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The Soap Opera of Mark Continues….

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October 27, 2003

Well, truthfully, while I would wish that this would all just die, the saga of Mark V goes on. He apparently found the Notice, and went crazy. So, here is the new sets of crap he’s sending my way. I share this only as information for each of you, FYI. I’m ignoring it, not taking any action one way or another.

I will address certain accusations as they come up, however.

I guess it started with this email:

From:mark ventimiglia
To: daven@erinsjournal
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2003 2:56 AM
Subject: You are all a bunch of whiny bastards. Hahaha

Hey you, yeah YOU. hahaha. I am laughing at you and ALL those who associate with you. You are all a bunch of whiny bastards. Hahaha! You claim to disassociate yourselves from ME? HA! I dissed YOU queers and animal killers BEFORE you dissed me. You writing that disassocation notice about me is like the whiny employee telling the boss that he quits AFTER the boss has already fired him. Hahaha. Hey, you ever hear that country song about the singer who makes more money every time the tabloids runs his name in the ground? Well, keep the bad press coming cause it is earning me a fortune! I recently got my statements from the past 6 months of sales from the Wiccan Rede adn the Wiccan Prayerbook and I must say I am pleasantly impressed!

As the old saying goes… sticks and stones… oh well, I am sure your redneck, inbred, hillbilly intellect has heard the saying before. hahahaha! Thanks for making me rich!

This came literally out of nowhere. Previous to this, I had had one polite request from a young lady for more information. Apparently he had joined a list she was on, and started making trouble.

It seems that I’m not the only one who got this kind of email, as on the group Official Seax-Wica other members showed the same:

From: Kevin
To: official_seax_wica@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2003 5:51 AM
Subject: [Seax-Wica] Mark Alert: Just when I thought it was safe to be Gay and Pagan

hey guys, Just wanted to let you guys know that mark is back and I think on a rampage. I think he just found our letter of disassociation. The following is the text of the email that Mark sent me entitled “Hey Fudge Packer”.

“How do you get time to run a coven AND post negative remarks about me when you spend 99.9% of your time surfing QUEER WEB SITES???

Sodomy is a crime in America the last time I checked! You are one gross bastard! What is next? Animals or little boys?”

I cant believe this stupid prick guys. So be on the lookout Mark is back and hes pissed. May the Dark Lord and Lady send him many returns this Karma season. No additions no subtractions only the wheel speed up its actions.


A lot of discussion ensued, mostly along the lines of “AGAINNNNNN???” and “Let’s just ignore him”. Really, it’s that dull. We moved on to other things.

Then this came:

From: mark ventimiglia
To: daven@erinsjournal; seanursus @ someplace.com ; kevinswaney @ someplace.com
Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2003 1:26 PM
Subject: To whom it may concern

http://www.geocities.com/the_wiccans_voice/  (this website and document has been removed to protect the privacy of some named in the hate.)

I followed that link, and to my shock I discovered a few things (oh, and just to protect those who were in it with me, I have changed Sean’s and Kevin’s email addresses. You can probably find them with a websearch if you really want to. I hate spam and won’t inflict it on others….)

  • I seem to be gay (strange, I don’t feel homosexual, although I am happy.)
  • I’m nothing but a hedonist
  • I support Satanism which makes me a Satanist, in effect
  • I need to be “watched out for”, but not cursed.

To which I respond:

I’m not homosexual, I am a straight man, not that he would believe it. I’m married to a wonderful woman, Mary and I have a lovely daughter. Yes, I have a low sex drive, and that’s about all. So what? Is that a crime these days? Nope, last I checked, it was legal to be straight or gay in this country. Do I have gay friends? Certainly. Several people I know are gay, actively, and in committed relationships as well. Is that illegal? Nope.

I like sensual things, I enjoy my pleasures, and if that makes me a hedonist, so be it. I also work pretty hard for my pleasures, and I also have sacrificed a LOT in my life to be where I am. Does this charge affect me? Not in the least. It’s a whiny little man who is desperate to make me respond with some sort of attack because of a perceived hurt to him, and I refuse to play his game. He is dead to me. I am discussing a corpse.

I do support the right of Satanists to live and thrive and to do their thing as they see fit. Diane Vera has a nice page dedicated to these kinds of things, and I support her efforts. I think that in many cases, all of them where the practitioner is practicing actual Satanism from groups like Anton LeVey or another group that can be seen as “religious” in nature, I will help them. My reasoning? “They came for me” Now, I also believe that when a Satanist or any other member of a religion, not just Satanism goes too far and breaks the law, such as sacrificing and torturing a person or animal, that they need to be prosecuted as far as the law will go. So long as that line is not crossed, then I see nothing wrong with Satanism as a religion or a philosophy. This does not make me a Satanist, it only means that I see their pathway to the Divine as just as valid as mine.

As far as me being watched out for, well, I guess if you have to. I personally couldn’t care less if little children go screaming across the street when they see me or not. I am a person first, a moral person at that, a Druid, father and husband next, a teacher third, and all else after that. Members of my family have tried to break my spirit with petty attacks like this for many years, and they haven’t yet, so I don’t think Mark will either.

Finally, today, I got this email:

From:mark ventimiglia
To: daven@erinsjournal
Sent: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 00:21:15 -0800 (PST)
Subject: THANKS MAN!!!!

Hi there Daven,

Mark Ventimiglia himself

Mark Ventimiglia himself

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my biggoted heart. Seems like I was right… bad publicity is better than no publicity! Woohoo… your “bad press” is working wonders for my paycheck! I haven’t sold this many books in years! Thanks for all the FREE advertisement. You know, really I am sooooooooooooo happy that you posted that I am “anti-gay,” cause you know I AM!!! I admit it PROUDLY! And the neat thing is… seems there are more straight anti-gay wiccans in the US than we both believed! GREAT! You know what they say about the 3 fold law… Well, looks like it’s more like the 10 fold law for me! I just placed my order for a brand spanking new 2004 Dodge Viper!!! And yes… paid CASH for it. Well, it wasn’t really cash. It was a cashier’s check! Anyway, I bet you will never know what it’s like driving a $150,000 sports car with over 550+ HP and having NO monthly payments whatsoever!!! hahaha. It must SUCK to be YOU! But then, YOU like that, don’t you. Suck, suck, suck. hahahaha.

