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The Pagan Man


Well, it arrived.

Isaac Bonewits recently wrote a book called The Pagan Man. He contacted me to request permission to include “It Takes A Real Man” in that book, since it fit with the theme of the book.

It’s been out for some time now, and I wrote him and got a copy.

Wow. I’m in print. I’m REFERENCED! WOOHOO!!! Right there on page 213. Cool!

I’m planning on going through it and writing a review soon, but it may take some time.

There’s my site, right along with Isaac’s own site, and Deborah Lipp’s site (his ex-wife). Wow, I’m in such exalted company….

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One Response to “The Pagan Man”

  1. Catriona says:

    I just read your “It Takes A Real Man”. I LOVE it!
    I’m tempted to send it to my father,
    “A real man is a daddy, any fool can be a father.”
    but I won’t. There’s enough tension between us.
    I TOTALLY believe in this that statement. My step-father may not be genetically related to me but he is my Dad & I would fight to the death for him without hesitation.
    I think “It Takes A Real Man” should be taught to EVERY young boy in the world, maybe then, there wouldn’t be so many emotional scarred men in the world.
    It’s great to know there are men out there like yourself & my boyfriend. It gives me hope for society in general!
    Take care,

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