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HomePosts, Updates VERY GOOD JOKE whomever…

VERY GOOD JOKE whomever…

From: “Trena Maneer ( Nite Witch Voodoo Priestess)” < druid_vampire_priestess @yahoo.com >
Subject: Journal Feedback
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 04:57:41 -0500

i-would-like-to-say-to-daven: U R An a very judmantel person u no nuthing about wicca and like the rest of the world are just judtging us cents ur so ignerant about us ur probebly only jelus becuz ur new to wicca and no very little about it so ur think that u make ur self look better if make a webcite saying that u no more and that other witchs who do not don’t agre with u all the tyme r rong i don’t have to agre with all u say here and i am still a very power ful and very well ixperanced wiccan u said that a teen ager cant no wicca and be a priestes that is crap! i no many teen agers who are very ixperanced wiccans, warlocks, witches, shamanns and druides so y can’t they be ixperanced just becuz they are young? that is fucked up and very ignerant and closed-minded thing to say about us u obvesly never meet-up with a REAL wiccan before so ur just scared and ignerant about us it is like my priestes has say that peple are alweys scared of what they don’t under stand and that is how u r . u say that others need to reserch and think more but that is U!!! not us u need to open ur mind and accept that we dont have to be like u to be wiccan that wicca is what u make of it every person makes wicca wut they want and wut is rite for them there is not any one way or set amount of tradetions it is just how each person wants it it to be that is all and nothing is rong u cant do wicca rong cents it is what u want it to be the only thing rong is if u hurt peple or naturee or animals or something but there is nothing dark about wicca or rong and nothing that hurts peple it is acutely a very open minded and not judtmentel relegon that is very old even if you say it is not wicca is the oldest since ancent peple beleved the same as wiccans do in r tyme today wicca has been around since older than all other relegons and is older even then like the baptests and cathelics and methedist and letheuren and amish and muslims and islamis and jewush peple and all those peple that are like that they are all the same and wicca is much difernet and much more open minded and peple can do what they want in those other chirches u do what some man that hates woman says but in wicca u dont it is just wut u want so it is much better and more intelagent and in toon with the earth and univearse and stuf like that also i am a priestes and i am only 14 and clerly smarter and more open minded than u ever can be cents all u do is jutge others not like u i don’t jutge no one i acept all peple and never jutge them if ur would open your mind u may lern somthing and then not sound to complatley redarted when you say things i am tired of peple saying ur have to be a wiccan like them to be a real wiccan and ur rong about saying all gods cant be imbolc gods all gods work togethher and work with the tripple godess so u can use any god for anything and get what u need from it since it is all wiccan gods anyway and ancent peple were wiccan so it is all the same all relegons with a llot of many gods are wiccan and do spells and have imbolc and hellowen and baltenne and use pot and stuf in there rituals for higher inligtenment they all did that all ancent peple and there is prof every one is no they did that so unles it is some cristian like the ones i said or others or something it is wiccan and is ok the only time it isn’t ok is when u are cristian becuz cristians are very closed minded and hate everyone no tlike them and want to kill everyone so they are not realy true spitertal peple they are just ignerant and usualy very un educeted and i no since i was raized methedist and stil go to that chirch ti make my parents shut up but wont when i am 18 cuz i am going to Dargonfest in coloredo and living there with other wiccans. u shuld talk to more smart peple before you make such closed minded and really stupid and not ixpereanced statements u have a llot to lern about wicca and it’s deepness and wisdome it culd ofer u what u say it only ur take on things and how u feel not how it is i no so much very much a loo t much more than u do.and nite witch voodoo priestess is my coven name since that has been in my family vood doo and the only form of ancent wicca for so long and i am am prestess in itmy priestes gave me that title and she is very smart in this stuff

suggestions-problems: u need to stop jutdging

useemail: Yes

I can’t stop twitching….

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One Response to “VERY GOOD JOKE whomever…”

  1. Heather says:

    This has to be a joke…the spelling is not even at the level of a second-grader. Gods, learn to paragraph when you write something so that it can atually be read, after one trudges through the atrocious errors. Like I stated-this must be a joke. I not, Blessed WAS.

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