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Druidic Magic


Druid magic is the result of a strong and healthy awareness of nature, and the spirits and gods who live in nature. A Druid must understand the language that Nature uses to speak its wisdom. All else follows from that. Druid magic has a votive quality; magic is performed by appealing to the gods to perform a service in return for an offering. Mythic Druids often used trance-ecstasy to achieve their purpose as well. But in the myths very little attention is paid to summoning or controlling spirits and gods, instead, the Druids sought communication and communion.

Aisling A dream or a vision (from the sky, perhaps). Possibly, Aisling refers to altered states of consciousness.
Immram A journey to the realms where the Gods live, possibly by shaman flight. Literally, Immram means “sea journey”, for it is in the western ocean that the islands of otherworldly paradises were located.
Imbas Inspiration, poetic frenzy, the “fire in the head” that Amergin speaks of. Possibly, Imbas refers to altered states of consciousness.
Echtra “Adventure”, expeditions and journeys on holy ground. This way of magic often happens “accidentally” to heroes, warriors, and hunters.
Dra/iocht The word for magic. Literally translated, it means “what Druids do”.
Fi/rinne “Truth”, or “Justice”. The binding force of nature, the way of nature. Note the significance of Truth and Justice being in the same word.

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One Response to “Druidic Magic”

  1. Hagalaz says:

    You got interesting articles about druidism (and not only) here. Thanks : ) Celtic magick is very interesting.

    Unfortunately there are no many websites about Druids and Druidism in internet. Glad that find this blog

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