You know… I don’t hate gay people. I just hate what they do. Sodomy between man and woman is gross enough. Sodomy between two men is totally disgusting! Guess you people didn’t pass your biology class in high school, eh? The anus is an OUT door!!! And what comes out of it? HUMAN WASTE! totally gross man!

Well, I just wanted to thank you for my new Viper. And for all the FREEE press you’re giving me. Yep, I am as anti-gay as they come. And proud of it. THANKS A MILLION…. keep the money coming, dude!!!!

…which only goes to show you that he knows he’s bigoted, he knows he’s an asshole, and he’s only in this for the money, not to worship, or express his spirituality, just for the CASH.

So, buy his books if you want, it’s on your own decision. Me, I won’t ever buy them as the books suck. I read his book “The Wiccan Rede” and the only reason I haven’t gotten around to reviewing it yet is because I don’t have the time to force myself through it.

New 11-12-03

From: “mark ventimiglia” <mark71565@yahoo.com>
To: <daven@erinsjournal>; <seanursus @ someplace .com>
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 7:08 PM
Subject: GET SMART


I actually don’t understand his problem. He seems to be obsessed with getting this “message” out to someone, but I’m not sure who the target is. What the hell ever. I think the fundie Christians would be happy to have him back in their ranks.

New 11-13-03

And the interesting hits just keep on coming….

Found out that there is this petition online. http://www.petitiononline.com/q845102/petition.html

Now, I signed it, but I did not write it. Just goes to show you that people can and will do what they feel they must to denounce stupidity when they see it.

Also come to find out that one of those named on Mark’s hate-site above found his name on that site while doing a websearch, and forwarded all this to multiple elders and traditional leaders, as well as a homosexual organization of Wiccans. Those elders and that organization seems to have decided to take things in hand, and started flooding him with emails, as well as giving him poor reviews of his two books. Good for them I say. Wish I could see some of this traffic between Mark and them. I guess that is what prompted him to start updating his site and screaming about how much money he’s making because of the bad publicity. Oh well….

Update later in the day….

Guess what? Someone complained or Yahoo finally got on the stick an his page is now gone, deleted, vanished, canceled, subsumed, reintegrated with the universe….

New 11-17-03

Well, there have been some interesting things happening. First off, there is a slowly generating ramp-up of support for the petition. Guess I’m not the only one who detests what this man is doing.

I have also been reading some of the comments on Amazon.com about Mark and his books. Seems there are more and more people who are reading his books and denouncing them as crap. As long as they are not purchased, I don’t care. It also seems that this is important enough to Mark that he’s decided to respond to these critics himself….

I also got an interesting email from someone who has been following this almost as closely as I have been. I will include the text in full here:

From: garandu @ someplace. net (Garan du)
To: daven@erinsjournal
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 00:56:19 -0500
Subject: Journal Feedback

I Would Like To Say To Daven: Hello and Merry Meet,

As a 3rd degree in the Minoan Brotherhood (a path of Traditional Witchcraft geared mainly toward gay and bi men), I have been following the Ventimiglia debacle with some interest. I started paying attention when I purchased his “The Wiccan Rede” and found the offensive reference to homosexuality hidden within. I thought you’d be interested to know that I have found the source to his scurrilous opinions … that being Dion Fortune, the Christian mystic. If you read her “Sane Occultism and Practical Occultism in Daily Life” you will find Mr. Ventimiglia’s arguments on homosexuality and vegetarianism laid out in detail. Of course, the problem is that she was not a Witch as we recognize the term. She was a Christian, and one from turn-of-the-century Britain … in other words, a moralizing, prudish Victorian Christian (the worst). Given his doctorate in religious philosophy, one can now (with those two points) plot the dismal trajectory of studies that has lead him to where he is today. He’s a frustrated Christian who is intent on overthrowing the Pagan world to meet his personal needs for succor because there simply is very little room for Christian mysticism in the America of today. Why? Because in practising as such he’s automatically lumped in with all them thar sa-tan-ist pagans in right-wing fundy ‘Merica. Therefore, he has to show why his is the only “true” way to practice. “See Jerry (Falwell)? See Pat (Robertson)? I’m really good, not like those stinky bad homersekshul pagans.”

Anyway, I hope that this throws some light on the topic at hand.

Blessings and Good Fortune (pun intended),

Garan du

P.S. Apparently the heat is on him, as Ventimiglia has posted an attempted refutation of his critics on amazon.com (The Wiccan Rede). Would you believe that he has been telling us homosexuals how vile we are only out of his love for us? If that isn’t a Pat Robertson attitude of Christian “love,” then I don’t know what is. By the way, you are welcome to use this email as you see fit.

Soooooo, things are continuing to be interesting for all parties involved in this. I know I’m enjoying watching this.

Oh, and because the gurus at Yahoo decided to delete his site, and without that site there is little evidence of just how “nuts” Mark is, I have linked the previous link to his site to a PDF file of his site that I made when it first came to my attention. Just to let you all know what is going on.

New 11-23-03

Two new emails came in on this, both sympathetic to me and the idiocy that is Mark. I found them interesting.

From: “Laurie Wade” <waterspabs @ someplace .com>
To: <daven@erinsjournal>
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2003 2:34 PM
Subject: Journal Feedback

Interesting that Mr. Ventimiglia should buy a 2004 Dodge Viper that comes with Aggressively-bolstered leather-trimmed seating with preferred-suede inserts standard. I thought he deplored animal cruelty?

