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PeTA Rant

Originally posted on 11 November, 2009

I hate PeTA. I hate what they stand for, I hate what they do, I hate how they go about doing what they do.

Let’s start with the surface shit: They are Eco-Terrorists. They go to very public events, toss paint and blood on people who have never done any of them any wrong, traumatizing them and destroying their clothing. They do this at fashion shows, where the people who design and make these clothes are showing off their wares, in hopes of making money, and thus PeTA is destroying the livelihood of others. (1) (2)

Then there comes the donations of monies to actual terrorists. People like ELF (Earth Liberation Front) and ALF (Animal Liberation Front) who think that destroying property and costing private citizens millions of dollars is a good thing. Who think that the waste in lumber, stone, masonry, copper, plastic, steel, gypsum, synthetic fibers and rubber that were used in the building they just destroyed is a way to reclaim the Earth and HELP the environment recover? Let me clue some people in, the materials have already been cut and shaped. Destroying them only means that they will have to be cut again thus wasting more of the Earth’s resources. And this is all because they lost a court battle. (3)

Cool, so by their reasoning, if someone gets fired for gross incompetence on the job, that person can go in and blow up the building? That’s what it sounds like to me.

Please note these names, Animal LIBERATION FRONT, Earth LIBERATION FRONT…. This sounds suspiciously like the PLO (Palestine LIBERATION ORGANIZATION) which almost everyone will agree is a terrorist organization.

And PeTA supports this with their money. With the money they raise through donations. They have been proven to have given money to these creeps, in the tune of $1500 in one case, and there could be more. (4) There is currently a petition to get PeTA’s tax exempt status revoked for this. (5) That’s right, they don’t have to pay a dime in taxes to support a terror campaign and wage a terror campaign themselves with your money. It’s not just me that thinks this way either, the FBI does too. (6)

Then there is sheer irresponsibility. While looking over the site http://www.rickross.com for information I could use to reference what I have been stating about PeTA for years, I came across this gem: http://www.rickross.com/reference/animal/animal32.html “PeTA revives anti-milk campaign”. I started reading the article, and was shocked and appalled. Basically what PeTA is advocating is that college students should go out and drink beer instead of milk. That’s right, they are ADVOCATING under-age drinking, drunk driving, boozing the college days away. They want kids right out of high school to waste the years they could be spending learning how to live the rest of their lives in a beer-fogged haze.

Why? “[The cow’s] babies are taken away from them within a couple days of birth — often within a couple hours of birth — and you can hear these animals, the babies and the mothers, wailing in agony.” So because the cattle are lowing, meaning calling and talking to one another and needing to be milked, AS THEY DO ALL THE TIME, PeTA wants your children to go out and have drunk driving accidents. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) are up in arms about this and have been for a while. They were up in arms about it when PeTA originally brought this campaign forward the first time.

Then there is their idiocy and their short-sightedness. It’s not just the corrupt labs they want to get to stop animal testing, it’s ALL labs. It’s not only the factory farms who abuse their animals to get milk from them, it’s ALL cattle everywhere. It’s not just the plants where the calf are kept in a tiny pen to make sure the veal that it will become is tender and succulent, it’s ALL cattle breeders. What happens when all these cattle are released? Where do they go? What do we do when we have cows walking the streets? Going feral and attacking people? Do we shoot them?

I asked PeTA this very question, and have received NO response despite being promised that they would get back to me in two weeks, it’s been two years and still nothing.

They cop out by saying they won’t answer anything that is already covered in their FAQ, but when I looked at their FAQ, the entry says:

“What will we do with all the chickens, cows, and pigs if everyone becomes a vegetarian?It is unrealistic to expect that everyone will stop eating animals overnight. As the demand for meat decreases, fewer animals will be raised for food. Farmers will stop breeding so many animals and will turn to other types of agriculture. When there are fewer of these animals, they will be able to live more natural lives.”

Then they go on to say “look at how animals raised for food are treated!”

In other words, they don’t care. They have no plans for taking care of a cattle overpopulation. I keep seeing visions of the markets in India, where starving cattle are wandering the streets, unable to eat because the humans won’t let them eat from their stalls except for one day a year. Where feral cattle can attack humans because they don’t fear humans at all. I guess PeTA would also protest wholesale slaughter of those attacking cattle, a shotgun blast between the eyes. I can imagine their horror.

Then they go and do something like this: http://www.milksucks.com/prostate.html and http://psa-rising.com/upfront/giuliani-PeTA.htm in which they ask if you “Got Prostate Cancer?” (Then) Mayor Rudy Giuliani was diagnosed with prostate cancer, not something that is worthy of ridicule. They plaster his face on a billboard, put a milk moustache on him and then open his (most times) fatal disease up as a reason to give up milk. (7) (8)

And PeTA is pleased with this controversy. They want this kind of publicity because it raises awareness of “problems” they see in society. They are barely sorry when this kind of campaign harms people and does nothing for the animals they supposedly care for.

In other words, they are attention sluts. They want the attention directed at them, and if everyone isn’t paying attention to them, they stamp their feet and complain until people do pay attention. Freaking drama queens.

