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Various notes on Sabbat and Esbat Rites


The ceremonies and rites set out here are not meant to be inflexible. There is nothing stopping you from changing some of all of the ceremonies as you see fit.

You may even dispense with the rites altogether if you wish. For several years Mary and I celebrated the Sabbats by simply being with friends or relatives and enjoying ourselves.

The props and items used and the words recited do not cause anything to happen. They simply focus the Will on the desired outcome. That is all Magick is.

Alister Crowley said, “Magick is the Art and Science of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” This means that it is affecting this reality with your mind’s willpower. The rituals are only used to keep your concentration on the job at hand.

Thus, all you need is your thoughts when doing Magick.

The celebrations are exactly that. As long as you enjoy what you are doing on the days of the Sabbats and Esbats, then you are honoring the Lord and Lady.

After Erecting the Temple and the Esbat rite are done, if there is work to do, all present should talk and discuss what needs to be done. It needs to be clear, in everyone’s mind, what is to be the goal and how it is to be done. If anyone has doubts or questions, now is the time to voice them.

If there is no work pending, someone should speak on any topic concerning them after the Cakes and Ale ceremony. This is the equivalent of a Christian Sermon. Hopefully not as boring, but there you are. If no one else, the Priest or Priestess should talk on some topic.

Be aware that NO work should be done on the Sabbat, unless it is something similar to an emergency Healing. Even then the Temple (in my opinion) should be cleared and re-erected. This is due to the fact that during the course of a normal Sabbat or Esbat celebration, people will come and go, weakening the Circle, and for any Magick (even healings) the Circle needs to be strong.

Stars light your path.

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