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Pagan Portals – Lugh: Meeting the Many-Skilled God

By Morgan Daimler
Moon Books, 2021, $10.95
ISBN: 9781789044287

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Full disclosure time, Morgan is a friend of mine, and I got a copy of her book ahead of publication so I could do this review. Plus I tend to collect books on Irish Gods and Goddesses. And this book does not disappoint.

Lugh is one of my patron deities. He and I have had many interactions in the past, and when I work in my druidic methods, He is one of the deities I call upon. I have written articles on Him and also studied a lot of mythology on Him. I’ve also read a lot of books about Lugh.

This book I would say is about as close as a definitive work gets, without getting into the minutiae that many authors can get lost in. Morgan really does a fantastic job of sharing the mythology of Lugh, the context of the mythology, the various accounts of Him without getting into the stories other than to tell you what is relevant, and then about how to look at the God and how to incorporate Him into your worship. And I have to say that this book really really organizes the ton of information out there on Lugh into a book that even a novice can understand and start using to connect with Lugh and work with Him.

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Wicca: A concise history

by Isaac Bonewits
eBook available for download for $7.95 from Amazon.com
PocketPCpress; ISBN: B00005LKRY

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Isaac Bonewits is one of my favorite authors. Till now, most of the material I have seen by him has been on his website (www.neopagan.net) and it has all been good. He has written things like “The Real Origins of Halloween” and “Advanced Bonewits Cult Danger Evaluation Frame” that so many of us know.

What many aren’t familiar with is that Isaac is also a published author. In this ebook, he goes back to that which he does best.

His writing style is an interesting one. He presents all the material that he is writing about in a logical order, pared down to it’s basics that the layman needs to be able to follow the train of thought within the concepts he presents. He writes with good humor, and a straight forward, no holds barred style that leaves the reader wishing there was more to read.

Comparatively speaking, this ebook is a small one. The actual information presented is covered in about 100 pages, and each page is about the size of a Reader’s Digest or TV Guide page. Because of that, this book is a fast read. I read it over the course of a busy day at my office.

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Christianity for the Perplexed Pagan

(Note from Daven:  This is not my own authorship, but it’s an excellent article about Christianity for those who have not encountered it before.  It’s written to be tongue in cheek, meaning a joke, but it’s accurate enough that I include it here.  I have the author’s permission to post it)

By Wood Avens

Most Pagans encounter Christians from time to time, but do not always know much about the religion of Christianity and what Christians are likely to believe. It is, of course, a very large subject, to which many months of study could be devoted. A brief overview of the main characteristics may, however, be helpful.

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In addition to articles and thoughts on different subjects, I have written at different times stories about various subjects.  These will appear here with other appropriate comments.

Please note, all these stories are copyright Daven in 2001 or earlier and permission is NOT granted to reprint any of these without asking me first.  You may read them, you may copy them for your offline use, but you may not republish or reprint these for any reason.  If you wish to post these to your site, ask me and I’ll see what can be worked out.

A Child’s Book of Wicca

This is a series of documents that are a work in progress.  It’s a book I’m writing that introduces a child of 6-10 to Wicca, hopefully with a parent or parents who are active in Wicca at the same time who are reading these stories to them.  They are simple, but I think the points are illustrated well.  I have previously had these on PaganFiles at Drak, but that site got pulled down, and I now reprint them all here.

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The Charge of the Hunter

Listen to the words of the Great Hunter, he who was called among people Herne, Cernunos, Gwynn ap Nudd, The Horned One, The Master of the Wild Hunt, Mabon and by many other names.

Whenever you have need of any meat, once in the week, and better it be when the season turns to Winter, then ye shall assemble in the green wilds and continue the cycle of Hunter and Hunted. I am the King of the Herd, the one who sustains the People in the times of rest for the Earth, and I shall show you the Ancient Cycles again. And you shall be free from civilization, and as a sign of this freedom, ye shall carry a weapon to take your meat with, be it a Spear, an Arrow or a Knife. You shall creep and stalk across the Land, becoming closer and closer to the Hunted, and understanding the ways of the Hunted. Mine is the Joy of the Kill, the thrill of the Stalk and the Praise of the Slain. My law is that thou shall take the weak and the injured, the elderly and the sick, thus to improve the Herd and make them strong. You shall use all of what you Kill and you shall praise and thank the Spirit of that which you have killed, for Death is only part of the cycle of Life, and this child of mine will live again. I demand that you take only what you need and that you replace that which you took whenever possible. My teachings are those of survival and the continuation of the next Generation. I am the Tip of the Spear, the Arrowhead and the Knife’s Edge, and you shall remember that the survival of the Herd is paramount, for if the Herd does not survive, there will be no next generation.

