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The Home Stretch


Okay, I’m coming down to the wire. I can see the finish line. I’m a few steps away from completion. I’m…. uhhhh…. can’t think of any more cute “almost done” allusions.

But it’s true.

I have to combine all the lessons for High Magick and the OOBE class into two separate PDF files, and then link them to the index for the Classes, probably the sylabus and then the whole archive (although I might make individual PDF files for each lesson too).

Then it’s adding in the Fiction pages, all the Child’s Book of Wicca stuff, and then I’m done with the data import. Then I have to go through EVERY page and make sure that the internal links are pointing to this set of archives, the pictures are pointing to the same place, and not to the ../../whatever picture. I think I got most of them when importing the data by hand. But I want to make sure.

I *know* I missed links. So as long as those links are pointing to http://davensjournal/Updating/whatever, then I’m cool, but if that “Updating” isn’t there, I need to fix it.

I’ve been a bit worried about the flood of posts going to Twitter due to the Twitter feed I have going, but no one has complained, and one person even said they liked it like this.

Heck, at this rate, I might be done before Thanksgiving.

But maybe not, I have another temp job for the next three weeks, inputting data at a college. Had to go and buy clothing for myself to wear today, so that is cool. I can always use new clothes.

Just found a WordPress plugin called “JournalPress” that will allow me to crosspost to LJ, DW and IJ all at the same time from my WordPress blog. That’s too cool. No more copy and paste of these posts, just one button and BAM all of it is there.

Anyhow, about my job. It’s not in drag, and I can’t wear any piercings (nose, nipple, ear), and for all that I get to work 3 1/2 weeks for $8.50 an hour! But that’s SOOOO much better than $0.00 and hour.

Anyway. Gassy, bored and tired of looking at WordPress. I think I’ll go watch some anime.

Love ya all!

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One Response to “The Home Stretch”

  1. Elfwreck says:

    I’d be happy to help with the PDF stuff. It’s probably best to make individual PDFs for each lesson, and then combine them; Acrobat will automatically bookmark each of them that way. (Erm. If Acrobat or similar is used to combine them.)

    If they’re not intended to be printed, there’s no reason to make them letter-sized pages, which are troublesome for reading onscreen.

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