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Thinking Things Through

First Published on “The Juggler”

Well, it’s been nearly a month since I posted here, so let me make up for this now.

I want to talk a bit about thinking things through.

I, like many people in the United States and probably a significant portion of the world, have been following the mess with Huricane Katrina fairly closely. This is due to two things, first, my family and myself were in the path of that huricane, and my roommate is a storm chaser. She’s directed by the NOAA to go out and watch the weather and report what is happening in her area. She’s almost a storm chaser, but she only has a HAM radio, not any fancy gear.

So Huricane Katrina has been of interest to my household. I haven’t been paying the attention I should to things like the aftermath, but that’s because most of the news programs covering it are on while I’m at work.

But I still hear.

I mourn for New Orleans. A city of historic proportions leveled by floodwaters. It would be like losing Charleston or New York. And I watch as people go through and loot stores. And this is where my sense of right/wrong gets insulted.

I can say that if you are starving and the stores have food which is rotting and there is no one to sell you the food, then certainly take some to feed yourself in a time like this. That is reasonable and understandable. The stores themselves are going to be written off, along with their contents, as losses and the insurance companies will be paying out on them. So if the food is going to be wasted take what you need to feed yourself and keep yourself alive.

But why in hell are the looters taking Wide Screen TVs? Why cases of Chanel No. 5? Why take pool tables?

I want to grab them at that point and shake them for a while. I want to whack them with a clue-by-four and say “Hey, there is no SHELTER. Your HOME is destroyed. Do you think the rescue workers will allow you to pack that TV into the truck evacuating you? Will that pool table help you survive for the next few days? Will you be able to drink the perfume?”

All that’s doing is making you look stupid. It’s also encouraging larceny. To be sure those products will be written off just like the food will be, but when you take the pool table instead of the case of Spagetti O’s, later on you will get hungry. When that happens, now you have a choice; stay hungry or go and take it from someone who needs it just as much as you do. And that is wrong.

But it’s this failure to THINK that I’m objecting to. I understand the motivation behind taking what you want from stores that will be destroyed anyhow. I really do, it’s greed and a desire to have more than you do now. But you may be able to buy a TV with the money you get to replace your belongings, and at that point the TV you stole becomes useless. But you can’t use it now, there is no power to run the blamed thing. Even if there was, there would be no TV stations to broadcast to that TV for you to watch and there would be no place to put it. So taking something is not immediately relevant to your survival is stupid and useless.

Same with the current gasoline problem. Casual driving to simply drive stopped a LONG time ago, back in the ’60s or so. *I* don’t remember those times myself. So it’s not like we are out galavanting around simply because we can. People buy gas to go to work, to see their dying parents one last time, to celebrate a birthday at a far place. Jacking the price up to $3.00 a gallon or more is only making the customers mad. It’s making the base that you rely on to use your products angry at you and it’s making enemies out of EVERYONE, from the cops to the firemen to the politicians. Just because you are now charging more than most food for your product does not mean that we are not going to be buying it or that it won’t be affecting everyone. And that hurts sales, your customer base and the people who you should have the goodwill of.

Now, how does this relate to Wicca and Paganism? It should be obvious, but for those of you who need the “obvious brick”, let me spell it out: Think before you act.

I know of a couple groups that are having major problems because people running those groups aren’t thinking. They do what they want to do, like some petulant 3 year old, and they are surprised when it all goes “south”. One “leader” of one of the groups is spreading rumors and lies to other groups because one previous leader in the first group left to start her own (non-competing) group and invited some friends along. Many of those friends were from the first group, and they retained memberships in both. The first “leader” got huffy and banned the former leader and her friends from her group. Why? Apparently she believed that you couldn’t be a member of both groups at once. ????

Didn’t we grow past this when we were, like, 7 or so? Didn’t we get over needing to be the center of attention and have everyone paying attention with their lips glued to our ass when we were young? Or is our ego that fragle that ANY attention is better than none.

I have no idea. I just hate this syndrome.

Originally posted 2011-07-26 00:14:09. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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