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Too tired to think


Well, those of you who read this should know that I was *supposed* to do a ritual this weekend, but my Sister was in town. It got worse.

We had 8 guests over last night, eating and talking, making a general party of it. Because of this, nothing got done. Not my ritual, not the laundry, not the shopping, nothing. Playing host and obeying the Celtic Virtue of “Hospitality” is a bitch, let me tell you. It’s harder than it looks to be.

PLUS (as if that wasn’t enough), I decided to format my C:> drive on my home PC and do what’s called a “clean install” of Windows 2000 and the rest of the programs, just to make certain that everything worked properly. Then my cousin gets my PC in his hands.

Now, mind you, he’s a really competant tech. He knows his shit. But my PC is MY PC, and I don’t go redesigning his truck’s engine simply because I know how to, without his permission.

So, the OS gets installed, and he decides to help, which resulted in 8 hours of installation and configuration on my part being completely lost, ensuring that I couldn’t do crap at 1 AM (about the time I was going to be doing the rite).

By this time I’m so tired I just go to bed. I managed to get the PC working with the minimal apps that my wife needs to do her job out of the home, but I was so livid at the end of it last night, I wanted to punch a hole in the wall. I think that my cousin needs a crash course in “Guest Obligations” (because one of the guests we had to take care of last night was invited by him, without any notification to us, or to the guest he invited either).

So, watch this space, I’ll be doing the ritual sometime soon. I’m considering taking a half day today, so who knows, I may be lighting torches at 1 PM or so. LOL

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