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Wiccan Response

Well, there are many who are hitting my site looking for a response to the Wife Swap episode that was on a few hours ago.

I must say, I watched it and I was appreceiative of it.

Initially both families were somewhat overblown in their dichotomy. Since I am TERRIBLE with names, I’m going to use HPS for the Priestess and Lady for the other mother. Sorry if it gets confusing everyone.

Initially they both had trouble adjusting to the change over. While cleanliness is a good thing, I do think that being able to eat off the floors is overdoing it a bit. I also find that while it’s nice to have a lot of your spiritual stuff out and available, having EVERYTHING out all the time makes it a problem. First off, the primary step in any ritual is to prepare. If everything is out, then there is little preparation and it’s harder to get into the mood.

When the changeover happened, I’m glad to see that BOTH husbands responded in an open minded manner. I think that the most progress was made by the Wiccan father in reclaiming their house.

Problems I saw were many and varried. First off, I do think that the Lady’s house needs to be a bit more feminine. I can understand the HPS’s point about it being degrading to have to ask for money like a child. But she should also be willing and able to do the hostess thing.

I did feel that too much emphasis was placed on the whole “Witchy” thing by the producers. While it’s fine to have a home that actively incorporates magick into it’s structure, I think that more than likely the children were encouraged to do more Witchy stuff to freak the Lady out. I don’t feel that it was appropriate for the Lady to stand in as the HPS for the ritual. I feel that the coven was using the HPS and HP’s house without regard for their personal space. I think it’s a good thing that they reclaimed their own home at the end.

A live in housemaid that is married to the man of the house is not what a homemaker is. There should have been more interaction with the children and I feel that the show could have easily been expanded to two hours.

I don’t think that it was a good thing to homeschool in this case, but that’s because it became clear very rapidly that the HPS was not a good teacher of lifeskills and school subjects.

I do think that the Lady was a bit too judgmental. I also think that the HPS was WAAAY over the top with the feminist attitude.

Just as an asside, I object to any time that the Goddess is lauded above the God. The HPS may have been a living embodiment of the Goddess, but her husband, the HP to my understanding, is JUST as important to the cycle and should have held equal stature in the family and the coven dynamic.

Interestingly enough, I was on my way home from work and I heard this being advertised on the radio, and the words they used were “High Preistess of Horror….” and I nearly launched into orbit because of that.

I also think that the Lady breaking the wand was WAAAYYYY over the top. I don’t think that should have been done. I don’t think she would have liked if the HPS had cut up her grandmother’s quilt (for example) to free her from Masculine Oppression.

Mostly the episode was okay. Not stellar, not bad. I do think the producers did up the magick too much to present things in a SPOOOOOKY light. But I’m also glad it wasn’t me.

One Response to “Wiccan Response”

  1. Snapper says:

    I figured most of that was creative editing. Don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it does explain some of it. Good show!

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