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First published on “The Juggler”

I read on various forums that there is a separatist group of people who don’t like how secular the country has gotten lately. They want to withdraw from the United States completely and create their own country in (of all places) South Carolina.

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Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but didn’t we fight a whole war about this? Didn’t the country divide itself over this very issue?

Don’t be fooled into thinking it was slavery that caused the Civil War, oh no. It was the secession of South Carolina that touched off the whole powder keg.

See, from what I remember of history, the United States was legislating against slavery and it had been a trend for some time to do so. It made things very hard on the slave owners to get their property back when it escaped, and there was no way the slave owners could prosecute the Abolitionists for theft when they liberated the slaves. But nothing would have happened had South Carolina declared that it was done with the United States and it was its own country.

See, secession is illegal. It’s one of those things that guarantee that the United States is going to come after you, and unless you can overwhelmingly repel the full force of the US, it’s not going to happen. The Branch Dividians at Waco Texas tried it, and it didn’t work.

Now these people want to try it. I’m all for it frankly. The United States has ALWAYS been secular; therefore it has not (officially and overtly) promoted one religion above another. It was designed that way. It’s a good setup and one that needs to stay in place. Separation of Church and State is a necessary thing. But recently those barriers have been under attack, a concerted attack from the Right-Wing nuts that want to see this country become a theocracy. And it’s starting to happen.

When morality is legislated, when those that disagree with the government are accused of being unpatriotic and putting the state in danger, when rights that are the basis of our laws are trampled on without cause, something is seriously wrong. It needs to change.

So if these people wish to leave the United States, heck, don’t stop them, let them go. Maybe all the rest will join them. Let them have South Carolina, Georgia (and as a Georgia-Beau, that’s really hard for me to say), North Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee if they want. Maybe my country can start recovering without them countermanding everything I am trying to accomplish. Maybe we can get the illegal “laws” off the books and restore the way it’s supposed to work back to how it should be. Perhaps we can become the most tolerant nation in the world again.

As it is, Sweden and Denmark, Spain and Canada have us beaten in those areas. And we are becoming more and more like the Islamic nations every day.

The last time politics and religion rode in the same cart thousands of people were killed in the Crusades or burned during the Spanish Inquisition. Pretty frightening thought.

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