The problem is that while the cause may be important, their means of doing things is very insulting. Instead of being moderate and reasonable about this whole thing, they are going to the extreme left and demanding everyone join them. They are advocating not a gradual reduction in production and consumption of milk and meat, they want it all to stop immediately. Instead of offering alternates for leather and other animal skins they simply demand that it stops being used immediately. Instead of praising and honoring those who use animal products responsibly (and reasonably), they paint everyone with the “exploiter” paintbrush and use that as a way to attack.

I mean, when a fashion designer goes out of his way to buy fur from animals who are being slaughtered anyhow where the fur would be waste, and to use that in his designs, one would think that a reasonable person could see that as a way to make sure that some animal lives instead of being slaughtered for its fur only. But no, PeTA goes out of their way to make sure everyone sees them as an exploiter just like those who wantonly waste animals and the worst of the worst.

Like their sensational video (WARNING! EXPLICIT VIDEO) that was taken “undercover” in the KFC chicken farm. They not only got a video that was out of context, but then got all these idi… uh, stars to jump behind them and call for a boycott of KFC. Like that’s going to affect their sales any or how that rancher treats their chickens. It won’t stop anything, and it only makes the starlets look like hypocrites when they are caught eating chicken.

And their terror tactics aren’t limited to adults either. Here’s a nice card that was created JUST for the children in our midst who love to have Easter or Ostara, cute little chickens and bunnies and eggs. http://www.PeTA2.com/ecard/easter/easter_p2.asp What do you think this is going to do to the average 8 year old? How about the average 12 year old? Screaming fits, nightmares, claustrophobia and more.

What’s next? Christmas with the execution of your dinner?

I call PeTA hypocrites for a simple reason, they are.  I have some anecdotal stories about how PeTA goes to protest someplace like KFC and because it’s winter outside, they wear LEATHER COATS.  Read that again, they wear leather coats while protesting someone for using inhumane methods to slaughter the chickens.  Hypocrisy, pure and simple.

And they can’t claim that they are doing this for the animal either. A reasonable person would think that if PeTA takes an animal to care for it, that the animal is better off, right? Not at all. According to one source(9), and this was national news for some time, in 2007 PeTA, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (in case you don’t remember) euthanized more than 90% of the animals left in their care. In 2007 alone, PeTA took in 1997 animals and adopted out 12, and killed the rest. They have been actively doing this since 1998 and as of the table I found they have killed 19,215 animals.

Read that closely, Nineteen Thousand Two Hundred Fifteen animals. These are dogs, cats, horses, birds and so on that can be trained to do other jobs and to help people. Ratters, seeing eye dogs, drug sniffing ponies and so on. Spaying them and neutering them is an easy process, it prevents more unwanted animals from being born. But instead of treating these animals with dignity, they make a slaughterhouse of their shelter.

Now, far be it from me to say that we don’t need to destroy unwanted animals. I get upset when I see some “no kill” shelter euthanizing an animal. When I read that a group whose stated purpose is to take care of animals and shield them from the cruelty of mankind, and then I read that they kill the same animals put in their care, well, I see a color that has nothing to do with “red”.

Personally, I see PeTA as a thorn on the side of groups like Greenpeace and The Global Defense Council, groups who are actually working to help the environment and help the animals they claim to love. They are hypocrites in the worst way. They protest Westminster because it’s exploitation of dogs and because of the strict breeding standards for the purebloods. Then instead of neutering/spaying the animals in their care and finding loving homes for them, they kill them.

A supporter of domestic terrorists; hypocrites; users of tactics of terror and horror against impressionable children; users to divide families due to moral issues; all around idiots who don’t care of the damage they do.

I objected to those environmental groups who spiked trees and who raided whaling ships, but I’d take those groups every day and twice on Sunday over a group like PeTA. I’d advise anyone who is thinking of supporting PeTA to think again, very seriously.

Now, before someone misconstrues this article and thinks that I advocate and support slaughterhouses and the cruel practices that some factory farms do, I don’t.  I hate seeing calves who stand in a pen barely big enough for them, so that the veal that they will ultimately die to produce is as tender as possible.  I hate some of the practices that I know happen out there.  Animals are here to be used, but they are also to be husbanded and shepherded and taken care of or they will go away permanently.  Mankind is not here to dominate the world, we are here to live in harmony with the natural world.

What I object to is the militant stance that PeTA has decided to use to get their point across.  Their point of not harming animals is a good one, and there needs to be advocates for those who can’t speak for themselves.  But PeTA’s stance is so far out there into wack-dom that I can’t believe that they are still considered seriously by the Western World.  As far as I am concerned the moment they picked up firebombs and encouraged others to go out and kill, they lost all credibility.  They became as bad as what they fight against.

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3 Responses to “PeTA Rant”

  1. noin oio says:

    You’re an idiot. You should probably stop talking

    • Daven says:

      Well, that is your opinion. And you know what they say about those; “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and most smell like shit.” You obviously support PeTA and their attacks on humanity and animals. That’s cool. I just won’t be helping you at all.

  2. Avery says:

    I agree with you. As with many things, ‘good idea, bad excecution’.

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