From: “Roxanne Geisenheimer” <RoxxyArtemis @ someplace .com>
To: <daven@erinsjournal>
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2003 7:27 PM
Subject: Journal Feedback

I Would Like To Say To Daven: Daven, darling. I know you probably have an incredible inbox right now..with everything that is going on. I’m sorry if this is just another email in your way, but I just had to tell you that I am disgusted with this guys behavior towards you and countless pagans. I am impressed with your replies… you said exactly what I would have said to him, however as we can see it hasn’t helped him from his ignorance. I have forwarded the petition to everyone I know, as I recieved it from the Witches of the World Coven. I sincerely hope Mark’s ranting voice is laid to rest soon. I picked up my books by Ray Buckland and refreshed my memory of him… and um, I’m with you- there is no way he’s behind this asshole, unless he’s suddenly insane (highly unlikely). So, blessings to you, you’re a wonderful guy. 🙂

Roxxy )O(

Hmmmmmm, interesting….

Also, the petition is up to about 124 or so signatures. It’s being featured on several email lists, ironically one of them that I’m subscribed to (without me bringing it up).

Also, I’m going to link these pages in a ring, so that someone who comes in on any of them can get to them all.

New 12-26-03

Mostly, there is not much new, just updates.

First, I let Raymond Buckland know about the Petition, and he signed it. Shocked a few people, I can tell you. (Signature 235 if you are interested)

Second, since his site was deleted, nothing new has been heard from Mark on ANY front. Could he have actually gone an hidden?

Third, the Amazon reviews of Mark’s book, The Wiccan Rede, are interesting to say the least. Almost all of the reviewers have said that it’s a shitty book, full of hate and bigotry, posting quotes from that same book to prove their case, mentioning the Notice of Disassociation, but there are a few hard-core fans (or just Mark in disguise) who spam that review saying how wonderful Mark is. I think I caught Mark logging in as another person and reviewing his own work, and that puts suspicion on all the other reviews that are good.

Fourth, apparently one of his publishers dropped him in their list of authors. The writer of the petition contacted his publishers (one of which is Citadel Press). Citadel responded that they had been bought by Crossing Press, and they have stopped publishing him. He’s not on their list of authors. I have sent the publicity department an email asking for some statement, and I’ll let you know.

I also found out some interesting information, by way of background information. Through contacts with people who had contact with him previous to all this, apparently Mark used to be pretty stable. He was married and had a good career going. Then his wife left him. Seems that she found out that she was a lesbian and decided to leave him for another woman.

Well, as you can probably guess, that didn’t sit well with him. He went off the deep end and finally convinced himself that homosexuality is evil, and that he’s not at fault. With this entire chain of events happening at that point. Just one of those things.

Oh my FUCKING God! 1-7-04

From: “mark ventimiglia” <mark71565@yahoo.com>
To: <daven@erinsjournal>; <seanursus @ someplace .com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 8:28 PM
Subject: Blessings

This afternoon I was forwarded an email from a friend since I have been out of the country on a book signing tour and haven’t been online in 3 months. He showed me all the “bad press” you boys have been spewing over the gay issue. I have to
really roll my eyes and laugh! Seems you two have quite a lot of time on your hands if all you do is sit around and flame me and my work. If you were really serious about your religion, you should be practicing the religion. But it is apparent that I am on your mind more than the gods! That is pathetic! Get a life. But, thanks for the free advertisement! My books are selling like hotcakes. You know what I always say: Bad press is better than no press. It would have cost me a fortune to buy the kind of advertisement you two are giving me. Thanks a million!

Also, Sean, what a pathetic loser you are. You and Jason both liked me and my noble stand on morality and ethics. I have nothing against gay people. Yes, I know that homosexuality is a sick and pathetically twisted perversion of physical love, but as I stated in the Rede, I will never come between someone and their god. I will try to open their eyes to the truth, but I will never condemn them. You both said you were ok with that. Then, you shoved your filthy Gay Pagan Pride banner in my face. All I asked was that you remove the link since you linked it to my site. And then, you screamed like babies and stomped your feet and threw a fit. Grow up! If you want to keep wicca in the filth of sodomy, fine, just don’t drag my name with it! That’s all I was saying!

And as for Daven, you say you call a spade a spade. But do you even know what a spade is? You people act like friends, then stab me in the back when you don’t get your way. That is sick and childish. I feel sorry for you all.

Once again, grow up. Anyhow, I don’t have time for this, since my time is valuable. Get a life. but thanks for all the free advertisement.

Blessings (you’ll need them, I am sure),

Well, I have no clue. It seems to me that if he was getting all this sales from this bad press, he would be shutting up and letting us rail against him, not telling us how useless it is to decry him since it’s no good. Methinks he’s protesting too much.

As far as his book sales are going, I got contacted by a publicity manager of a publishing company recently, and she let me know that if Mark got $150,000 in royalties, then he would have been counted as one of the best selling authors of all times. Just to keep things in perspective.

Personally I could give a flying fuck at this point. Mark V should just die. He’s not going to sell anymore books, his fan base are fucked and they are realizing it now. Interesting that publishing houses are dropping him and he still thinks he’s doing well. I doubt that his books would be open to any publisher now, just on reputation. No doubt his agent is going apeshit on him.

January 26, 2004

A message of hope and cheer for all of us.

From: Dana Mirrell
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 4:47 AM
Subject: Journal Feedback

I Would Like To Say To Daven: Daven,

While usually I don’t allow myself to read and/or on a further level become involved in situations such as this ( the “Mark V. situation”), in this case I felt a pulling.

I too have been taught the secret paths since childhood. My grandmother raised me in the traditions of her forebearers. After a bitter divorce between my parents (I was 12) my mother packed me up and moved me several states away from the woman I had come to know not only as my Grandmother but as my mentor and guide. I continued to learn, as learning is like breathing, and continued alone on my path. When I was 16 I was approached by my neighbor who had been watching me as I performed the rituals I had learned as a child. He wanted to introduce me to his coven. This was a very pivotal time in my life. I had held true to the faith in She who had so filled my heart with love, and although it was hard at times I felt that I was now being rewarded. After several months of joining their gatherings and general “good times” I readily threw my fate in with theirs.

