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Index of Druid

The ODU, my Druid order.Here's the directory of some of my druidic information. This is not complete, and you should read it with a grain of salt (a rather large one).

You see, the problem is not that Druidism is not a valid form of religion, the problem is that we don't know much about the Druids. Let me amend that statement. We know some things about the Druids, but not really enough to say that we know how they worshiped. We know some information from their archaeological records, some from the records of the Romans, some from the records of the Bards, some from the records of the Christian Monks in Europe, and some from the traditions handed down through the years. Our most valuable source of information is the Laws they left behind.  See, the Brehons and their Laws were part of the Druidic order too.  So, they wrote down the laws they passed, and by inference one can deduce some information.

All of this information together is not enough to say we know everything about the Druids. It makes up about 10% of the body of knowledge we have on the Druids. However, people like Isaac Bonewits and Searles O'Dubhain and others are working really hard on restoring what we can piece together into some kind of coherent package. We can state that we may know how their spiritualism was, but we can't recreate their rites and ceremonies yet.

Note the "yet" in the above statement. We are making progress everyday, and we hope to continue making more as the decades go on.

The links below lead to every page on Druidism in this web, and I will be updating it constantly.  So look around, read, do some web searches, and read, read, read.  Don't let ANYONE tell you that the Druids were nothing but a bunch of murderers.  Yes, they did do human sacrifice, and blood sacrifice, but many of the greatest religions in the world do that all the time, including Christianity.  Usually the sacrifices were either volunteers, or they were convicted criminals under sentence of death.  But there was so much more to their culture.