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This is silly


Well, apparently AJ Drew has decided that I’m the same person as Obsidian.

I don’t know why, there is absolutely no evidence of this.

Obsidian wrote an essay that was highly critical of many Pagan Authors, and among them was AJ. He posted that almost 2 years prior to my becomming involved with AJ. Partly that essay was responsible for my going to Pagan Nation (AJ’s site) and starting to participate in the community there. I hate judging someone based on nothing more than someone else’s opinion, so I wanted to form my own opinion.

To be honest, I have no particular problem with AJ. He’s a pretty good person, very protective of his child and his wife. Even when I had problems with members of his community, I never got into a position where I disliked AJ himself. I was disappointed by a percieved “knuckling under” to pressure, and so I left so I wouldn’t cause more problems.

More drama. Gods I’m getting sick of this. While I am as guilty of drama as any other human being in this world, I try to let dead dogs stay there, instead of bringing it back up and going through it all again. This is why I am not going to relate any problems I may or may not have had in the past and focus on JUST this incident.

Here’s my disclaimer. I AM NOT OBSIDIAN. OBSIDIAN IS NOT ME. I am a middle aged man who has a wife and daughter who lives in Tennessee. I work in computers. I am a druid and witch, a Seax-Wican and clergy. Obsidian is a musician, young adult, unmarried and in another state. He owns the Obsidian Mirror. I own Daven’s Journal. Yes, I have written an article for Obsidian, and Obsy and I are friends. I also don’t agree with everything that Obsidian says, nor does he agree with everything I say.

Know what that makes us? Independant people.

But others will see some surface connections and think they have penetrated the mystery, which is in and of itself the problem with NeoPaganism and Wicca in general. Assumptions and seeing one layer of a complex puzzle and thinking they have it solved. There is much more to all this than one essay and a few visits.

The ironic thing is that I thought I put this behind me, but apparently not. Kinda sucks. These kinds of drama plays and games of one-upman-ship are THE reason I’m not participating in ANY community.

To Icie, thank you for coming to my defense. It’s appreceiated.

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