There were many good times and the coven in which I grew to know as family. Then a man and his wife were invited. They brought their daughter. After a few months they were further allowed in. Nothing, at this point, showed us the truth of their thoughts. Soon after petty squabbles began to break out. This was a first for us and as ever person has their own views on things, this was considered “normal”. The situations were taken care of and we went on. But, the squabbles continued and gained in number, becoming more vicious and hurtful. The cycle had begun.

There were a few homosexual couples among our number. Great people, kind and generous, loving and committed to their friends. The Great Mother had surely blessed them, and we felt truly blessed to have them with us. On Samhain of 1997 one of the men was beaten badly in our grove before the ceremonies, hospitalization was required for him. We spent the night in prayer, sending healing energies to him and our love, and I was devastated to hear some of my “family” voicing that this was Her punishment for his ways, that he was an abomination and an affront to her teachings. My heart was breaking, and I could feel the negative energies assaulting us from their malicious words and thoughts.

He healed, but the coven was breaking. It didn’t take long for the sentiments of a few to spill over onto others. When the man who was beaten returned for Yule some were openly against him and his life-mate, as well as the other homosexual couples. Several meetings were called for this, and the root of the problem was found to be the newest member, the man and his wife and even their seven year old daughter. It became abundantly clear that these “problems” and all “problems” had started only after he was invited in.

The story continues but as it gets worse I don’t believe I have the heart to share it. I will say, however, that the end result was several of us leaving as the coven had broken faith with us and so we broke from them. One voice had the ability to create so much hatred and negativity. It took one voice to break apart what had took years for people to create. Many felt betrayed, and I was one of them. I am a solitary practioner now. I have been asked to join several other “groups” but am wary.

I came across this journal as a link from another page and I was quickly drawn back to my own experiences. My heart went out to those who are being persecuted by this Mark guy, who I can honestly say I have never heard of before this. I have seen and read his e-mails and comments. Before, it was persecution from others. Their ignorance and conflicting beliefs lead them to kill, murder, many innocent people who they deemed “witches”. Now, it seems, we, as in all people of earth/nature based religions, are being persecuted by our own. Not only are our religious beliefs being torn down, but our personal beliefs and views on human nature as well.

I find Mark to be highly arrogant, to think that he has a right to judge another man/woman based on their sexual preferences. How ignorant is a man who tells another that he is wrong in the choices of his own life? Ignorance and bigotry is a cycle that has repeated itself for centuries and he is only a bit player. He seems, in my opinion, to be viewing this situation as a crusade, a calling in his life. But, history is only repeating itself and we all can see how far these actions have gotten us.

I’ve seen several e-mails in which Mark “brags” about money and I can’t help but wonder how happy does he honestly think he will be when there is nothing but money left to comfort him?

To those who have been at the center of his “attacks”, Brightest Blessings to you and yours. Keep heart and know that this is his will and not that of the Great Mother’s. And, to Mark, I can only hope that he will see that this path is a one way trip to his own ruination.

Walk in Light,
Bright Blessings,

January 27, 2004

Just for laugh’s sake, I’m going to share his newest letter… He’s a loon.

From: mark ventimiglia
To: daven@erinsjournal; seanursus @ someplace.com ; kevinswaney @ someplace.com
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 8:26 PM

Just an update on all your bigotry and hatred…

FACT#1: Wicca is a STRAIGHT religion! Gardner set it up this way– women initiate men; men initiate women. This was to guarantee that Wicca remain non-gay! Gardner himself even said that HOMOSEXUAL energy is NEGATIVE energy!

FACT#2: In the 70’s, many straight people, with no interest in Wicca or the craft, came to the Craft, just to participate in the nude orgies. This was the first downfall of our religion to the hedonists! Buckland, among others, branched off to start their own Trads with the hope of eliminating this filth! Now, in the 90’s and the New Century, the Gays have infiltrated, and are doing what the sexual miscreants were doing back in the 70’s!


Sean, you say that if it weren’t for Jason, there would be no Wicca in the UK. Well, if the so-called Wicca in the UK is gay, then there is NO REAL WICCA in the UK! Regardless of what YOU think!

Same goes for you, Daven! You think you’re this “well informed” mediaphile with a fancy website, etc… yet you condone such sexual misconduct! You are a fool!

And Kevin, you claim to be a “high priest” but in reality, you, and any other queer, limp wristed, fudge-packing, butt pirate, is anything BUT a priest… you aren’t even Wiccan!

You people spend more time online trashing my name on Amazon (do you really think people read them reviews? hahaha) and other sites, as well as playing with yourself while looking at gay porn than you do practicing Wicca. YOU don’t take Wicca seriously… or any religion for that matter!

True wisdom comes from deep meditation! Communicating with the gods on a personal and intimate level. Playing dress up, and killing a few goats (as them Theodish fools claim), burning candles and incense, etc., is NOT what true spirituality is about.

Do I hate queers? Do I hate animal sacrificers? NO. I hate what they do, but I don’t hate them. THAT’S WHY I AM TRYING TO EDUCATE THEM AND WAKE THEM UP!!! If you were intelligent, you’d have figured that out!


<sigh> Okay, once again….

Mark, we are not saying that you can’t hate all that. Fine, be that way. We are saying that you have no right to judge anyone else’s personal path to the divine. No, we are not saying that those of us involved in this want to go out and kill a few dozen cattle a day, but it is not our place to judge anyone else who is not of our path.

In point of fact, this is the only site I’m smearing you on. I posted one comment on Amazon, and I don’t talk about this anyplace else unless it’s to vent about how stupid you are.

