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Wife Swap

Well, I have heard about ABC’s attempt to get a Pagan couple on their version of “Wife Swap” like the other channel did. I guess they are hoping for another melt down by the Christian since it creates such good ratings.

Social experiements are needed, but I would like to offer a few other perspectives.

First off, what harm could it do? I mean really. The WORST situation is a Fiona Horne clone who does all the ooie-ooie simply for the benefit of the cameras and who won’t really do a lot of harm to how Paganism is viewed in the United States (and the other afiliate countries). I mean, that’s what is expected, therefore that is what they will be looking for, right?

Second off, there is a chance that instead of the Christian woman melting down, the Pagan woman does. It’s possible although unlikely. I guess it’s possible that anyone who winds up on these kinds of shows are going to wind up losing it at some point or another, that is the purpose of it.

Third off, it can be an opportunity to show that Pagans are actually people. Yes, we are people, you all know it, and showing that is good for us as a group. Instead of having The Witch of Salem running around and only doing things in her ritual robes, get a normal soccer mom Wiccan in there who encourages people, who can talk about energy flows and angels and spells and the history of the Burning Times. Show the world that we are intelligent and normal. That’s the way to take the hate and fear out of people, not by going further into the closet.

Fourth, it’s $20,000. Pay me that, I’ll dance naked on the TV with a chicken head dangling from my testicles. That’s enough money to save myself and my family and to get us out of most of the financial crises that we seem to always be in. It would save a lot of other people too.

I’m not saying that just anyone should do it. It would have to be someone who is inteligent and understanding, patient and wise. People who have been able to look at the depths of their souls and come out with most of themselves intact. I know a lot of people like that. Heck, Wren and Fritz of The Witches Voice would be great for it.

Heck, I’m thinking of doing it. I could put up with some strange woman in my home for a month if I had to. She’d probably be more freaked by the sex stuff and the leather business than the religion anyhow.

One Response to “Wife Swap”

  1. Jade_Woulf says:

    There’s one problem there. They don’t want a level-headed, logical Pagan. They want the type of person who is likely to melt down or be drippy. That’s what nabs the ratings. Intelligent and rational adults, sadly, don’t bring in the money. Whiny, screaming, “crazy” children do.

    But yeah, $20,000 would pay off most of my student loans and give me a chance to maybe go back to school. ๐Ÿ˜›

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