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The last couple of days


I mean, I know I’m a good person, a man in most of the true senses of the word, but I can’t provide. I can’t do and give them what they need to live on. It’s not enough to survive from day to day. I get tired of this. I get tired of running as hard as I can, and never getting any closer to the goal.

I was promised a secure future. I was promised that I would have opportunities. I was told that if I did what I was supposed to that I would be able to support myself and my family.

So now I have a job that kills me, teeth that are rotting in my head which I can’t do a damned thing about, a sick wife who needs to go to the doctor who can’t because we can’t afford it, a daughter who desperately needs braces on her teeth, I need glasses, she needs glasses and she needs glasses too. We barely make it and now the creditors are coming.

I think I would be nearly suicidal if I hadn’t been punished like I was last night. But at least the suspension demo was interesting.

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