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Latest set of updates


Okay, for those of you who come here a lot, here’s the latest updates from me.

1) I had my “Pagan Basics” lessons taken and used by the ULC church. It’s not their fault, they accepted it in good faith, but Lord Starwalker, whoever that is, is the one who took it. We’ve worked things out and it’s okay now, just saying.
2) Still no permanent job, although I have had SEVERAL interviews.
3) We are totally out of cash and have no prospects of more to come in.
4) We got notice recently about being foreclosed on. Want to buy our house? The auction is October 14.
5) Our health is good, although deteriorating, as it would with anyone who is alive. Nothing really recent to report.
6) I have a part time position teaching at a local community college. It brings in some money, not nearly enough though.
7) The cats are doing well. As is my daughter.

So those of you who feel that this is all what I deserve, and who like to gloat at my misfortune, go ahead. Send your vitriol to feedback@davensjournal.com

I look forward to being entertained by your hatred.

(For those of you not in the know, last time I put up an update like this, I got a gloating email later that day saying that this was what I deserved because I am a bad person. It hurt at the time, but not a lot since the person in question didn’t give me any kind of information to connect their facelessness to someone I supposedly hurt in the past. So whatever.)

So that’s where we are now. This is one reason that I’ve done very little with this site recently. I’m not closing it at all, and as long as I have the $15/month to pay the bill, I plan to keep this site going.

Hopefully things will turn around sometime.

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One Response to “Latest set of updates”

  1. Destructavator says:

    Yes, indeed hopefully things will turn around at some point. I’d really hate to see this website become one of those cheap ones with tons of advertisements in banners that no one wants to click on – That would suck… Good luck Daven!

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