Yes, you are right, animal sacrifice is not part of Wicca. But sacrifice is part of Wicca, the sacrifice of the body for intellectual pursuits, the sacrifice of time, the sacrifice of prejudices and so on to improve oneself.

I think it’s rather obvious that you aren’t willing to look at the information we have shown you objectively and sacrifice your own ignorance to honor the Gods you say you honor and worship.

I find that really sad.

February 2, 2004

I just got another one…. I wonder when he’s going to get the clue?

From: mark ventimiglia
To: daven@erinsjournal; seanursus @ someplace.com ; kevinswaney @ someplace .com
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 4:32 PM
Subject: A note:

Just a note to all you limp wristed, Freddie Mercury liking, flaming butt pirates… keep up the promo for me, OK. With YOUR help, I’ll NEVER have to hire a publicist!

Just answer me this… what the hell is in the water in the UK? Seems like EVERYONE there is freaking QUEER! Elton John, Mic <sic> Jagger, David Bowie, just to name a few. May the Gods punish you all with HIV and AIDS!!!

HIV AND AIDS? How is that possible? They are the same dissease. Last I checked, Mick was straight. Won’t this be news to his UK audience that he hates them all because all of them are gay? Wow.

February 25, 2004

Look closely at this one…. He wrote to Raymond Buckland too, and told him, in effect, that he doesn’t know shit about Seax-Wica. The FOUNDER of Seax-Wica not knowing anything about it?

Look closely, I think he proves that he’s insane. Ken (of Ken and Barbie) gay? News to me.

From: mark ventimiglia
To: daven@erinsjournal; ermund@ someplace.com ; seanursus@ someplace.com ; kevinswaney@ someplace.com ; obsidian@ someplace.com ; gladsheim21@ someplace.com ; heatheninfo@ someplace.com ; jason@ someplace.com ; jp004d6075@ someplace.com ; jp004d6075_2@ someplace.com ; mdehners@ someplace.com ; Raymond Buckland ; piasagoth @ someplace.com
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 8:49 PM
Subject: Controversey sells books… millions of books!

To whom it may concern:
Concerning stupidity:
Controversey sells books… millions of books! You know, I realize that gays are stupid, but you people take the cake! Honestly… a petition against me and my books? How flattering! You all must be thinking of me 24-7! How flattering, indeed. Thanks for all the free promo! Remember, Harry Potter was banned when it first was released, and now look at it! Just ask JK Rowling about negative press! She’ll be the first to tell you that bad press is better than no press. Ahahahaha! You can love me or hate me, but you’ll never ignore me! And, to set the record straight, you people. the gays, as well as all so-called straight people that condone these immoral acts of homosexuality and sodomy, you are all the spawn of ignorance! Your lack of understanding true reality is totally mind-boggling! Even a fool knows you cannot put square pegs in a round hole, yet you are more ignorant than fools, for the penis was made for the vagina, and the vagina was made for the penis! For these two organs there is no other use! How foolish to think otherwise! And to try and say that homosexuality is about love and pleasure. Well, that is just disgusting and stupid! First, an asshole is not for fucking! For crying out loud, the rectum is how the human body eliminates waste! To force a reproductive organ (the penis) into such a nasty place is disgusting, to say the least! And after your filthy anal sex, when your dick is dripping with human feces… it is only a sick and perverted person to even try and pass that off as love or pleasure. It is neither! OK, on to issue #2…

Concerning bigotry and hatred:

To all those, who, as Obsidian (a person too cowardly to state his/her real name, yet the handle is quite appropriate, since obsidian is black, thus representing evil, or worse yet, the darkness of ignorance and pure negativity) brought to my attention, signed a petition to- in his/her words- “bring me down and ruin my pagan literary career,” I have to say this:

“My teachings are not meant for fools whose intelligence has been silenced by a firm faith in the reality of this illusory world, and the consequent striving for selfish sense gratifying pleasure. What foolish man will endeavor to show a colorful forest to a blind man? Not I! They who behave like animals cannot be instructed in the higher spiritual sciences, for they are being led by the nose like beasts by the rope of their own ignorance.

“For all of you who are hiding behind your PC screen and cowardly sending me hate e-mail and death threats, I am truly sorry for you! This only proves your supreme ignorance, and total lack of understanding of the True Reality. I am omnipresent infinite consciousness! Therefore I cannot die. EVER! If you truly practiced Wicca, or any other branch of European shamanism/paganism, you would understand this. But your childish disdain proves your ignorance! (Just for the record, my careers. all of them, literary, art, etc., are fine and well, and it will take more than a handful of idiots to dethrone me)!

You call me the bigot, hate monger, Nazi, etc. (your words, not mine), but it is all of you whom are filled with bigotry, hate, and rage, due to your poor fund of knowledge and utter lack of correct spiritual understanding. And you hope to ostracize me? Only a fool would banish their own savior! Would you turn your back on the man that is trying to rescue you from drowning in quicksand? Yet your eyes are closed, cemented shut with the mortar of ignorance, and you realize naught that you are, in fact, drowning in nescience!

But perhaps it is not your fault? You are the product of your environment. I put some of the blame on the occult publishing industry for mass producing garbage and misinformation for the past twenty years. It is sad, though, when the public is too damn lazy to do quality research, to find the Truth for themselves; the vast majority seems to enjoy a diet of ignorance, and they digest all the rubbish that is tossed to them. This is sheer stupidity! And it is also a shame, because when the Truth is revealed (as in the case of my books, and a few rare other authors; ie: not Llewellyn or Weiser authors), you can’t digest it! Truth is, you wouldn’t know the Truth if it came up and bit you on the ass!

And on to other issues…

Concerning homosexuality:

You fools do not know that ignorance is the giver of grief! Ignorance creates a delusion of pleasure only by the total veiling of true spiritual knowledge. When one’s consciousness is polluted by ignorance it invites suffering! Yet you all are too stupid to understand this. Ignorance is truly bliss, for you suffer, yet you are totally ignorant of your suffering.

