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HomeThe Tree Esbat Ceremony

Esbat Ceremony


[Erecting the Temple is preformed. Priest and Priestess kiss.]

Priest: Let us join in worship of Woden and Freua. Let us give thanks for all that we have; for the love we enjoy; for the kinship we share.

Priestess: Let us never forget what we owe to the Gods. For however our lives are shaped by Our Lady and Her Lord. Theirs is the watch to keep; they are the ones who lead us on our paths.

Priest: It is right that we thank Them for what we have. Yet also may we ask Them for what we feel we need.

[Next is three or four minutes of silence, while each in his own way gives thanks or requests the help of the Gods.]

Priestess: When Man was but a child
Did the Gods watch over him.
Our loving Freya, the Goddess, was Man’s Mother;
Whilst stern, strong, God Woden was his father.
Man learned as he was taught,
With patience and with Love.
Naught did he receive for naught.
But well was he rewarded for his pains.
‘As ye give, so shall it return;’
And this he learned well.
Give of yourself, your love, your life’
And so will you gain immeasurably.
Take that which is not yours to take,
And you may find it not what it seemed.
The Gods are just and all They do is with reason.
Work well with Them and you will be rewarded
More than you might dream.
Our Lady is Love, Our Lord is Strength.
As we need Them, They need us.
Let us live and Love together
All in Their sight.
Love is the Law and Love is the Bond.

All: So be it!

© Raymond Buckland, 1970, The Tree.  Used by Permission.

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