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Tired and Fund Drive

Yes, I am working still on this site. I’m also working in a real sense as I reported last time. That means that I have somewhat less time to work on this site than I did before, but any work on the site I do from work I also am doing on a really Really REALLY slllllllllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww machine.

(For those techs out there who appreciate details, it’s Win XP running on a 3 Ghz processor with [get this] 512 MB RAM with 80 GB HDD with something like 76 GB free. It’s only got MalwareBytes on it to protect it, no virus scan at all, and it’s coated in AdWare.)

I click on the icon to get something open, and it takes up to 1/2 hour to open, no joke.

So it’s all I can do to do the little bit of work they assign me.

But, I’ve taken the High Magick class and broken it down to only Text files. I’ve updated some of the information, and I’m pulling down the illustrations to insert into the text at the appropriate points. Tomorrow I will put them into Word and make the WYSIWYG adjustments I need to, then see about rendering them as a PDF file, one lesson each. Then to do the same with the OOBE classes and then with the Fiction. Then I’m 98% done.

Yeah, really. TONS of time ahead of schedule.

Now, on to the point of this particular post: Jason Pitzl-Waters [1] of “The Wildhunt” [2] is a friend of mine and I’ve been reading his work for some time now. You may remember that I worked with him on the collaborative blog “The Juggler” (now defunct) and wrote several articles for that publication. Well, he’s having a funding drive [3] on his site to raise operating expense money for the next year. This isn’t to pay his light bill, it isn’t to pay for his car, it’s to pay for the hosting and bandwidth fees for one of the best Pagan News Sites out there. As far as I can tell, he does this in his own time, on his own initiative, with input and items from all of us, but he still pays for the hosting fees and domain names himself. If my site is any indication, it can probably get up to a couple thousand dollars for him over the course of a year.

I know everyone is strapped for cash, Lord and Lady know I am, but kicking in Five Dollars isn’t a huge thing, but it could mean a lot to him.

Anyhow…. That’s it from me here. Off to get another taco from the leftovers.