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Flame and Shadow

(Note from Daven:  This is a guided meditation that I got as part of a course I was taking a long time ago in Wicca and Paganism.  It’s a lovely piece, and although I don’t know who is the original author, I hope that you all will be honorable enough not to steal it.

I have recorded an audio version of this meditation, and you can download it here .)

See yourself standing on a rocky plateau.  The stone beneath you feet is warm from the sun;  you hear the Whisper of the wind as it sings through the rocks, and the murmur of the spring as it curves around the boulders and makes it’s way down the mountainside.  There isn’t too much time before sundown, and you want to walk for a while before you return home.

You wander through the boulders and find yourself at the edge of a cliff.  Gazing out, you can see the valley below.  From this height, you can see the shadow of patterns of the afternoon and the rich colors of an earth ready for harvest.  You note the deep flame colors of ripened berries and the meandering patterns of the brooks and streams, but you turn away from the rich golden fields of grain, the greens of forest and field.

As you turn, your eye is caught by a shadow nearby.  Looking more closely, you discover an old trail to one side.  Apparently it once crossed the edge of the cliff, but time has worn part of it away, and its presence was hidden as long as you looked only outward at the beauty of the valley.

You decide to follow it.  Stepping carefully, you find that it winds down and around until you reach a level place surrounded by boulders strewn like a giant’s toys.

Moving ahead, you follow the trail.  Away from the sun-warmed stone heights you left behind, the light of the sun fades quickly.  You desire the sunlight as an aid in reaching home.

But it is suddenly dusk.  You are on an unfamiliar trail and have no idea which way to go.  In the early evening shadows you see a glimmer of light ahead and move toward it.  You are curious and unafraid, yet also grateful for the glow it shares with the pathway.

As you round a curve in the trail you find the opening to a cave before you.  The glow which has lighted your trail comes from within.  It’s challenge to the darkness reassures you.  You enter to search for its source.

The passageway winds, you pass under an archway into a cavernous room of light.  Candles of all colors and sizes burn about you on tiers and ledges which line the vaulted room.  In wonder, you move closer.  On each candle is inscribed a single word or short phrase.  The tall candle is labeled “Love”.  A stubby one next to it, burning fiercely is marked as “Resentment”.  Bewildered, you look further and find “Joy”, “Thoughtfulness”, “Lies”, “Truth”, “Meanness of Spirit”, “Hope”, “Wastefulness”, “Procrastination”, and “Wisdom”…

As you study each candle, you see it’s attribute clearly within yourself.  Some of the visions please you.  Others disturb you and you try to move onto another spot.  However, you are held there until you see yourself and its part in your being clearly.  You see all that is noble or mean, great or petty, loving or hateful within you.

Then you understand that each tiny bit of light is a part of what becomes the light of your Inner Spirit, the flame of your soul.  You have lighted each of these candles at some point in this life or another.  From that time, that quality has burned within you.

Suddenly, a candle sputters and goes out.  Looking closely, you see the quality, “Ignorance”.  Amazed, you discover that rather than becoming darker, the light increases as other candles blaze brighter than before.  Curious, you wander back to the candle labeled, “Meanness of Spirit” and extinguish it.  “Hope” and “Truth” on either side of it take on an added glow.

You move purposefully, now willing to see yourself as you really are — both the good and not-so-good within you.  As you accept each inner reflection, you extinguish the candles which symbolize those attributes you do not desire.  As those darker traits within you begin to fade, the room grows even brighter than before.

The color of one candle reminds you of an old acquaintance with whom you have had harsh words.  For a moment, you mind dwells on the memory.  You turn, and find that “Resentment” and “Intolerance” have relit.  now, you realize fully that the perfection of positive traits is a constant process, not one which you can do symbolically once, and have it remain.  You must constantly work to promote “Understanding” and “Tolerance” to prevent the darker candle flame from burning.

As you turn to leave the cavern, you walk unafraid.  Now you know that you carry the sacred flames within you.  Your spirit is that light, in what ever degree of brightness you choose.  Because you are that light, you learn to recognize it in all others, knowing that there are none who have not some spark of that Light Eternal.

Adjusting your eyes to the changing light, you look closely and see a circle of light before you in the darkness.  It is the golden light of the sun and the shimmering silver of the midnight moon.

Look beyond the physical flames.  See clearly the faces reflected in the glow.  Each one is a brother or sister light to be cherished as another part of the flame of life and light.

Remember that we are children of the Lord and Lady.  They have given us the sun and moon and earthly flames.  Within us burns their timeless flame which is our Trust — for we are Keepers of the Flame.

A hand touches yours.  Look around you… you now stand in a circle of flames which reflect on faces you know and love.  The Flame within you touches another and merges.  The light continues to grow.

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