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Advancing the Witches Craft

By Lord Foxglove
New Page Books, 2005 $19.99
ISBN 1-56414-811-4

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

When I received this book from New Page, I had a couple things strike me. First to hit me was that it looked to be one of those books that propose to do a lot and teach a lot and miserably fail at the job. The second was that this book, unlike any other metaphysical/NewAge/spiritual book I’m aware of, had a CD in it.

No, not a Certificate of Deposit, but a real audio CD to play in the CD player in your car or the one with the headphones from your kid’s room. I saw that and was stopped for a minute or two.

The only other books I have ever seen with a CD in them were “how to” books for computers. How to use Microsoft Office, how to write in HTML, how to program in Visual C++, how to use Outlook 98 and so on. This was the first I had ever heard of that was in a metaphysical book. So I thought it was for listening to in the car.

Then I started reading the book and discovered that was the last thing you wanted to do. The CD is the audio for a set of guided meditations that are in the book.

Intrigued I read on.

Understand that when I review a book, I generally just skim it. I don’t go really in-depth with it unless there are some compelling factors. Those factors are Excellence of the author, BNP status of the author, depth of the material or need for the material on the market. I found out that this is one of those books that is really needed and so it’s taken me a while to read this.

This book is a series of guided meditations designed to get the reader working with their Shadow Side. And believe me, that is a powerful side to be working with.

Now, as explored in the book, the Shadow is not JUST the negative and hateful, although it can be, it is a realm of magick, part of each of us. It is not bad, it is simply different for it is fed by us in very specific ways, mostly through strong emotion. But it is likened to the “tween” or the “grim” in that it is possible to invoke the Shadow to this realm and have it show itself in those ways. Most people interpret this as a negative thing, which is why it has the bad rap it does.

I won’t go into detail on this, suffice to say that it is a real power and everyone has it, although most choose not to develop it. I myself have used it in the past and can attest to many of the experiences that he relates in this book.

But it is not only guided meditations, it is also explanations of those things that should be happening during and after those meditations. It is very much like pathworking and the audio is necessary for the meditation to take properly. All these meditations are designed to get one working with these forces and to awaken this part of them. Even if you only read the book and do nothing else with them, there will be changes in your psyche and your soul. I found that out.

Lord Foxglove does a very good job in writing the meditations, making the symbolism in there very meaningful. Then he goes even further and writes excellent commentaries to the meditations as well as additional information in the book. I find this new and interesting. Probably be going back and re-reading it multiple times.

This is a very good book and a needed one to my mind. It takes the traditional craft magickal practices and continues it logically onward to a conclusion that would be natural. It is a way of life eventually. I only have two problems with this work.

First is the tone. Throughout the book, Lord Foxglove presents this superior air. It is based on achievement and success, so it is one that is actually earned, but after a while it can irritate somewhat. It is the same tone that is prevalent in Buckland’s works so long time readers should understand what I’m talking about now.

The other irritation is that only half the meditations are on the CD. To put into context, there are 6 meditations in the book, three of which are on the CD. The other three are on the author’s website, but well buried so it’s hard to get to. They are also in excess of 20 MB each so downloading them without a high speed connection is a chore. But I did find them and I listened to one of them.

It is an interesting work, and one that I intend to come back to again and again. But it will take patience and practice to integrate this into my life to a point where it’s second nature.

All in all, I’m giving this book 4 stars of 5. It is a superior book, but those irritations are enough to upset me somewhat. Especially the fact that half the meditations are not with the work. I believe that New Page should offer, for those who want it, another CD with the rest of the meditations on it. Just write in and request it. But I also understand the publisher’s reluctance to do so.

I think most people who are accomplished at the 101 level will find a lot of material here worth the price of purchase. It will most definitely stay on my bookshelf, probably right next to the Big Blue Book.

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