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Perfect Love

by DJ Conway
Llewellyn, 1998 $12.95 US
ISBN 1-56718-181-3

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

I got this book through a mistake on the publisher’s part. I had asked for the “Practical Guide to Astral Projection” (which I eventually got), but instead, I was sent this book. Even though I was told that I should just skip it and not worry, I still decided to write this review.

At first, my thoughts on this book were “A book on finding your soul mate on the Astral Plane? How ‘out there’ can one get?” In short, I was really skeptical and was expecting to hate this book and to write a bad review. It was a pleasant surprise therefore to find that this book was not nearly as horrible as I feared it was.

Contained in these pages are some explorations of aspects of astral projection, although these aspects are not the focus of this work. The focus is the concept of soul mates, finding them and making sure they are right for you. How do you know that this soul you met is the love of your life? Questions like this are answered in this book.

Online at least, DJ has some severe critics, like Silver Ravenwolf. There are those who can’t stand her writing, and that is certainly their right. Honestly, however, I can’t see why from this book. Admittedly this is the only book I have read by DJ so they may be speaking from a position of greater knowledge than I, but based on this book, I can’t see where their criticisms are deserved.

Most of this book is dedicated to finding your one love out of all those souls out there that could potentially sidetrack the seeker in an endeavor like this. Some will argue that things like soul mates don’t exist, but there is a lot of evidence against them, and some of it is discussed here. What is especially impressive is that many of the things laid out in this book that one could do to attract an astral lover, could just as easily be done to attract a physical lover.

I find it curious that in a book dedicated to love that the author would spend time on warnings and problems of the Astral Plane. While I find it laudable to do so since not everything in the Astral is friendly, it seems to me that this topic would have been covered in other books that she could reference. Also some of this information is redundant since it can be found in many other places. I will grant not the specific application of this information, but it is out there in many other places. For instance, she gives an entire chapter to the Chakras and their use, which is most definitely covered in many other books, none of which are referenced in this book.

I was somewhat irritated by the slightly superior tone throughout the book. The impression left is that she is stating that she is always right and the readers better realize that for their own good from the beginning. If you can ignore that, then the book is good.

I’m giving this book 3 stars out of 5. It is far from trash, and it does continue many concepts that the reader would do well to continue to study, but over all I feel that it could be skipped if finances are short. Perhaps a trip to the Library is in order?

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