The spiritual bliss enjoyed by the wise ones, who has his/her senses under complete control, is incomparably superior to the fool whose senses are not controlled, and who gives in to cravings of lust, anger, sexual misconduct, violence, etc. Indeed, wisdom grows in clarity as one’s cravings for sense pleasure are rooted out! But again, you all are ignorant of this Ultimate Truth! And yes, I am speaking to you, Brice, Alaric, Daven, Kevin Swaney, Scott, Jason and Sean Percival, and all the rest of you sodomites, homosexuals, and lesbians (as well as any and all so-called “straight” people that condone this disgusting habit, as well as all bi-sexual idiots)!

It is quite sad when a group’s demagogic mentality pressures society into adopting immoral attitudes! In this case, the non-respectable group of wicked social standing of which I speak is none other than the entire homosexual community, whose dementia of impaired reasoning is attempting to overthrow the moral family values of our culture, society, and nation! (And yes, our nation does have it’s share of problems, some of which I’ll address later in this letter).

Ah, but the senses are hard to conquer! Their weapons are the many cravings and temptations. The wise ones grind their teeth and strive to conquer the restless mind and unruly senses. The wise ones, who rids themselves of doubts, in which there is no desire, abandons all cravings for sense pleasure and attains true wisdom. Only the mind that has been well disciplined experiences true happiness. The physical body does not subject the wise ones to temptations of lust, greed, anger, etc., nor does it allow ignorance and fear to invade him! And I will explain why…

Concerning Magick:

Because of all of the above, it is easily obvious that none of you even understand magick! How is magick possible? Magick is possible because our reality is merely the Creator’s (ie: Ultimate Deity) dream! Candles, incense, rituals, robes, sacrifices, etc. do not effect magick! Only through intense and sincere meditation can one truly understand this. The afore mentioned props merely set the atmosphere (ie: fool the mind. In truth, they are worthless). Example: During the period when one is dreaming, one’s characteristics believes that one is awake (ie: you think the dream is true reality); yet, when one is awake, you realize the dream was a dream. Similarly, once the waking state is realized as fleeting (ie: this reality is not True reality), it takes on the characteristics of the dream! Consciousness, which is awake even during the dream state, yet also shines in the waking state transcends all consciousness. This is how magick works. But again, you do not understand this! Hey, I am just here to help. Look at me as your friendly wake up call.

The wise ones who knows that which alone is worth knowing transcends all! The wise ones sees the Truth who sees the physical body as a product of deluded understanding, and as the source of all woe, and who knows that the physical body is not the True individual! Even Raymond Buckland, Gerald Gardner, and the other Elders of our religion knew this Truth! The Ultimate Deity is genderless. neither male nor female. and the pleasure spoken of in the ancient lore was not referring to physical pleasure, but spiritual. The Ultimate Deity (Woden, Thor, Diana, etc., call them what you will) is complete spirit. They only take on a male or female form in the mind of the devotee! You must ask yourself, “do I aspire to become spirit (ie: go up the spiritual ladder), or remain in the flesh as an animal (ie: descend the spiritual ladder)?” There are those who call themselves Wiccan, claiming to live by the Rede, yet they eat meat, condone animal sacrifice, and condone homosexuality, claiming that animals do all of the above. How stupid! So what if animals do all of the above. Do you seek to remain an animal, or do you seek union with the Ultimate Deity? Freyr is not a god of homosexuality. Freyr is of the Vanir. The Vanir are fertility deities. Homosexuality is an abomination to fertility! Think about it. Don’t just stomp your feet and get mad at me because I am at odds with you. I am here for your benefit! Learn, learn, learn, and pull yourself from the muck of ignorance in which you are currently sleeping!

Concerning animal sacrifice:

Now I would like to address issues, such as animal sacrifice, meat eating, etc., and bring to light the actions of cowardly fools like Ermund, who murder innocent animals for some hyped up macho trip, yet try and hide such atrocities behind a religious veil. Ermund thinks himself compassionate, yet he has no compassion for the lives he takes! And he told me, more than once, he’d like to murder children, and would, if he could get away with it! Does that sound like a compassionate man? Look into the eyes of a helpless goat, or a child. how can you take a life, Ermund, any life, and call yourself compassionate? Ermund, you are nothing but a coward and a thief! And I’d like to inform everyone here that Ermund works as an officer in a youth correctional facility! Thgis is very scary considering his views on children! It is even more frightening when so-called intelligent and law abiding people back him in his decisions! (ie: Daven, who more than once e-mailed me concerning my attempt to notify Ermund’ employer and reveal to them his twisted ideas. Daven told me that I was sinister to do such a thing. Yet, I wonder how he would feel if Ermund murdered his child)? I am ashamed at all of you!

Furthermore, to sacrifice any living being to the gods is a foolish idea! The gods, the Ultimate Deity, is everything and all powerful! They already possess the goat! No need to kill it! They have everything and are everything. Is that too hard to understand? What do you give the god who has everything? Give them your love… not the cruel act of murder!

Even Ray Buckland teaches that prior to working magick, one should abstain from eating meat so as to purify one’s self, and make one uncontaminated before the gods. Doesn’t it make sense then, that to abstain completely from meat 24-7, one would continuously be pure and unpolluted? Think about it! Only through meditation will these truths be revealed! Ignorance is easily abandoned only by those of a pure nature! Therefore, become pure and abandon ignorance!

Humans that live on a meat diet are cowards as well as stupid. Think about it. Lions and tigers are not herded as livestock! Oh no, the big brave humans herd animals like cows, pigs, goats, etc. Go to a farm. Spend a few hours walking with the cows. I believe you will then get to understand them in a very different light. These animals are gentle and kind. It is very sad that this sick nation (USA) murders 200,000 cows every day! That is more than the total population of most American cities. Sad, very sad.

