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Addenda to Fluffy Sayings

I am a Starseed/Indigo Child/Otherkin/Walk-in! I’m SPECIAL!!!

Um, probably not.

I know you want to feel special, and I know that you feel that since you are a unique individual that you are special. Just always keep in mind that you ARE a unique individual, just like everyone else.

These “syndromes” are very rare. They actually DO happen, but they are so rare that it’s likely that you are not one. Let’s look at some of the ways that one would determine that they are one of these….

Starseed Indigo Child Otherkin Walk-in Psychotic Normal Human
Mystic crosses on palms Feels Like Royalty “Phantom Limbs” Traumatic event that causes personality change Irrational thinking Feels special
Frequent nosebleeds “Deserves to be here” Discomfort in body Suddenly has little to no connection to other family members Irrational Speech Illness and bodily discomfort
Dreams of flying No issues with self worth Feels out of place Physical pain in neck and shoulders Hallucinations Dreams of irrational nature and of flying and of a silly nature
Chronic Sinusitis Problems with authority Believes they are related to animals Loss of coordination Forgetfulness Has problems with coordination
Feel their parents aren’t really their parents Will not do certain things Feels their parents aren’t their parents Loss of interest in previous interests Belief that family members aren’t related Fanaticizes that family members are not related
Night Owl Gets frustrated with the system knowing they have a mission to accomplish Hearing sounds that aren’t there Easily frustrated in some cases
“Unexpected child” Nonconformists Paranoia Artistic and nonconformists
Personal Charisma Antisocial Feelings of worthlessness Gets depressed
Has Tinnitus Don’t respond to guilt discipline Megalomania and Delusions of Grandeur Hormone shifts quickly
Asthma Tell you plainly what they need Gets ill
“Imaginary friends” as a child Has friends others can’t see
Accident at 11 or 12 which changed them Accident prone
Many have red hair May have red hair

As you can see from this, many of the “symptoms” overlap with psychotics and with normal humans. There is no good way to tell if you are one of these people or not. Nothing is obvious about determining if you are or are not one of these special people.

That “mystic cross” on the palm of the hand of StarSeeds? EVERYONE has that. It is the natural folds of the skin on your palm. You can also say that anyone with an “M” on their hand is a mutant, one who will change the Earth by coming and using their powers to right wrongs and to help the normal humans. But EVERY human being on the planet has that “M” on their hands. All of us.

What does this mean? It means that you are a person, just like all the others on this planet. Do you feel you have a purpose in life? WONDERFUL. Go for it. Become the richest person in the world, discover the cure for cancer and take us to the stars in your warp-capable starship. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are special because of that conviction or because you are something that can’t be proved, you are special because you have a goal and you have the ability to attain that goal.

Do you really think that Einstein thought he was from Alpha Centauri? Or that Beethoven was an Otherkin? Or that Aristotle thought he was a Walk-In? All those people could be seen to be one of these “special people” that you want to be classed with, but being rooted in rationality as they are, they decided that it was better to be human.

Do you think those people who have gender issues feel that they don’t belong in their bodies? Does that make them OtherKin? Or that homosexuals feel isolation and paranoia? Does that make them a Walk-In? Or that those with Muscular Dystrophy feel a loss of coordination? Does this make them a Walk-In themselves?

I don’t think it does. I think that it means they have genuine issues that can be worked through and worked around. Just as those who use their “special” status to identify themselves. I would be willing to bet that better than 90% of those who currently identify as Otherkin, Walk-Ins, Indigo Children or Star Seeds will be saying they are something else in two years time. In ten years, something like 99% of them will be saying they were mistaken when they believed that.

Do you realize that with the Indigo Children, that a claim is being made that anyone born in a certain time period is an Indigo Child? That in effect we have an entire generation of kids who are hyperactive and who can’t pay attention to anything who are all collectively Indigo Children? Know what they called an Indigo Child back in the 1950’s? A brat. A punk, a kid who was a discipline problem.

While I do feel that other methods of handling people who have legitimate medical problems like MS, MD, depression, ADHD and others should be found, I do not think that allowing those people who say they are related to wolves to use that as an excuse to demand raw meat in a bowl on the floor for themselves in a restaurant. I don’t think that these “syndromes” should ever be used as an “excuse” to allow them to do whatever they want. All it’s teaching is that it is acceptable to be so weird that you get special treatment.

And before someone points it out, yes, I used to identify as otherkin and I still identify myself as a Furry, but I don’t use it in any way as an excuse. I also used to identify as Superman, Batman, G I Joe, Wonder Woman, “Zeke” on SWAT, and many other people I wished to emulate. It doesn’t make me any of those, nor does it mean that I should be allowed to run around in my underwear in public saying I was flying.

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