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Previous Front Page Rants 2

Go back to the previous page of rants…

> I was just wondering has anyone gone to their local churches or
> communities and educated people about the Wiccan religion and the danger
> of doing spells with no knowledge of how and why to do it? Like a goddess
> or god invocation, and what it means to do an invocation. Or the
> unforeseen consequences that doing spells can cause? The law of
> returns, ending a spell and closing a circle correctly. There are alot of
> young people drawn to doing witchcraft that don’t properly research or
> have the knowledge of what they are setting into motion. I am thinking
> about doing it because there are people who are interested, but want
> privacy, and not getting proper guidance from the massive contradictory
> internet about where they should start. So they jump right in and end up
> doing something unknowingly, like inviting then trapping a spirit in the
> house, without proper knowledge of what they did and how to fix it. And
> how to keep it from happening again.

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Tolerance and Intolerance

I was reading over at The Wildhunt and came across his blog post about intolerance. It’s really too long for me to quote much of it here, but take a look.

Now that you know where I’m coming from, let me comment on that. I can’t really do it in the post since this is going to be long.

It’s hard to be moderate in the current climate. Especially since the freedoms and rights that we should have all this time are slowly being eroded away, and this kind of hatred is coming more and more to the fore. I see it every day in the news and online.

What makes me glad, however, is that many people in the Christian religion are policing their own and taking a stand, like this current one that happened with the judge’s order. I heard somewhere that for every 1 Christian that wants to have an ONLY Christian Theocracy, that 13 of them are fighting against that.

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Self Initiation for the Solitary Witch

by Shanddaramon
New page books, 2004 $14.99
ISBN 1-56414-726-6

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

I received this book as part of several books that New Page sent me to be reviewed. At first I thought it was a good thing for us to have another book for the solitary witch. There are aspects of solitary practice that needs to be updated to what current practices are. While the idea that is a good one and there is a definite need for a book of this type, the execution in this particular case leaves much to be desired.

This book is far from useless. There is quite a lot of information contained within this book that is valuable to the average new practitioner. The problem of this that the information that is in here is duplicated in nearly every Wicca 101 book on the market.

The author obviously did a great deal of research and put quite a bit of thought into this work. I will always commend those who do the research instead of simply regurgitating other’s writings. The information contained in this book and is complete and well researched. Known information is presented with a new spin on it that would make an experienced practitioner stop and think.

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Types of Witches

I want to talk about the “Types of Witches” for a moment.

I see a lot of posts here and in other groups asking “what kind of a witch am I?” and usually nothing more. Almost as common is “how can I find out what kind of a witch I am?”

Let me state this clearly: There is absolutely NO reason to determine this within the first 5 years of your practice. Before then, you are searching, learning, perfecting skills, and if you try to force yourself into a type before then, you limit yourself.

I’m a HedgeWalker, DragonWitch, KitsuneWitch. I work with Dragons and Kitsune in my magickal work, and it has taken me years to build a relationship with them. But as part of that, I also know how to grow herbs, do KitchenWitch or HearthWitch work, I can make potions, candles, jewelry, leatherwork. I can do guided meditations, I can do Tarot and Rune readings. I’ve taught all these subjects to others in the past. I know of theories with the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Celts, Shinto, and many many more skills. This is over nearly 30 years of active practice, and a very WIDE range of reading when I was 4-23 or so thanks to my grandmother.

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Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone

By Lupa
Immanion Press, 2006, $21.99 US
ISBN 1-905713-01-0

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

When Lupa asked me to do this review, I was of two minds. I thought “well a GOOD book on animal magick would be a wonderful thing for the community.” The other part of me thought “I doubt this is going to be that book.”

I LOVE it when I’m wrong.

This is not a book that is an encyclopedia about the Spirit Animals or what they do or don’t do. There are tons of other resources for that.

This book gives you practical information on working with not only the Spirit Animals, but also with familiars and those who see themselves as being animals in some regard. It talks about things like lycanthropy and how to call a familiar to you. It also discusses things like combining your energy with that of the animals you are dealing and working with.

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