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HomeDruid, Witch Tolerance and Intolerance

Tolerance and Intolerance


I was reading over at The Wildhunt and came across his blog post about intolerance. It’s really too long for me to quote much of it here, but take a look.

Now that you know where I’m coming from, let me comment on that. I can’t really do it in the post since this is going to be long.

It’s hard to be moderate in the current climate. Especially since the freedoms and rights that we should have all this time are slowly being eroded away, and this kind of hatred is coming more and more to the fore. I see it every day in the news and online.

What makes me glad, however, is that many people in the Christian religion are policing their own and taking a stand, like this current one that happened with the judge’s order. I heard somewhere that for every 1 Christian that wants to have an ONLY Christian Theocracy, that 13 of them are fighting against that.

The problem here is that it’s teh rabid fundamentalists who are going to be going crazy and making all the noise. And believe it or not, this is what happened to the Mulsims, which is why you have groups like the Taliban and Al-Queda. The funamentalists made all the noise, and the moderates didn’t do much, they preached peace and kindness and moderation, and the fundamentalists drowned them out.

So slowly and surely, the moderates kept getting marginalized, pushed aside, ground under. Laws were passed to make sure the fundamentalist’s view of the world was enforced with the rule of law, and the Moderates didn’t do much. The fundamentalists started gaining power through manipulation of the economy and siezure of the resources that were to be had, and when they had power the other nations started dealing with the fundamentalists since the moderates didn’t have anything to offer them. Which means that gave legitimacy to the fundamentalists.

See a trend yet?

This is what is happening right now in America. The same proceedure tha led to the Taliban is what is occurring in America. More and more restrictive laws, more and more power going to the Fundamentalists, and the moderates are getting shouted down and forced out. I predict that in 40 or so years, America will be a fundamentalist Christian state, just as restrictive as Afghanistan was and is, and with just as many problems, and with the same set of moderates being pushed out.

That is, unless we do something.

I can call a Christian my brother if he (or she) supports the rights of all. I can support them in their fight to get the Ten Commandments in the Courthouse, if they will support my right to have the Wiccan Rede or the Druidic Virtues published in the same venue. If they will stand shoulder to shoulder with me on the front lines at Fort Hood and support the Soldier’s right to practice the religion of their choice, I can stand next to them when the Prison system tries to take away the right of prisoners to practice any religion.

What I don’t support is special rights for one group, like the fundamentalists are trying to push on the rest of us. What happens then is that no one really has any rights, for who defines the law at that point? Pretty soon, being able to wear jeans into church and having rock bands will be seen as heresy and they will be taken out.

They Came for Me might have been written for the time period of WWII and the persecution of the Jews, but it applys now. More people on ALL sides of this should remember this.

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