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Home Reviews The Craft and The Craft Companion


The Craft and The Craft Companion

by Dorothy Morrison
Llewellyn Publications, 2001
The Craft ISBN 1-56718-446-4
The Craft Companion ISBN 0-7387-0093-2

Reviews by Daven

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

I’m going to depart from standard practice here for a bit as these two books are going to be reviewed together. I think that is only fair as they are supposed to be a set.

The Craft

I got this and was somewhat excited as I looked at it in the catalog. I thought here is a Book of Shadows from Dorothy which should be an above average example of what it SHOULD look like.

I was disappointed with this book from the start. When I opened it up, it quickly became obvious that this was another Wicca 101 book that was really light on the theory and spirituality behind everything and only focused on the “how to” aspects.

There are exercises in here for each of the tools, and many of the tools some practitioners of the Craft don’t even use. I know of few practitioners who actually use a wand (the athame being substituted for every case without problems) but she devotes an entire chapter to the Wand. How to harvest it, how to consecrate it, how to charge it, meditations on it, why one should use it and so on. I’m sorry, I think that a tool consecration is the same for every tool, regardless of the tool. One should not need individual rituals to consecrate the wand, athame, broom and so on.

There are even tools which are denoted as “necessary” that are nothing of the sort. While a cauldron is nice, usual practice in my experience is that it is simply not used unless the Coven or working group as a whole needs one and nothing else will do. The cost of acquiring a cauldron are usually prohibitive.

I would like to point out that for what is in here, the book is good. However, there is so much that is NOT in here, that I feel that the seeker would be better off finding their teaching material from someplace else. Everything that is in the Craft can be found in other resources, along with more detail on the whys and wherefores behind the practice rather than just the how.

The Craft Companion

As far as journals of magickal work go, this one strikes me as average. The cover is flimsy and would easily tear with repeated use, the spiral binding would pull the pages out rather quickly and make this useless.

Dorothy also wrote this book, and the one thing this has that no other book like it has is the spells on the facing pages. There are quick folk-style charms on every page, facing the actual page to put the entry on.

She suggests that one use the journal pages to record the outcomes and hopes of the spell on the facing page. She states that she realized that one needs someplace to put the exercises and progress that one makes while going through training. But isn’t that what a Book of Shadows is for? The training that the seeker received from their teacher should make this companion book unnecessary.

The “spells” contained in this book are in some cases, trite and hollow. Others are simply granny-herb recipes that were either handed down or made up on the spot and given a new name to make it sound old.

Truthfully, I think that the money one would use to buy this would be better used on buying the supplies to make your own book by hand.

All in all, I don’t think that these two are completely bad. There are quite a number of redeeming qualities that the author can rely on to sell this book. What is there is complete and accurate. One who is looking to do meditations on the Cup and figure out what materials it’s made from would find some good things in here. The ideas for the celebrations of the different Full Moons are of value as are her notes on The Sabbats. My objection is that all of this information is available someplace else.

I think that if given no other choices, the person purchasing these books could get enough information out of them to do some good, and I would HIGHLY encourage them to continue looking for more information. If the person in question also had a teacher who could fill in the blanks, then that would be even better. If this were part of a library of books to be loaned out to students who were studying the Craft, that would probably be best.

For everything that IS in these books, I give it 4 stars. I think that both of these could be more complete, and I’m giving it an overall rating of 3 1/2 stars, since what is lacking is just as important as what is there. At least the information which is present is not useless or dangerous.

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