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The Philosophy of “IS”

I spent many years studying, reading thinking and meditating about life. Most of my questions tended to be of the “Why” variety. Why evolution, why creation, why eggs, why the Holocaust, Why is there suffering, why do good people die while bad ones prosper, lots of whys.

Finally blindingly one day the answer to everything, every philosophical question ever asked, including the ones above came to me. It reconciled all conflicts of religion, faith, reason, solves all problems and concerns.

The answer was IS. Why did evolution come up with people? IS. Why is creationism correct? IS. It is to put it simply acceptance that any and every thing is incomprehensible it just IS.

Sometimes IT IS can be used to expand the belief and further explain it to those who may need more than a single word philosophy. There are those who have turned a bit from the purity of the one word and insisted on body language as well as a longer sentence, (shrug) “It just IS.” Something I believe every parent has said to every child after an indeterminate number of “Why’s?” have been asked.

Since finding this belief I have found more peace and acceptance in my life. The belief needs no saints, no martyrs, no proselytes. It has no headquarters, no hierarchy, no conflicts. It is compatible with any and every religion I have ever read about including ones no longer practiced by anyone anywhere.

Any questions? IS.

Lady Theresa


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