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Generally depressed

Well, I’m sitting here at work, waiting for a PC to load up, and I was reading up on Bob Barr’s campaign against Wicca from back in ’99. Sad to see it then, and to know that it’s still having reprocussions today.

I was working at the same place I am now, and I remember the shit-storm that occurred because of that. We were afraid that this was the first steps to bring back the global persecution of all those “dangerous” pagan religions that preach things like ‘self responsibility’, ‘peace’, ‘happiness and joy’, ‘tolerance’ and other such subversive lines. I knew the situation would get worse when Bush said that Witchcraft isn’t a religion. (I’ve looked for about 10 minutes now, and I can’t find the original citation, but there are enough pieces of the quote online that it’s pretty solid that he said it.) Then people elected this man. And then proved how sheep-like and stupid we are by electing him again.

I get so tired of this. The man is on a rampage to take away the basic rights of humanity and people are letting him. Nay, they are demanding that he do so. He (and others) keep holding up the fearful specter of Terrorists and so on, and the sheeple keep swollowing it. At this point, I honestly think that if Bush, his cronies, Chaney and all the others stood up and said that the first born of each family was a terrorist and must be shot, there would be bloodbaths in the streets.

What makes me so sad is that this situation is obvious to those that take the time to think about it, but more and more people are voulentarily giving themselves lobotomies and trusting the wrong people.

I’m in Tennessee, the state that spawned Gore to be VP. While I always thought he was pretty silly and ineffective, I had respect for him. He was educated and could think of many things at once, multi task and he had his own thoughts on subject matter. In some cases I didn’t agree with his stance, but when I researched why he felt the way he did, I gained some respect, because he could articulate why he felt a certain way.

Saddly that skill is quickly vanishing from our society. More and more people are just following along behind the “leader” who sounds the most persuasive. It’s about who talks the most and makes the most noise, not about who actually has a defensible position in their opinion of < whatever >.

I’m not just seeing it in politics (although it seems to be the worst there), but it is happening all over. I was reading a thread that a friend is involved in ( found here ) where this person is claiming that Wicca goes back to Sumerian times, in an unbroken line. Despite the multiple articles and the mounds of evidence that Wicca goes back to Gardner, and no further, he keeps claiming that Wicca is millenia old. Worse than that, he claims that Gardnerism and Alexandiran Wicca (get this) are not real Wicca. But he gives absolutely NO evidence to support his side other than “his family’s version of Wicca is over 200 years old”.

He checked his brain at the door and forgot to pick it up on his way out.

I can respect someone I disagree with, if they have a reason they can articulate to support their psition on some subject. But some of these people don’t even have that. They can’t talk, they can’t think, they can’t communicate. Gee, sounds like “The Leader of the Free World”, which is fast becomming the “NoRightsForYou” world.

Check me on this, didn’t we fight a WAR to break out from under a king who was doing the same thing to us? Or did I sleep through that part of American History?

And yet, BushCo was reelected. Proving to the rest of the world that we are worthy of their contempt and that France was right in its assessment of America. We have gone from having the MOST worldwide support to having the least in one president’s reign. And we told him he could.

Is it just me? Am I the freak here, thinking that it’s a good thing to be able to speak one’s mind without fear of being attacked? That it’s a good thing to have a job that pays the bills and which will support a family of at least three without both adults having to work? Or that it’s wrong to go into another country which is no threat simply because they pissed your daddy off almost a decade ago? Or that lies are not a good thing? Or that a state religion where no one is allowed to practice anything except what the state says is right is not a good thing? Or that disagreeing with someone is the same thing as treason?

Am I alone here?

I started this Journal to teach, but the most critical and important skill I can’t teach. I can’t teach someone how to think. Thinking and reasoning and using the grey matter above the neck is a skill that is quickly vanishing in America.

Ironic that we used to be the burning light of the world, the country that everyone wanted to be. Now we are reduced to this.

Maybe we got the President that best represents the American people after all.

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