And, believe it or not, I had a few psycho Wiccans (who claimed to work in the medical field) tell me I didn’t know shit about the human body and nutrition. Excuse me, but I have been very thoroughly trained in nutrition! Humans are not omnivores. Again, you believe the rhetoric and propaganda of the meat industry. Sorry. Still, people in the medical field (Wiccan or not) should know better!

Concerning religion, Wicca, and spirituality:

So you see, homosexuality and animal sacrifice, as well as all other immoral acts, are simply the physical reflection of ignorance! Are you intelligent enough to realize this? Probably not!

Go ahead and turn your backs on me and my teachings. to do so is to turn your backs on more than 40,000 years of wisdom! To ostracize me is to banish Gardner, and all who came before him! So be it! Your spiritual advancement concerns me naught! I am just “HE WHO POINTS THE WAY.” You are free to follow or reject what I say and write. It does not matter to me. Of course, if my teachings helps even one person, than I will consider my efforts a success. This is my last e-mail to this sad and pathetic little group. All of your replies will be deleted, un-read.

And don’t think your flimsy “circle of white light” will protect you. Oh, worry not, you fools, I shall not waste the energy or time to curse you. You have already done that to yourselves! To talk ill of me is to curse yourself, for I am the very mouthpiece of the gods! I am in constant communication with the Ultimate Deity 24-7! I have appeared in the world to liberate the world. Ray Buckland chose me to lead his tradition, and said that there was no other person on earth qualified for the position! Sean Percival also added that it wasn’t Ray who chose me, but the very gods themselves. It was only after he found out my moral issues, and because his brother is gay, that he became not only a traitor to me, going back on his words, but also, he is a traitor to the gods! By condemning me and turning your back on me, you are also slapping the very face of the gods! Yes, Sean, I am addressing you personally! You read the Wiccan Rede and loved it! You told me it was the best book on Wicca that you’ve ever read! But just because of your deluded ideas concerning your brother, you are flaming me and my teachings! What a hypocrite! (And, like Daven your intelligence is veiled by ignorance. Daven once told me that Buckland’s BBB is “beneath him.” He claims he has evolved past the teachings in Ray’s book. However, his ignorance has proved him wrong once again. Do you wish to follow in his footsteps and make his mistakes? Sean, you are a brother, as is Ermund, Alaric, Brice, Kevin, Scott, etc. And I do not hate any of you. I do feel sorry for you all, for your ignorance will bring you all much suffering. You say it is I that hates you, but it is truly you all that hates me. I forgive you. I understand that you are all mentally ill and I take that into consideration).

Anyhow, to murder helpless animals is to curse yourself, for they too are of the Divine Energy, as are you! To sleep in the filth of homosexuality, sodomy, and ignorance, is to curse yourself, for the Ultimate Deity can only be reached by total surrender of “Self” (ie: through meditation) and not by selfish sense gratification!

So you see, I curse you not. you curse yourselves! Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. You are drowning in wickedness. and I have thrown you the life saving Truth. yet you ignorantly refuse it. Your loss! Sad.

Concerning the mistakes of Seax-Wicca:

While I am not going to get into a theological discussion on Seax-Wicca, I will like to point out that there are a few “mistakes” in the Tree. One, in particular, is the belief that once human always human. This is not the case. You can take birth in animal, or even plant form. Also, the number of times a being is re-incarnated is not seven. You re-incarnate until you get it right. Again, only deep and sincere meditation can reveal this, as past lives will inevitably rise to the surface in one’s consciousness.

Concerning the Truth:

The basic truth of true reality is thus: If you cling to the physical, you will perish in sorrow not knowing your True Self! I have written my books and put my teachings into print, easily accessible to all. I have thus made my contribution to the world. It is up to you to follow or reject, embrace or condemn them. It matters naught to me what you do. What you do is not my problem. I know the Truth. For me, there is no more “belief” in “this or that.” I am beyond the opposites. If you wish to continue being polluted by ignorance and ignorantly embrace the physical, as does the mindless beasts, then so be it. It does not concern me. Nor does your lame slander, hatred, and death threats!

Anyhow, I have pointed to the Way and am now done with you all. Do with it what you will. I am soon embarking on a global tour to spread my teachings of Wicca, the True Wicca (ie: anti-gay and no animal sacrifice, meat eating, etc.), and therefore, I will not be monitoring the internet from this day further. My committee will be monitoring the internet, but I will not be bothered with this e-mail nonsense. There may be some people that will say that I have been “run off” the internet, however nothing could be further from the truth. A farmer does not have to watch his fields grow or die after he sows the seeds. After the seeds are sown, he leaves the fields and goes about his business. This is the nature of wisdom. You are all on your own. grow spiritually or die spiritually. it does not concern me.

Concerning the difference between knowledge and wisdom:

Now to address the issue of knowledge and wisdom. When I think of foolishness, I think of Trish (the mighty smurf) and Johnny the Mot. Why? Because Trish thinks Sean and Jason, and all the other gays are her friends, yet they all stab her in the back! Sean even told me once that she was a psycho! That doesn’t sound like a friend, does it. And as for Johnny. Wow, the kid is full of himself. And sure, he may even have some “book smarts,” ; he may know his history books, and his languages, etc. But he lacks any real True wisdom! My advice: Stop being arrogant and cease from erudition! Book knowledge is superficial knowledge and is not conducive to true eternal wisdom!

But alas, the ignorant man thinks the wise man a fool, and therefore refuses to accept his wise teachings. In this way, the ignorant man condemns himself to a life of eternal ignorance!

Contrary to popular belief, I do not hate you.any of you. I just highly dislike what you do!<


Mark Ventimiglia

PS: For all of you idiots that re-write my e-mails, edit my e-mails, or totally change me e-mails, and then post them on the internet (or send then to Ray Buckland hoping to turn him against me) hoping to turn the public against me… get a life… pleeeeeeeease!

PS: Homosexuality has ruined a famous American icon! Mattel has just announced that they will no longer be making Ken and Barbie dolls because Ken is now GAY!

