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Yule (Winter Solstice) Sabbat

December 21

[Erecting the Temple is performed. Priest and Priestess kiss. On the Altar stands two unlit candles, one on wither side of the Altar Candle.]

Priestess: Now is the Sun well on its course through the long and dark months of winter.

Priest: Let us show our love for the Gods
By sending strength where it is needed.
Let us kindle here fresh fires
To light our Lord upon His way.
Fires to give Him confidence;
To show Him our love burns forth
Even though the hardships of Winter be upon us.

All: So Be It!

[Priest takes up one unlit candle and holds it before him.]

Priest: Let Woden bear the blessings of our Lady Freya
As He guard us and guides us
Through the long dark days ahead.
May all our Power, Wiccans all,
Be symbolized by this light,
As it burns with steady flame,
Aiding and strengthening that which is there.

[He lights his candle from the Altar Candle and stands it alongside. Priestess takes up the other unlit candle.]

Priestess: To that do we add a further prayer.
One light to take Him into the Winter,
Yet another light to lead Him back out.
That my Lady Freya be ever with my Lord Woden
Is good and right, and be it so.
Let our prayers and thoughts go with Him
For as he guards and guides us
So do we love Him,
And so have we trust in all things.

[Priestess lights her candle from the Altar Candle and stands it alongside.]

Priest and Priestess: Let these lights burn
Till Imbolic time,
When we shall know
The worst of winter is behind us.

All: So be it!

Priest: And so here be the Love
Of the God for the Goddess.

[Priest kisses Priestess. Then shall follow Cakes and Ale, followed by games and merriment.]

© Raymond Buckland, 1970, The Tree.  Used by Permission.