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State Rant


Well, today I’m going to be doing a rant on one of the states, instead of the Federal Government.

First, you have to read Judge: Parents can’t teach pagan beliefs.

What the holy hell does this judge think he’s doing? There is legal precedent as long as my arm which states that Wicca and many similar Pagan religions are, in fact, religions and recognized under the LAW.

I mean, I could understand somewhat if this were happening in, say, the backward South like Georgia or Alabama (I grew up in Georgia so I can say this). I could understand it if one of the parents had decided that Wicca was evil and that they didn’t want the other parent teaching their child. I could understand it if a school said “don’t wear the pentagrams”.

But a “secret report”? An across the board order by a judge out of the blue? This is discrimination of the worst kind, right up there with the idiot in Alabama who used thousands of dollars of TAXPAYER money to put up a monument to the Ten Commandments and ignored every other faith out there.

In my opinion, the governor of Indiana should remove this judge from the bench and reprimand him for this action. Saying that a parent can’t teach a child the faith of their choice in a divorce decree, how medieval of him. What’s next? Saying that as a condition of emigration that Muslims can’t teach practice their faith?

If this trend continues, I can easily see ‘Merica becoming the “…land of the Christian and the home of the bigot.” This is what the Puritans left England and Holland for in the first place. Doesn’t matter that when they got here they were even more discriminatory, they left because they wanted to practice their religion the way they wanted to.

And some judge in Indiana is saying that this family can’t practice their religion because he got a secret report on their home life saying that they were practicing a religion he doesn’t like.

More and more each day, I’m coming to the conclusion that people are idiots.

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