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The Story of Father Yule

To Rhiannon

From Uncle Bobbie

Many years ago in Europe, Father Yule was a normal man. He worked hard every day to feed his wife and children. They were a happy family. Though they had little money, they gathered each night around the fire and sang and laughed and told funny stories. Then, as the children began to fall asleep, Father Yule would tote each one up to the loft and tuck them into bed. They would sleep soundly and dream of happy things. One winter day the mother took the children to town so they could find gifts for the winter holiday. Suddenly, a terrible snowstorm came along. The snow fell so hard they could not see their way home. They became lost and were never heard form again.

When Father Yule heard the news of his family being lost, he cried and cried. He had made toys and gifts for them and now there was no one to give them to. He searched and searched for his family, but her could not find them. He wandered many miles from his home. He began to see other children like his own but who were poorer than his family was. He was that they had no gifts for the holiday; they barely had enough food to eat. In fact, the children only had one pair of warm stockings. And those must be washed and dried everyday.

That day Father Yule went hunting. He killed a pig and picked some berries and some vegetables. He stopped by the bakery and asked for some old bread. He gathered the food up in the sack that he carried his family’s gifts in (Yes, he still carried those gifts with him always– in hopes that he would one day find his family.), and he went to the poor family’s house in the country. He arrived just as everyone went to bed. He tiptoed into the house, laid the meal out onto the table, and placed the gifts into the children’s stocking s that were hung over the fireplace to dry.

The family awoke then next morning and found the things that Father Yule had left. They didn’t know where it had come from, bur they were so happy to have the gifts and the holiday feast. Father Yule went his way, still searching for his family and bringing joy to families during the winter holiday.

Every year Father Yule travels from place to place looking for children who obey their parents, and are nice to their friends, and try to show love to everyone. He works very hard to visit each and every home the special night before the winter holiday. He brings gifts to children, and he gives special blessings to babies in their cribs. He wishes them strength and hope and love. He wishes them good parents and the ability to learn about good things.

His family is yet to be found but many others receive the love that he has for them.

This is a story my Brother-In-Law wrote for my daughter one Yule time. Most of my family is Mormon, but after repeated application of a board to their heads, they have accepted that my wife and I are Wiccan and are trying to raise my daughter in the same path. So, Bobbie very kindly looked for stories and ways to celebrate Yule with my daughter when she visited them in another state for Christmas and Yule.

He was not successful in finding any stories for her. So he wrote this. Blessedly nice of him, I think.

Stars light your path

4 Responses to “The Story of Father Yule”

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  2. Linda says:

    Love this story! I am searching for Yule stories for my young sons to read for their weekly reading homework and I would love to give Uncle Bobbie credit for such a charming story! If you could email me his full name ( I don’t think the teacher would appreciate the author being “Uncle Bobbie,” LOL), I would greatly appreciate it!

  3. I would love to share this on a broadcast. Its a wonderful story and the story behind it is equally as lovely. I would of course share a link to our page as well as full credits.
    Were a small site just getting started. We teach openness and understanding for all paths we are primarily witches, wiccan, heathen and some open minded christian. Thanks either way
    Bright Blessings

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