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New Toy


Well, some of you may have noticed that I have been playing around with a new “toy” here on the Journal. It’s a new plug in for WordPress that will allow crossposting of my entries to Tumblr.

Yes, I have multiple Social Networking sites. One is my Tumblr, and it’s where I post things about my transition and stuff I like in a girly sense. But part of it is also some spirituality, and so I wanted a tool that would post what goes up HERE on the Journal to that Tumblr.

I also use Twitter to inform you who follow me when a new post goes up here, normally just a “NEW POST” kind of thing. But I also have a Dreamwidth account for some of my friends who don’t want to come back to this journal over and over. They can see what is posted that is new there. No, you aren’t getting that URL, mainly because it’s a private journal, more like my diary than a public blogging platform.

I’m sorry for the post spam tonight in your Twitter feed, your Dreamwith or LiveJournal account, and on your Tumblr Dashboards, but after tonight it won’t be much of a problem. This is the initial shakedown and new thing play around.

So I will now let you get back to your regular posting schedule. Come check out the Journal if you are so inclined.

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2 Responses to “New Toy”

  1. elf says:

    The links on Dreamwidth that say “read the rest of the article” and “read the full post [est. time]” don’t work right–they link to the page that shows them. (On my readlist, they link to my readlist. If I open the post on DW, they link to that page.)

    There’s no actual link in them–the code says [span class=”post-teaser-more”] <a href="" title="Permanent Link: " rel="bookmark"] (with gl/lt instead of brackets).

    • Erin Erin says:

      Then I think I’ll disable the plug in responsible for that. It should lead to here, but it’s one of those items that is nice, but it seems to be causing more problems than solving.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

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