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Well, it’s been a bit. Things are interesting on this side of life.

First off, I’m sick. Coming down with something, not sure what.

Second, the Bible readings. I find that while I’m reading this I’m getting a very different sense of what is in the Bible rather than what I was told was in the Bible. See, I took Seminary with the Mormon Church the last time I read the Old Testament. It tended to be very much “This is what happened and this is how we interpert it…” and them telling you what to believe rather than letting you discover it for yourself.

This time, reading this text with a bunch of other people who are not trying to tell you what to believe and think, I’m getting a very different sense of the G-d of the Jews.

He’s coming off as a VERY tribal deity. Favorites to one group of people, all others can die and be lost. And it’s interesting to watch this because that deity is coming across as more and more like the deities that we worship as Wiccans and Pagans.

Right now we are at the point of Abraham sacrificing Isaac on the mountain. Through the discussion amongst ourselves, it becomes plain that that whole scene proving how bloodthirsty that deity is isn’t like that at all. Isaac is a sacrifice, to be sure, but it is very much more along the lines of an initiation rather than a death. Reading the text, I believe that he was initiated into the cult of YHVH at that point.

One other person suggests that he was not only initiated, but that instead of being 7 or 8 years old that Isaac was actually about 37 or so. And reading the text I have to agree. He was circumcised at 15, and time passed, so he would have to be older than 20 when this happened. Which makes this whole scene a SELF sacrifice, or an initiation. Puts a new spin on everything.

So that’s that.

Next: Pray for me. Or light candles or whatever you do to help out. My roof is leaking and the owner/landlord has made it plain that they intend to do NO more repairs to the house. So we have some severe problems.

Going to do my best to get one of these two articles I’m working on finished and up sometime soon, but with the rest of what is going on….

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One Response to “Maunderings”

  1. Zan says:

    Are you familiar with the Goddess Garlic? She’s your best ally when coming down with something…

    I just crush a clove and mix it with about a quarter cup of water-down it like a shot, one gulp.

    Several times a day with some vit c for good measure and a few prayers.

    Works pretty good.

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