireplaces that have been bricked up. I don’t show them, but
they pass through the MP room and the Family room and between the parlor and
our bedroom. Not sure if we are going to recover them or not.

Almost everything is done except the actual closing on the house. Hopefully
in November.

So, money is going to be tight. We can make it but Mary will HAVE to work,
no choice. Good thing we got a checking account here recently. And it turns
out that she has NO credit, and asside from my student loan that I’m paying
on, I have no credit either. So that’s a good thing.

Why, yes, yes I am terrified. Now to work on things. NO clue how this is
going to work out, but we keep being talked to as though we are investing in
this house. Nononono, we are in it for the long run, this is going to be
ours for years to come, unless something happens, like the Powerball. LOL

I really hope this works for us.

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