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The Inner Child

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The Journey

Have you searched for your Inner Child?
It’s a curious expedition.
It starts with a heavy load of pain,
Sandwiched between some memories
of long-known guilt.

From there you trudge along a path
of childhood memories,
Many reflecting the bits of life
you’d neatly buried away,

But this anxious child still steers you on.
Through all the terrors and trepidation,
Through blinding visions and lost beliefs.

I went in search of my Inner Child
And I found her wallowing in some
cesspool of broken dreams and
forgotten promises.
But strangely enough she was

Among this debris of a life she
had found the spirit to play,
The heart to forgive and the wisdom to see
That I have always loved
My Inner Child.

But till now I have never had the
strength to make the journey.


Calvin and Hobbes By Bill Watterson

© 1992 Watterson/Distributed by Universal Press Syndicate First Published 9-12-92

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