March 13, 2004

Okay, here’s the next installment.

You will notice that he has broken his promise of not writing us again. And he gets his facts wrong. To wit: California only issued a “cease” order to the city of San Francisco, no other action has been taken.

Also note the depths of his hatred, in that he wishes for every homosexual to be killed. I keep wondering why he wants to die so much. Normally the only people who protest something THIS much are hiding the fact that they are something they have been taught to dispise. Ergo, Mark is gay, has always been gay, and he is fighting his nature with his screaming about how evil it is.

I mean, look at all the people who hated and who tried to cleanse the world of something, and it turns out in history that they were what they despised. Hitler and J. Edgar Hoover just to name a two. I mean, Hitler tried to kill all the homosexuals and Jews, and it turns out that he was both.

As far as he supporting Bush; I don’t know how wise it is to throw his support behind someone who is going to be shown the door pretty soon.

From:mark ventimiglia
To: daven@erinsjournal; ermund @ someplace.com ; seanursus @ someplace.com ; kevinswaney @ someplace.com ; feedback @ someplace.com ; gladsheim21 @ someplace.com ; heatheninfo @ someplace.com ; jason @ someplace.com ; jp004d6075 @ someplace.com ; jp004d6075_2 @ someplace.com ; mdehners @ someplace.com ; piasagoth @ someplace.com
Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2004 2:32 PM

Excellent news: Califorina has BANNED (ie: OUTLAWED) all gay marriages!

NOW, to set the record STRAIGHT: For all you idiots out there, the faggots as well as the so-called straight people that condone and support the sickening homosexual culture, Wicca (and paganism in general) is NOT about love. There are some people that claim that Wicca is about love, and claim that ALL acts of love are sanctioned by the Goddess, yadda, yadda, yadda. However, this is contrary to the truth. Yes, there is love in Wicca, but Wicca is NOT about love. Wicca is a nature respecting religion. Thus, Wicca is about LIFE (ie: The Circle of Life, the Wheel of the Year, etc). Homosexuality is contrary to LIFE, since it is biologically IMPOSSIBLE for two men, or two women, to have offspring! THINK ABOUT IT.

Homosexuality is not about life or love. It’s about selfishness… dirty, filthy, selfish… hedonistic sexual selfishness. DISGUSTING!

And because Wicca IS about life, and homosexuality is NOT about life, I am posting a memo to my dear friend, President Bush, (whose idea to ban the act of homosexuality and gay marriages by an amendment to this nation’s constitution I totally support 100%), with the hope of not only outlawing homosexuality, but making it a CAPITOL offense! Yes, a capitol offense, punishable by DEATH!

It is my hope that we, the moral American people, rid our great nation of this disgusting and ultimately life threatening disease once and for all. Only when 100% of all homosexuals have been strapped down onto a death gurney and their veins have been pumped full of leathal poison, will the poison of homosexuality, the plague that is ruining our world, be exterminated completely!

By the way, Woden IS a WAR god! For any who wants to know, be they Wiccan, pagan, druid, Asatru, or Theodish. I am also praying for Ragnarok… as I know where many of you actually live! My sword is sharp… is yours?

Slay naught the innocent animals in your cowardly Nithing acts, but come… come and face the true warriors of Valhalla! The only animals that should be Blotted are the homosexuals and the cowards that kill goats and cows and other such beings. Nay, I say to you, throw down your wooden toy swords and come forth into the fray if ye think thou art man enough!

Hahaha… I didn’t think so. Fools… all of you! Play your dress-up. You are only condemning yourselves!

What’s next? Update 2-23-2006

Well, things have been busy here at Shangri-La, and I haven’t had time to think of Mark for some time. The whole situation had worked itself around to a point where I was debating taking the whole silly soap opera off my site. But, he’s back and he brought it back up again. The next installment of his hatred.

Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 16:55:06 -0800 (PST)
From: mark ventimiglia <mark71565@yahoo.com>
Subject: I see you’re still spreading lies…
To: Daven


I have seen your page at: http://erinsjournal.com/index.htm?CSoMV.xhtml&2 and I see you’re still spreading lies. Do you really think that Ermund would tell you the truth? He DID tell me (over the phone) that he wanted to KILL these kids! He called me on the phone and we spoke for 4 hours, which ended bitterly. He did not tell me of his blood lust until near the end of the conversation.

The reason WHY I called him a coward was not simply because of his aversion to live mortal combat… it was BECAUSE he makes the animals play the real game (IE: actual live animal sacrifice) while he and his friends play with wooden swords. If he HAS to actually KILL the animals in sacrifice, then he HAS to go 100% with ALL of the practices of the religion.

The point I was trying to make was that since he SYMBOLICALLY fights with toy swords, then he shoud SYMBOLICALLY offer the animal. Can you not understand this???

There are so many lies, slander, and defamation of character on your site it is not even funny! You claim to call a spade a spade, but it seems that you don’t even know what a spade is!

I am therefore forced to contact (via my lawyer) you ISP and have your site shut down… UNLESS you remove the slander from your site.

There are laws against slander and defamation of character, especially where lies are concerned!

I never wanted to become anyone’s enemy. However, I do, as a published author, have a responsibility to teach the TRUTH. It was you, and all the homosexuals (Sean, Jason, Kevin, etc., etc, as well as Ermund as his bunch) that started this silly war… and it has continued for 3 years!

I have not slandered you, so it would be mature for you to not slander me. Or do you not have anything better to do???


Please note the evidence above. How can he honestly say that “he hasn’t slandered” me? Technically that’s true, he’s libeled me. Libel is in writing, slander is spoken.

He already contacted my webhost and they refused to do anything without a court order because I haven’t done anything wrong. This is why I stay with Drak.net and am a loyal supporter of my webhost.

As you can see, he still advocates people murdering each other. Who’s in more trouble here?

Originally posted 2009-11-10 03:28:58. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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