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What can I possibly post about?


Well, it’s been a while.

I was invited to go to the Real Witches Ball in Columbus Ohio over Samhain Weekend. I’m going to be talking there as myself and as the Ollamh of the ODU. Intimidating.

I have a link to the event on the front page of my site, please go take a look if you will. Also think about donating a few dollars to get me there. Especially if you can join me.

All I have been doing these days is studying the Ogham. It’s interesting and more complete (for me) than the FUThARK runes. I can see how those who use them would have done so, and why they developed.

Other than that, mostly it’s been normal. Which means that I have been doing 50 things when I only have time for 30 or so.

Oh, I have a livejournal now. My username is davensjournal but it’s boring. All my life stuff that I don’t talk about on the Journal I blather on about there. Mostly it’s tests and so on. But if you want to read it, it’s there.

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