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The Green-eyed monster


Well, I’m jealous right now.

I just discovered Jin Wicked. I had known of her and her work through our interactions on various forums on LiveJournal, but while I had been enamored of her self-portraitry, I had not taken the time to really go through her site and look at everything.

NOW I’m jealous. Just from the little I see I note that she’s an excellent artist and now I want a lot of her artwork (that I can’t afford). Then I read her bio and find that she was an accomplished Viola player when she was young.

I played the guitar. Took three years of private lessons, managed to plink out “Crawdad Hole”. NOT sing it while playing, just play the tune. And I can remember ONE chord now. Three years. One chord. Just enough to know if the guitar is in tune or not.

Then my daughter… Picked her flute up on the FIRST day and got sounds from it that were recognizably music. Gets 100’s in band, blows people away, get comments from others all the time about how she could make a living at this. Now she’s also playing Double French Horn and doing rather well at it.

I write. Big whoop. Any idiot can write as long as they understand how conversation works, and write what they know. Hell, the increasing trend is to not even use things like sentance structure, proper grammar or even punctuation and correct spelling. When I see poeple putting up serious websites and I can’t read them, then I know the English Language has gone down hill. When a school is teaching Eubonics as a foreign language, well, that’s the end of respect for writing.

But art, ahhh, there’s one of those things that is immortal. Not everyone can do it, so there are few armchair critics who state they could do it better…. Well, those that do say that wind up being huge art critics, and they don’t know much. Personally I don’t look at what is “good” or “meaningful” I look at what I like.

So yes, I get jealous of someone who can draw well. I get jealous of someone who can play a musical instrument. (I tried harmonica for a while. I was lucky to get one note. So now I play the djembe, but that’s rhythm, not music.)

Wanna see some of MY art?

I took art in high school, every year. It was required to be on the Graphic Arts track in my High School. Because of that, I took Newspaper, Graphic Arts, Art, Photography and so on. That’s what I can do after three years of Art. I have some of my old sketch books around someplace I think, but my mother has them. If I can get them, I’ll upload some of my work. Just so it can be mocked.

So yeah, I get jealous. I want to be able to do that. I want it to look nice. I want to be able to do my own graphics for this site and other sites, rather than using canned ones or modifying the work of others. I want custom stuff that *I* did. But I don’t have that talent.

But, hey, who needs to be able to draw well when I can whine with the best of them?

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