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Well, it’s Solstice and Yule.

I guess I should do a page on what it is and why it’s important.

Today the Lady sleeps. In our cosmology the Lord and Lady are people and they sleep. But they sleep at different times. From Samhain to Beltane the Lord is leading us and taking care of most of our problems. He does this because the Dark Half of the year is when the Lord of the Hunt is responsible for providing for the People (since you can’t grow things during winter, so the ancients are dependant on meat to live). From Beltane to Samhain, the Lady (in her guise as the Earth Mother) provides.

Following this, different times of responsibility and celebration, those two transition times are EXCEEDINGLY important. That’s one reason why there is so much lore on them.

The times between them are important, Imbolc and Lughsnadah since those represent the mid point of that “stewardship” and a time when It is good for us to be especially grateful. IT’s a hard job to provide for people and we need to ALWAYS remember that.

The Solstices and Equinoxes, in our cosmology, are the times when the other, who is not taking care of us, sleeps and wakes. On the Solstices, the Logest night and longest day, the one who is not responsible lays down to get rest from their work for the last 9 months. They have been up for a long time and they are tired. It’s understandable, the other parent is there and willing to take on responsibility, so that’s important to remember. At the equinoxes, the one who is asleep wakes to be reunited with their loved one. They are groggy and probably cranky, and I’m sure their partner is probably horny as hell and so generally there is rabbiting involved.

So, it goes like this:

Samhain: October 31 Transition of stewardship from the Lady to the Lord
Yule: December 21 Lady lays down to rest.
Imbolic: January 31 Mid point of the Lord’s Guardinship
Ostara: March 21 Lady wakes and is reunited with her love
Beltane: April 30 Transition from the Lord to the Lady
Litha: June 21 Day of retiring for the Lord
Lughsnadah: July 31 Mid point for the Lady
Mabon: September 21 Day of waking for the Lord and reuniting him with the Lady

It’s an elegant and simple structure when you look at it and consider the way it’s designed. Both get to sleep, both get to wake, they are together during the Spring and Fall times to ensure the fertility of the fields and herds, there is time when their love is sleeping and they guard them, and so on. Just like any family.

But as parents they do wake and take care of problems when they are asleep and are needed. It’s hard and they may be short-tempered, but it happens. I’ve had to wake the Lord in the middle of the Summer, and also the Lady at February as well.

If you look also, you can see how the wake/sleep theme fits with the cycle that has been celebrated for years and the seasonal interpertations as well. Lughsnadah for instance celebrates the Mother in the Games of Talitu. Just for one instance.

Get to teach this to Barbara tonight I guess.

Damn, I have to finish that book.

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