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Bunnyhunting part 2

First Published on “The Juggler”

Many that I have talked to about this topic have expressed to me that one of the reasons they hunt bunnies are because of the PR war.

Think back to the icons that are being held up on TV and in the media as “typical witches”. You find that most of them are extremeists. People like Lady Belladona LeVeau on the recent show “Wife Swap”. AP with brooms? Fire spinning? Teaching her children how to be a HPS instead of a human being? House elves? And that’s a minor example.

How about Jonathon ‘The Impaler’ Sharkey? Remember him? He’s the “vampire” who was running for the post of Governor of Minnesota, who promised to put the Ten Commandments AND the Wiccan Rede in every government building in Minnesota, as well as impailing criminals on the Capital Lawn. He claims to be a witch and his wife is also a Pagan, according to what they say.

How about another example? Ever consider Laurie Cabot? While it is beyond the scope of this work to criticize her, she has a reputation among many of being “odd” because she wears ritual garb all the time. Doing daily chores in robes and the full (and in my opinion extreme) makeup she wears, walking down the middle of town, being proclaimed the “official witch of Salem” is a bit out there in my opinion.

How about those who claim to have created mythical creatures? Could they be considered fluffy? Can’t think of any? How about Oberon Zell Ravenheart, also known as Timothy G. Zell? He pattented a process to surgecally alter a goat and turn it into a “unicorn”. He says that the process creates a living unicorn, and that a unicorn was a process, not a species. That because the goat has a single horn and that it also has a beard, that it is a true unicorn, ignoring that the mystical and magickal qualities of the Unicorn are gone, as well as the hindquarters of a lion and so on. He’s a witch and the former head of the Church of All Worlds.

What about the “King of the Witches” who is in the English news about once every other month and casting spells to protect “Nessie” or Exorcise a mattress? Kevin Carlyon is probably THE most fluffy person on this planet.

Or maybe Fiona Horne? Her appearance on “Mad Mad House” really did wonders for the Wiccans in the world. She’s on record as being an athiest Goddess-worshiper. What?

Now, when you take these as individuals they can be seen as loons and not given any serious thought by anyone. But here’s the thing, these people keep appearing in the media. They are the only people appearing in the media.

Given shows like “Charmed“, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer“, the movie “The Craft” and “Practical Magic” and other such media attention (like Disney’s “W.I.T.C.H.” comic series), the general public only sees Witches and Wiccans as idiots. It’s the only thing they have to compare a “witch” or “Wiccan” to.

So, when people get up and start yelling about how “real witches” do this or that, is it any wonder that the witches and Wiccans who DON’T do whatever start jumping on them to shut them up? Can it be understood that in that very claim, the title of Wiccan is being dragged down into the dirt and stomped upon by those very people who claim to love the Gods and Goddesses? That say they love Wicca with all their mind and soul, yet are ready to prostitute that very faith and sacredness to get attention?

Of course those who don’t agree with them are going to be upset. Because when their employer finds out that they are Wiccan, the natural leap for that employer to take is to associate this person with the idiots they see in the media. And then to conclude that whatever private issues they have, their faith, their marriage, their clothing choices, are going to carry over to the rest of their lives, including their job, which makes the employer leery to hire or to retain the Wiccan in question. Understanding that, is it so far outside the realm of possibility that those who are directly threatened by these extremists above are attacked and discredited at every turn by those who take their religion seriously?

I don’t go out and look for trouble, but when my parents look at me and compare me to Silver Ravenwolf, I do get upset. When I hear “Oh, you do spells like in Charmed” come out of my stepfather’s mouth, I cringe. Yes, it is a comparrison he can understand, but the spells they use, how they use them, the Book of Shadows they have, as well as the targets of those spells are so inaccurate that there is no comparrison. And I don’t have the patience to explain the difference, even if he would hear it.

Instead of going out and promoting bad examples, why can’t we as a religion promote good examples of our faith?

So when a Wiccan comes onto a forum and claims to be an Indigo Child, a Starseed and to have mystic powers granted by the Ancient Atlanteens, yeah, I get mad and I start aligning my mental crosshairs on them. When someone tells me that “All REAL Wiccans believe….” that strikes WAY too close to home and I remind them of the “No true Scott” falacy and generally they miss the point. Which only proves that I’m right in attacking them.

It may be that I should refrain from doing so, but I don’t like seeing my faith run down in the eyes of the general public. I could care less about being accepted by the mainstreem religions, but it’s the subtle disparagment of comparrison that I object to. To have my faith linked to that of King Kevin and to have people honestly think that I’m as nutty as he is, well, frankly it burns my blood.

It would be like if I assumed that all people under the age of 30 were idiots and murderers and couldn’t think for themselves because the Menendez brothers were idiots, couldn’t think for themselves and were under 30. Or that all people of African descent were as stupid as OJ Simpson.

It’s sterotyping and it is directly atributable to fluffy idiots in the media. I can’t change the media’s reporting on them since they are “news” and sensationalism sells papers and creates ratings. I can’t prevent them being reported on, so all I can do is to battle the problem at the source, the fluffy themself.

Originally posted 2012-11-30 03:32:51. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

2 Responses to “Bunnyhunting part 2”

  1. lightdragon says:

    I could have sworn this was published before.

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