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Two new Reviews


Okay, got two new reviews up on the Journal.

We also broke 100,000 unique visitors. I know that if I counted the pageloads, I’d probably be on several million by now. But I decided that the more important number is the people who visit. So it only counts one IP address per day. So anyone who visits gets their IP recorded for 24 hours, and a visit from the same location doesn’t count. Kinda stinks when it hits a firewall and everyone behind that firewall is counted as one hit.

Also I have to get the rest of the Witches Pyramid up. But things are happening here that make life “interesting”.

Still no job, but I’m going back to school which makes things even better.

I wish I had a lot of words of wisdom for you, but I’m out of thoughts. With my chronic depression, and new medication I’m going on to control it, my mental processes are kind of messed up. I do have two articles in the works, so those should be up when I have the time.

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