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(Note from Daven:  I combined two separate articles dealing with the Aura into this one article.  It seems appropriate, since one talks about what the Aura is, and the other gives you a basic on what the Aura colors mean.)

Your Aura and You

By Wayne Bisso

Imagine yourself encased in an energy field the shape of an egg, an egg that is made up of a sort of nonphysical liquid substance which responds to every movement that your body makes and every thought your mind thinks. It is almost undetectable, unless… you pay very close attention to it. If you can visualize this you now have a vague description of this energy known throughout time in memorial at the aura.

Besides being responsive to the movement of the physical body, the energy also moves or flows within its own sphere pretty much the same way blood flows though the physical body’s circulatory system, and just like the veins and arteries of our physical body our nonphysical system of energy flow can also become clogged or restricted. It is with this very type of problem in mind that this article is being written.

There you are, encased in your aura, a mass of constantly moving energy that is being partially produced by the physical body’s life force and the rest being an emanation of the “real you”. You as a student of esoteric studies which may be following any of a hundred different magickal paths of development must be able to work with and sense both the physical and nonphysical worlds through this mass of personal energy. Everything you perceive in any realm is filtered or interpolated through your aura, because of this fact you might consider looking at your aura as being very similar to a radio or TV. antenna that receives non physical information which is then converted to thought, impressions, intuitive hunches or pure psychic phenomena by the complete consciousness. The more finely tuned and sensitive the antenna is, the better the picture or sound quality is. For example, suppose you have a TV. that has a very poor picture. If you check your antenna you might find that the connection is broken or the antenna itself is crusted over with rust or some other dross matter or contaminant. If this is the case you would have found the problem, now you need to remedy the situation.

Some prescriptions for the problem may be to clean the antenna or reattach the disconnected wire. Simple enough you would think but you must begin to realize that your aura is your psychic antenna. It is the sensing device that allows you to perceive the magickal realms you live in. In order for you to have clear reception of these realms you must have a clear aura (antenna). If your antenna’s crud is the result of years of abuse the remedy will not work overnight. Despite magik words, incense and everything else it will take time to purge your system.

The question most commonly asked is: “How do I clean my aura?” Before we talk about cleaning, we must know something about the type of dirt that we are up against. To understand this better, we must first accept the scientific theory that everything in the universe is composed of atoms. Atoms are constantly in motion. They never tire and never stop. This is fact. So, no matter what you are looking at, whether it is a tree or a pane of glass, the atomic structure is vibrating and moving, in reality is not solid. “What does all this have to do with an aura?” you might ask. The answer is… everything.

One of the most common kinds of `auric dirt’ is nothing more than heavy energy, i.e. energy with a low vibratory rate. It is usually some energy that we have picked up from our environment or had thrown at us by uncomfortable situations or contacts during the coarse of a normal day. The offending energy may be the result of our own physical body sending out distress signals, or it could be manifestations of personal abuse that most people heap on themselves. These type of problems take time and above all it takes adherence of will to become personally aware. Awareness is our best defense against anything. Let’s talk about some of the ways we can improve our aura’s vibratory state.

#1. Diet. The most destructive food energy wise are meats, red ones in particular. Poultry and seafood have less of an affect on the aura. Fats of any type such as butter, cream, etc. tend to also contribute to temporary cloudiness. If you “insist” on using high fat foods you should at least try to moderate their intake. You may want to substitute vegetable-based margarine or fat free cheeses when possible. Sugar is not the best for you either, but you can do much better with honey or fruit juices. Also try to avoid the synthetic sweeteners like saccharin and NutraSweet.

#2. Emotional blocks. By these I am talking about the unresolved stuff that floats around most people’s closets. Occurrences that have bothered you for years and that you have never confronted. These old emotions can really `own a person’ and hold them back from reaching their spiritual potential. If energy is trapped up here it is hard to utilize for personal exploration and growth.

A very important point that must be under stood is – in the nonphysical world, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE! This means that the energy you fill yourself with, by thought, deed, mood and emotion will attract more of the same type of energy. A perfect example of this is a person who is always in a dark mood (low vibratory rate) and constantly has unpleasant things happen to them. Quite often they seem to go through “bad cycles of luck.” In reality this person is probably drawing most of the discomfort to themselves, through being locked into a negative frame of mind.

Opposite this would be a person with a more positive perspective and therefore a higher vibratory rate, who seems to have very few negative things happen to them. And then when something “not good” does occur, they seem to bounce back much quicker.

These are only two quick examples of the “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE” principle. To break this chain, a certain amount of personal awareness must be gained. To help foster this, one may seek a competent counselor, or you can join a psychic encounter group or start an emotional exploration circle.

In addition, an honestly kept diary of personal progress and feelings will help identify old problems and lead to resolutions. Each insight regarding unresolved emotions will help clear your aura of heavy (low vibrational) energy and help free you from a self- destructive cycle of thought and energy. Thoughts and energy are the same, So remember: LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

#3. Abuse. In particular, substance abuse, alcohol, drugs, smoking or any type of addiction which “owns you”… even eating unhealthy amounts of food. In short, any `craving’ or `want’ that controls you. These types of manifestations are warning markers for more deep-seated psychological incongruities that need to be confronted and resolved.

It is hard to even put a dent in this vast topic of auras and how to begin to heal them while healing yourself, in such a short article but I can hope that this information may help in some way. I wish you luck, comfort and prosperity in your search for your truth.

Wayne Bisso 1992
Revised ’93 & ’94 copyright 1992 &’94
Screen Name WayneB1113@AOL
Excalibur Men’s Groups and Druidic practices.


“Auras are the physical manifestation of the electric field surrounding each and every living thing. That is what causes shocks if you touch something metal. Some persons have the ability to see these auras, which have different colors, depending on the person.

White — a lot of energy being sensed.

Red — Physical Energy; physically based person personality or sensuality. Harsh reds tend to indicate emotionally charged physical animation, usually anger. warm reds, sensuous, or physically charged and healthy.

Orange — Friendly open, approachable

Yellow — Intellectual, thinking, working faculties.

Green — Healthy, balanced, calming, charming, agenda sensualness, sensible or conniving.

Blue — Intellect but calm reserved, spiritual, convinced; sometime an integrated personality exuding charisma.

Violet — Spiritual, sensitive focused but not necessarily in reality.

Purple — It is a combination of Blue and Red, a mixed bag and a spectrum of what it could be.

Pink — physical energy being diffused, hence it is a calming color.

Lime Green — Not many have this color and are balanced; usually stress-related.

Browns — One just have to work on if and get a feel. Could be warm rich and well integrated person, or a one who is unhealthy, or just to much going on (different types of stress).

Black — Nothing getting out, shielding or hiding. Total absorption. Do you feel tired? Do you feel the world sucking around you? Or is it like a flat black but you sense a scintillation of your own energy being diffused out? In other words, is there a metallic tint? If you feel drained, it could be a “psychic vampire”. Otherwise, it may be someone who is very skilled who doesn’t want to be noticed, scanned or bothered. Usually the colors when viewed with these people tend to be more metallic. Many people misinterpret these also.

Mixed shades (Like mixed reds) — mixed emotion, stability should be questioned which flavor is going to push what in what direction, generally not based in reality.”

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