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With the upgrading of my PC to a dual boot of Win XP and Linux, I’m starting on going through all my old archived files. This is a lot of work.

One of the biggest directories is the “Wicca” directory. It has work from nearly 18 years of practicing Paganism of various flavors, and it contains a LOT of information that can’t be found anywhere else anymore.

Things like the Ancient Sites Archives of Iona and Anglesey, a Druid group on that site that deals not only with roleplay but also historical truth and research. I have all the files of my association with the ODU, and I don’t know if they are anyplace since that fellowship died with the Arch Druid quitting.

I have tons of information that is just plain silly stuff, jokes and emails, conversations that are decades out of date. Graphics that can be dispensed with, and so on.

I’m having to sort through all of them, find the duplicate stuff, and then delete them. Add to this that I screwed up and reduced the trash can on that drive to nothing, so that when I hit “delete” instead of going to C’s trash can, it disappeared totally. Luckily I have utilities to return those items to my hard drive, except for the dozen that couldn’t be recovered. Oh well.

I’m a bit testy as a result of all this. And I’m hot and sweaty from doing the dishes just a few minutes ago. And the cat is crawling all over my wanting something from me, which isn’t attention and is probably food (since she doesn’t get breakfast until about 5 AM or so).

Fun times. THEN I have to find out how to make Windows see that there is a Linux partition and boot to it sometimes, and I’ve been reading those manuals to tell me how to do that till my eyes bleed. Again, one of those PITA things.

So that’s what is happening here. Fun times.

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