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Druids of Today

This is a page dedicated solely to the Druids of today.  Much of my information has come (directly or indirectly) from these pages or ones like them.  I would like to take a page of space to recognize each of them, without whose help none of this page would be possible.

Ord Draiochta Na Uisnech The Druid Order of Uisnech.  The Order I currently belong to.  There is a reasonably-priced training program.  It’s based around Irish Druidism, the most complete body of information we have on what Druidism was in the past, due mainly to the influence of the Christian Monks.  I write a lot of articles for them.

The Summerlands What The Witches’ Voice does for Wicca, The Summerlands does for the Druids.  No nonsense, straight forward information on the Celts, Druids, and how they worshiped.  They even admit that they don’t know how the Ancient Druids worshiped, and are merely re-creating their beliefs and practices from written records.  Definitely worth the look around. This link will take you to The Summerlands Library. This is a wonderful resource for anyone.

Isaac Bonewits The founder of the ADF one of the premier Druidic group.  He is now a published author, one with a lot of research and information to share.  He has come up with an EXCELLENT guide for organizations who are only out for your money, and to brainwash you.  The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame is a wonderful resource and recommended by just about EVERY pagan and Cult Concern group out there.

The Druid Archive is a wonderful place for anyone looking for articles on NeoDruidism.  If you back up a few levels, you will find resources on things like, Christianity, Discordinism, Islam, and many more.  For this alone, it is worth a look.

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids you may have heard of.  Also known as the OBOD, they are perhaps the most well known group of Druids around.  I have taken the tour of their site, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the study of Religions and Paganism in general.   Lots of good information there.  They even have a graphical tour which one can take in just a short while which will show you about everything you need to know.   They have memberships available, along with an online store selling books and other paraphernalia.  The only problem is that this is a continuation of a Gentleman’s Club from the 18th Century.  It has about as much to do with Celtic Druidism as Wicca has to do with Celtic Spirituality.

Ár nDraíocht Féin: or the ADF This is the organization that Isaac Bonewits started.  Although he is no longer the chairman of this organization, many other people look at it as one of the premier Druidic organizations out there.  Well worth the look.

Dark Owl’s Druid Grove I found some of my information here.  I want to replicate his wonderful work here, but so far, I have not had any contact with him.  I will keep trying though.  Perhaps one day, some of Dark Owl’s excellent work will appear in my journal.

The Henge of Keltria While I was looking around on their site, I discovered some things, that they do take apprentices, and that there are organizations that do make you take a huge study course before certifying you as a Druid.  This is a refreshing change from many “Fluff” sites and groups out there.  I plan on studying with them sometime soon, and being with them for some time to come.

There are other groups out there, but one thing you should realize is that ALL modern Druid groups in the US are offshoots of the Reformed Druids of North America or RDNA. This is a list of the actual break down below: (and my thanks to El from Texas for this.)

Past Offshoots of the RDNA family tree:

Reformed Druids of North America
New Reformed Druids of North America, NRDNA version 1 (gone)
New Reformed Druids of North America, NRDNA version 2 (still going)
Neo-Aristotelian Druids of North America, NADNA Difficult to explain. (gone)
Orthodox Druids of North America, ODNA Celtic-only focus (gone)
Schismatic Druids of North America, SDNA A purely Neo-Pagan focus, (gone)
Humanistic Druids of North America, HuDNA A less religious focus, in Chicago (gone)
Norse Druids of North America, NDNA Germanic/Scandinavian focus (gone)
Hasidic Druids of North America, HDNA paleo-Judaic focus (gone)
Zen Druids of North America (ZDNA) Eclectic focus (perhaps still going)
Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF) Going about things in a more orderly Continental fashion. (thriving)
Henge of Keltria (see above although technically they are an offshoot of the ADF) Doing things in a more Celtic way than ADF (going on)
Reformed Druidic Wicca, RDW Moving in to wicca with the Reform, (doing well)
Reformed Druids of North Asia, RDNAs A Japanese focus (still going)
Reformed Druids of Nowhere Atoll, RDNoAt A South Pacific attitude, (still going)
Reformed Druids of North Alberta Taking on The MAN, (still going?)
Druids of the Reform, DR (still going, we think)
Reformed Druids of Northern Antartica, RDNAn A cool group giving the cold shoulder to organized religion. (frozen)
New and Improved Reformed Druids of North America, NIRDNA gets better and better (still going)
Re-established Druids of North America, ReDNA, They’re baaack.
Recombinant Druids of North America, R-DNA A scientific order.
Reformed Druids of North America/ Order of the Mithril Star, RDNA/OMS A Tolkien inspired collective

One group that I used to belong to was AncientSites.  While there I was a member of a Druidic group called “Iona” which closed and turned into “Anglesey” on another board.  I have the archives of Iona and Anglesey here.

Last but not least, is a reference I found on About.com.   They have extensive files on just about anything you care to name.  So I present one of their search pages.  Druidism-Alternative Religions Use caution, however, this place can get more than a little confusing.

Stars light your path

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