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Thinking too much

Well, I started thinking about some things (which long term readers will recognize as a warning sign, it’s very dangerous for me to be thinking.) and I came to a conclusion.

I’m a snob.

No, really, I am.

I think that beliefs that one clings to should have some basis in REASON, not just “because everyone believes it…” I believe that someone who is advocating a position should be able to intelligently defend that position, without resorting to rhetoric or obfuscation. I think that while an emotional position is fine for such arguments, that one should be able to articulate those feelings.

I think that everyone should sit down and read a dictionary.

I think that there is something wrong with those who don’t enjoy reading (books and stories, I can understand not reading technical manuals).

I think that instead of speaking and teaching to the least intelligent person who may be present, I should speak and talk to the MOST intelligent person present, that way everyone else is lifted up to their level, and the world’s intelligence increases instead of decreases.

I passionately believe that intellectual laziness is wrong because it leads to laziness in other areas.

I believe that one should be able to think WELL and logically in order to succeed in this world.

I think that if you are going to do something, you may as well do it correctly the first time so that you don’t have to go back and correct it later.

I think that HTML code should be as lean as possible while still being able to be read by the widest possible audience. Therefore most of the neato code fragments that do dancing letters and flashing banners should be dispensed with. That’s one reason you won’t find that on my site. Heck, I had one lady who wrote me who said she had no problem accessing my site during her move on her cell phone.

I think it is the responsibility of management to see and recognize the good and bad jobs their employees are doing, not my job as the employee to tell everyone what a good job I’m doing.

I think that political correctness is neither correct nor (in the strictest sense) political. It is a way for those who feel guilt to martyr themselves on an altar of their own building.

I think that people who do not try to do and to succeed in their lives should suffer the consequences of that decision and left to reap those rewards. I also believe that I should not be held accountable for anyone else’s success/failure and I should not be forced to support them.

I believe that it is possible to be Pro Choice and still despise abortion.

I believe that each person rises or falls according to their own merits.

I believe that there should be some mechanism in the Universe for helping out those who deserve help due to their actions without making them dependant on it. Some kind of Cosmic Instant Karma Plan.

I believe that it is a crime to take away a child’s belief in Santa Claus.

I think that life can be fair, but people don’t allow it to be.

I think that the current trend to entitlement should be stopped and those who espouse such an idea the loudest should be shot.

I think that people should NEVER be persecuted for sex or making love, but should instead be prosecuted and persecuted for violation of promises and oaths related to those acts. Clinton should never have been impeached for an affair, only for lying under oath to cover it up. I think that Bush needs to be jailed for lying to the World and for murder of better than 2000 Soldiers and countless Iraqis. Their names should be read off to him every day, all day on a continuous loop and he should be given a manilla folder of their lives to read and take a test on each and every day. Part of that test should be a sincere apology note to their families.

I think that asking for an unbiased media is asking the impossible. Bias is in every aspect of life. Everyone has an agenda. But asking for the least bias possible is not only possible but also the way it should be. But if bias is not avoidable, then contrasting sources should be used to hit a median.

I have a lot of personal beliefs that are very radical, from breeding licenses to common sense education in the public schools, to the closing of every private school there is and that money being funneled into the public schools.

I believe that those who keep repeatedly calling for separation of the races should be invited into enclaves of their choice, to be imprisoned there. At least then we would have all the crazies in one place where we could watch them.

I believe that rape should be a castrating offense, as well as upon conviction the victim being granted the status of a divorced spouse, subject to receiving half of the perpetrator’s worldly goods and future earnings. It won’t give her back the dignity she had before, but it would make potential rapists think twice before doing this for a few moments of passion.

Just a few random thoughts.

2 Responses to “Thinking too much”

  1. mer says:

    >I think that people should NEVER be persecuted for sex or making love

    They should if one person is not in a position to say yes (underage, not mentall fit, drunk, drugged).
    But I dont think you meant that. I think you meant that if its two or more consenting adults, it should be ok.

    >doing this for a few moments of passion

    Rape is not about passion but power. The rapist belives that he is more important and has a ‘right’ to dot this to the less important, lesser person.
    Still the punishment idea isnt bad.

    >I believe that it is possible to be Pro Choice and still despise abortion.

    I agree. I am pro-choice but would never have an abortion. Not for me, but that doesnt mean other people shouldnt have the choice. Full term sbortion should be a crime though (but there should be anonomous places to leave an unwanted baby). So no one who thinks they cant be found that they had one, should think they have to kill the baby.

  2. Jet says:

    Here, Here. I agree with most of your not-so “random thoughts.” These are some of my random and not so random thoughts, but mainly, I want those to know that these are, indeed, MY OPINIONS.

