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HomePosts, Updates There are days…

There are days…

…where I want to hurt people.

Even with the national attention being focused on the Wiccan parent’s right to teach their kid what they want there are still the little dramas playing out all the time.

Take Norm (seriously, take him, I don’t want him anymore…). It’s been over a year since I have had any contact with the man. Why? Not worth my time or energy. I have serious things I’m doing and trying to get done, and it is obvious that he’s not going to learn. That’s fine, his karma.

Friend of mine posts to The Obsidian Mirror where I am a member, along with a couple other people who have had run-ins with him in the past. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal since it’s a private group, and most often no one that isn’t supposed to be there comes. But, unfortunately, The Mirror has a tendency to draw one of two people; those who like the site or those who absolutely despise it. I have yet to meet anyone who is on the fence.

So, he puts up a one line post venting some frustrations that he has, and we start a discussion.

Mistakes were made. One of the biggest was that it was in a public area of the BBS. Some say some very disingenuous things in the process of venting. A link to Norm’s Yahoogroup was posted, and several of us went to look at what was going on. Nothing exciting and so I didn’t stick around or bother signing up. Why fan dead coals back into flames?

But, DragonGoddess was “outed”, as I mentioned earlier. Surprisingly she is a pretty good person when not kicking her heels and yelling about how bad we all are. Long story.

The net result? Norm was apparently doing a “vanity search” (a Google Search where you look for your name on other people’s webpages) and found the Mirror forum. He joins. Without thinking I authorize him to be a member. He starts posting his idiocy again. I ban him since I don’t really want to put up with it. And now he’s whining about how mean we all are.

Like I said, drama.

Newsflash: It’s our forum, we get to decide who is there. Coming on to someone else’s forum and posting and spamming about how mean we all are, how you are condemning us all because we are idiots, how we don’t understand you is acting like an emo kid (and I had to look up the definition of emo a while back too, so don’t feel bad) and just makes me disgusted.

Norm, you claim to be a leader in the Pagan communities. When you are criticized you start kicking and screaming about how wrong everyone else is without ever actually reading the citations and references provided. You set up straw-man arguments so you can knock them down and make villans out of others, and you act like someone who has their feelings hurt. You call those who don’t agree with you unintelligent and idiots. You say that someone who doesn’t agree with you are not “True Wiccans” or whatever, and then you post pages about how mean they are. You call people that you consider friends to attack as if they were mastifs or something, and then you get pissed off and leave the group (“I’m taking my balls and going home….” <footstamp>) while casting aspersions at those who just offended you.

These are not the actions of any kind of “leader”. These are the actions of an offended 5 year old. This is how a child behaves. I have done nothing to you except disagree with one page of your site. I even state that if one word is changed, I can support the thing. I even state that it is that one page I disagree with.

Yes, I used to get a thrill off bating you a while back, but that’s when I had hope that you would and could see the error of your ways. But I have given up that hope entirely since it’s obvious that you are going to keep smacking into that brick wall. I have had no contact with you since that last piece of drama.

You say that you want to “agree to disagree”. That is what I have done. I am not in your face, nor am I smearing you everywhere. But do you realize that in your Yahoogroup, you have made several posts mentioning me and Obsidian? Don’t you think that shows some obsession? Do you have any clue what that means to you? You can’t leave it alone. You accuse everyone else of things and actions YOU YOURSELF do constantly. It’s pitiful.

Well, this is my last entry about you Norm. I feel sorry for you. I really do. You are no kind of leader, and if you think you are, then you need to get help for your delusions. A leader doesn’t act like this. A petulant child does.

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