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Thinking (and YES, it hurts)


Re-reading one of the reviews the Journal got a while back. Enyo says that she’s relieved to see a consistant scheme throughout the Journal. That it’s a good thing that the Journal uses the same backgrounds, the same look and so on. Funny thing is that at one point, another person wrote me and criticized me for that very tendancy. They said it was boring. Interesting.

Of course the source left a lot to be desired.

I see some disturbing things in the recent feeds I get. Wil Wheaton has a post up about “The Ashes of the American Flag”. I read it, all the stuff. I can’t seem to care anymore. We have been so abused in this country in the name of God and Faith and “family values” that I am getting to the point of just going “okay, we are in a police state.” and setting myself on fire. No one is listening. The few who are are impotent.

I get emails from the DNC (Democratic National Committee) which whip up a frenzy of fear, just as baddly as the Republicans do. Thing is that SOME of what the Republicans are proposing actually are good. Not all of them, but some. And then I see the ACLU sending out flyers that alert everyone and their brother about this dangerous flag burning amendment that Congress is sneaking through, and totally ignore the legislation taking away our ability to move from state to state without papers. Then I get an email from TrueMajority and find out that we have enough BBs to fill a tub and each represents a bomb like what leveled Hiroshima or Nagasaki (funny how many seem to forget that we dropped TWO bombs, not just one) and that we spend almost 10 times as much of the national budget on the military as on every othe service and segment of the government combined.

I’m all for supporting the troops and equipping them lavishly with what they need, but something is wrong there when the average soldier is STILL unpaid enough and has to live on welfare too. But my stepson and daughter in law and their son (now my grandson) are in JUST that position. But I don’t know what I’m talking about when I say that the military is the worst place to be right now.

Then we have this: WTF??? on The Wildhunt Weblog. And I go “what’s wrong with this country?”

And I realize that it’s fear. Fear is what is driving poeple like this. Fear is making normal human beings act like they are from the other side of the moon. They stopped acting like humans and started acting like animals, doing what they are told. And thus a very small percentage of people were able to get control of everything. And my country is being destroyed slowly.

I remember when I used to be proud of America, loyal and true. I used to get misty eyed when the Flag passed by. Now I could care less.

But at least I got the new Search Engine on the bottom of the Front Page to work. Still working on formatting the results, but it works.

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