    Some I’ve even had myself from time to time, especially about Clinton and Bush (though in my neck of the woods, hanging would be too good from anyone who espouses what you said about Bush as they all think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread especially for business–for me, he should be impeached, then have his tongue cut out of his mouth so he couldn’t lie again).

    Rape is a crime of power and convenience and even if the rapist is castrated, they can still rape a woman or man with objects.

    The last thing I’d insert into this is: sexual orientation is not something that is thought upon or chosen. It chooses you and those who think that anyone who chooses to be the object of derision, hatred and fear, is crazy. People are asexual, bisexual, gay, heterosexual, lesbian, transgendered and transexual, or sexuality in general, for the reason that God made them that way. It’s a test…a test…to see how Christian you really are with people who are different than you are.

    Hermaphrodites are human beings with the sex organs of both sexes, but the doctors cut off the part that is least dominant. I think this is as bad as the experiments the doctors did in the concentration camps in Germany, Poland, etc. Why can’t they just leave people alone? If they have both sex organs, there must be a reason and to cut off one because they think the person should be a girl (but they have the hormones of a boy or vice versa) will only lead to failure… If this can happen in nature (being a hermaphrodite), then why can it not happen hormonally without any physical signs?

    It does not say in the Bible that God hates people of different races or sexual orientations though there are many Christians who say that there is. God loves everyone–it does say that in the Bible–even if you sin. You’re forgiven, IF you ask for forgiveness. If you murder those in the name of religion, those murders are still a mortal sin (& that includes the Crusades, the Inquisition, and those who kill people who are of different sexual orientations or have had abortions and the rest of the heresy done in the name of GOD). God is supposed to be about LOVE, not hate.

    The Bible is a book written by men, translated by men, with human biases that we all have, based on word-of-mouth stories that were told to each other for eons (remember the telephone game when you were a kid?). I believe in a Higher Power, and I happen to be a born again Christian, but I have doubts about books written solely by men. I believe that women had a part in writing the Bible, just like men did. I believe Mary, Christ’s mother, wrote a chapter in the Bible. It cannot be written solely by men. I suspect that when the dead sea scrolls were found, that there were women who wrote parts of the bible. In a world where women have the upper hand in the population of the world (meaning there is approximately a 2:1 ratio of women to men in the ratio of life), how can women not have written several of the books and chapters in the Bible.

    BTW, I don’t hate men, but I do not like that there are only men in the Bible and that they are the only ones who are “important” enough to warrant books and chapters and that women are only mentioned as those having the male children or the Mother of Christ or are serving men in some capacity.

    I can only hope that one day we’ll have the capacity to go back into time to check all this stuff out…to see the real miracles of Christ. To see which women actually wrote books for the Bible. To see what real history was like instead of the propaganda that has been passed down through the ages and eons. Why can’t they just have told the truth and included everything?

    Without women, men would be nothing because they cannot have children. Without men, women would be nothing because they need sperm to have children. We are equals in the best of senses…each bringing their strengths and weaknesses to the table and working together to make a whole that is greater than each separate part. I believe this was the main plan that we have all forgotten or refuse to look at.

    I know I sound like Holy Roller, but I’m not. Your thoughts above brought this out in me…things I’ve thought about for years, whether true or false, I don’t know. But it is what I believe as far as religion and the Bible go. I branded myself a heretic here in the eyes of my family and to others, but I just cannot believe that women were so unimportant in Christ’s time that they wouldn’t have let the women who were important write books and/or chapters for the Bible.

    At any rate, I find the wold a rather frightening place where bullying and hate crimes reign supreme and it’s passed down from father/mother, to son/daughter, and on it goes for generations. No one thinking about trying to stop it or to change it. Or in the words of my abusive ex-husband, “I ain’t changing for no one or nothing!” This seems to be the belief of 90% of humanity. If we’re ever going to live in peace in this world, we have to start accepting that 1) woman, men and children are people just like everyone else no matter what race, religion, sexual gender or orientation, whether whole or disabled; and 2) we do not have to take people bullying us, hating us, making us feel less than we are just because we’re not like everyone else. We’re not supposed to be like everyone else–we all UNIQUE.

    Another thing: have you ever though about the analogy in the Bible and in Church that the congregation in any church are like sheep? Sheep are not peaceful…they have a low sheep and the Queen sheep, and the King sheep, and they are not as docile as one would think either. Sheep will butt each other to make sure they don’t get the best piece of grass or the best drink of water or the best place to lie down. Sheep is not an animal I want to be compared to, thank you very much!

    Enough for now…

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