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Okay, now that I have some readers who are regulars of this blog, I want to explain some things about the Journal, this blog and related site stuff.

First off, this is my site. If you don’t like what is here, you are free to stop reading at any time. No, I will not change articles because you feel they are too whatever. I am not looking for readership or popularity. I put my thoughts and feelings here because I want them here. Readers of this site come here and read because what I have on this site says something to them. That’s wonderful. If I lost them all tomorrow, I would be curious, but I would continue the Journal since this is primarily a medium for storing my thoughts, feelings, teachings and understandings for my great-great-great grandchildren.

That is the primary reason for the Journal’s existance. I find it easier to have it in an electronic medium since those get backed up and spread around easier than a pen and paper version.

The articles are for my thoughts and teachings that are long and complex. They tend to cover a topic as thuroughly as I can. It’s researched and footnoted and referenced where possible, and I try to make sure that the information in them is accurate.

The blog, on the other hand, is for my day-to-day musings and thoughts. I don’t go to great lengths to be scholarly in this, so take it with a grain of salt. I try to make sure I don’t lie, but all else is my opinion. They tend to be short posts and generally are personal musings on religion and Wicca and so on. I have another blog for my very personal day to day stuff.

The reviews I do of books are not for the future of the site or for those who come after I die, they are for you, the current reader. I recieve a book from a publisher about whatever and I promise to review it and share that with you. Therefore I fulfill my end by sharing those reviews and with others. But the material in those will be dated pretty fast.

I do editorial commentary. I try to limit it to the blog end of stuff, but sometimes it flows over to an article. I hope that they continue to say something.

And finally I have other material here that I didn’t write, and that is because it either tends to disappear from the Internet, or the information is too precious or just GOOD in my opinion to lose to server crashes.

I can restore this site in under an hour, and it might take me some time to get the blog entries back up. I will see what I can do about archiving them in a medium that is NOT dependant on SQL servers to preserve the information. But I don’t hold much hope out.

Anyhow that is the purpose of Daven’s Journal. One man’s self examination which is shared with my GGgranchildren. You have the unique opportunity to look inside my mind and see what I’m passing down through my family.

There’s even some secret pages which are shared through the lore of my family with my daughter and her children. Should be interesting if you can find them. If not, don’t worry about it.

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