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The Tale of the Seeker and the Crone

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(Note from Daven:  This is another resource used in a class I was taking at one time, but this touched me enough that I decided to put it here as well.  I hope you all see what I saw in this the first time I read it.)

The Tale of the Seeker and the Crone

From:  The Properties of Life
by Maragano

The Seeker traveled many miles to a temple high in the western mountains.  There, in the outer court, sat a Crone.  The Seeker went up to the Crone and said, “Old Mother, I have come from far to study at this temple.  How may I gain entrance?”

The Crone did not look up from where she sat, but simply said, “You have three questions to ask, Seeker.  If they are the correct questions, you may enter.  If not, you must go elsewhere.”

“i am tired and hungry.  I need sleep and food,” protested the Seeker.

The Crone raised her hand and cut short the Seeker’s protest.  “Your first question, Seeker, or leave now.”

The Seeker sat down and was quiet for a while.  Then the Seeker said, “Old Mother, what would be the three best questions to ask?”

“You have asked your first question, Seeker.”  The Crone nodded.  “The three best questions to ask are:  First – ‘What is our theology?’ – so that you will know what we believe is what you believe as well.  Second – ‘What are your responsibilities to us, and our responsibilities to you?’ – so that you will know what sort of bargain is being made.  Third – ‘How do I know I have been called?’ – so you do not spend your life in illusion.  Now, Seeker, for your second question.”

“Old Mother, what is the answer to those three questions?”

The Old Mother told of the beliefs of the temple.  She told the Seeker the outer names of the Goddess and the God the temple was built to honor.  She told of the rites and the reasons for them.  As day passed into night, robed figures came into the courtyard and lit fires at the four quarters to dispel the darkness.  As the moon boat crested the horizon, the Crone began to answer the Seeker’s second question.  She told of the blessings of the High Ones and all that they had given to us and what they asked in return.  As dawn cleared the darkness from the sky, she looked up for the first time, and looking deep into the Seeker’s eyes, she said, “Seeker, only you know if you come here to run away from a world that has battered you, or because all the world is here.  Now, Seeker, for your third question.”

Mother, I have heard all that you have said.  I have trod many false paths in search of this temple.  I am tired and hungry for all that you have to offer.  I fear that it is too much for me to learn.  But, Old Mother, may I come in and try?”

The Old Mother stood and helped the Seeker to stand, and said, “Come, Seeker.  We will both go in and learn together.”

(from January 1982 Georgian Newsletter)

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